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SuperMarioLogan (Season 8-present)
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Oh, Mr. Thirtyacre... What in the holy name of The Lord God HAPPENED to you?!
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 6-20 minutes (Depends On Episode)
Release Date: December 12, 2007 - present
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Logan Thirtyacre
Seasons: 13
Episodes: 571

Logan Austin Thirtyacre (born: November 17, 1994 [age 25]), better known online as SuperMarioLogan (often shortened to SML), is an American YouTuber who makes plush videos. He uses plushies from Mario games, and has some toys that are non-Nintendo as well. He also does reviews, updates, etc. His reviews were on his SuperLuigiLogan channel, which was once his new main channel. He started making videos in late 2007. His entire channel has been demonetized since late 2017. On the SuperLuigiLogan channel the content ranges from SML Movies to SML Reactions, where Logan gives Behind the Scenes and facts when filming certain episodes. He currently uploads his current SML plush videos on the SuperBowserLogan channel, since July 2019. Logan is not a 100% bad YouTuber and was decent during 2007-2015, but he started to go downhill after Jeffy's introduction and here’s the reasons why.


Plush versions of Mario characters, and many non-Mario characters, have adventures at their home and at school.

Bad Qualities

  1. The incredibly controversial character Jeffy. His jokes always consist of him doing inappropriate actions, like swearing frequently, doing gross things, and annoying Mario to no end. He crossed the line in "Jeffy's Bad Word" and "Locked Out" his two most infamous videos. Most of his videos are simply rehashes of Bowser Jr's original videos, meaning Jeffy is partly the new Bowser Jr. He also almost caused a young boy to hang himself with a noose, causing the channel to get demonetized and age-restricted.
  2. Throughout 2017 and 2018, most of the videos are only about Bowser Jr or Jeffy, as if Logan has trouble focusing on the other characters.
  3. A large majority of the videos in the whole channel have horrendous gross-out humor, very mean-spirited characters, overused jokes, filler, and/or lazy attempts at humor. Examples of these traits include:
    • Cody making Bowser Jr pull a very long sausage out of his mouth in "Heartbroken."
    • Jeffy, in the earlier videos, pooping his pants. Do we really need to explain this?
    • Jeffy thinking his arms are missing in "Jeffy Loses His Arms" when they clearly aren't.
    • Nancy physically abusing Jeffy in front of Mario and Rosalina in "Jeffy's Parents."
    • In both "Bowser Junior Almost Goes to Sleep Forever" and "Joseph the Hero", Chef PP/Joseph save a characters' life, and makes them a slave right after, and if the character refuses to do their command, the abuser says they should've let the slave die.
    • Jeffy screaming anytime Mario turns off the lights in "Jeffy Sleepwalks."
    • Jeffy, dressed up as Mario in "Jeffy's Future, mimics everything he says for no reason.
    • In "Jeffy Goes to the Arcade", Jeffy somehow gets himself in the crane machine, and there is a four-minute scene of Mario and Brooklyn Guy trying to get him out.
      • Not just those problems, but many catchphrases are overused too, such as Jeffy often saying "I don't have to" in a weird voice, Richard shouting 'Eew, Poor!" and Mario screaming "JEFFY!"
  4. Logan himself is a problem for the channel too. He mostly only uses Jeffy for his videos, due to Jeffy being a cash cow for the channel. And the infamous moment where he promises to get rid of Jeffy, but later decided to keep him, ultimately breaking his promise. This caused most fans to leave the channel.
  5. Jeffy also never learns his lesson or finds any problems with the trouble he causes, no matter what. he promised to be a good boy at the ending of Jeffy's Parents, but in the very next video starring him, Inside Jeffy, he annoys Mario for the whole video, meaning he learned nothing.
  6. Some videos have segments that have pretty bad animation. The best example of this is Jeffy's Sleepover, where the animation was used in Brooklyn Guy's story, which doesn't help the fact it was animated by Nicktendo (not to be confused with reviewer NICKtendo).
  7. Many videos have misleading titles, like "Chef Jeffy", "Jeffy's Online School", and "Jeffy Loses His Arms." Coincidentally, both have Jeffy in the title.
  8. There is never any character development. One example is in Jeffy's Paper Shredder, where Goodman says he paid off Mario's house payment for him, but in Goodman's next video, he wants Mario to pay him again, making this development completely pointless!
  9. Some videos involve the character mocking the fans, which isn't right!
    • In fact one of the blogs on Chilly's channel, which was the video where SuperMarioLogan promised to get rid of Jeffy after getting his ads back, but he took the promise out of context, it also showed them mocking their older fans.
  10. Season 12 is the worst season for the channel ever since it is made during Covid-19 and many of the characters such as Cody didn't appear due to Pablo being on quinine.
  11. Mario became much greedier by 2019 instead of being a generous father to Jeffy.
  12. There is a very overused running joke where Mario tries to feed Jeffy Green Beans for no reason other than, 'they're good for him'. Jeffy always refuses to eat the green beans because he hates them, but Mario never stops feeding them to him.
  13. A handful of videos consist of just one joke that isn't funny, like Gravity, where Bowser Jr, for the whole video, breaks many cups and plates and blames it on Gravity.
  14. Introduced in "The Human Potion", Bowser Jr, Joseph, Cody, and Bowser all turn into very hideous looking human puppets. Mario, Rosalina, and Bully Bill also receive awful human puppet redesigns in "Jeffy's New Friend. Despite how badly the human puppets were received, they appeared in a few future videos. The purpose of this episode was to accommodate Youtube's new regulations on family-friendly characters at the time.
  15. The entire SML channel became demonetized in 2018 simply because of one character: Jeffy. The problem is, Craig the Devil was instead blamed for the demonetization when it should have been Jeffy.
  16. Most videos have very bad morals, such as:
    • Bullying
    • Lying frequently
    • Stealing things
    • Framing people
    • Crying for attention
    • Breaking things/damaging property
    • Not being responsible
    • Not listening to people
    • Being ignorant and oblivious to others
    • Taking advantage of others
    • Breaking rules
    • Kidnapping
    • Not learning from your mistakes
    • Lacking empathy and common sense
  17. Many videos have terrible endings, like Jeffy the Psychic and Bowser Jr's Lottery Ticket.
  18. The video "Jeffy's Kids" was so controversial and disturbing for Youtube that SML became age-restricted. SML's ads were also taken away, but after they were given back to Logan, he went back to his inappropriate content. He clearly didn't learn his lesson.
  19. There are two videos where a character poorly disguises themselves as Jeffy, and Mario, being a moron, can't tell the difference and thinks the person is Jeffy.
  20. In recent times, there is a lot of shameless self-promoting product placement for the SuperMarioLogan merchandise. They even go as far as making entire episodes dedicated to promoting merchandise.
  21. Sometimes he uses "gay" as an insult which is obviously homophobic.
  22. The infamous “Pregnant Jeffy” in which Jeffy, a minor gets pregnant! Which is considered Pedophilia
  23. Recently in the modern videos, the soundtrack called "Earthy Crust" by Jingle Punks, became way too overused in the channel as it constantly appears on moments that aren't even that dramatic, or just starts playing out of the blue, which is off-putting, annoying and ridiculous, considering the fact that the soundtrack sounds more like the end of the world than a normal suspense strike and drags on for too long. Not to mention, but there are videos where the soundtrack played more than once or twice. Even moments that were meant to be funny get sadly ruined by this soundtrack. It's almost like the channel is desperately trying hard to be edgy and gain attention.
    1. It's brother channel, Titototter isn't any better at this than SML, if not worse, as it is obsessed with the soundtrack and abuses it roughly 5 or more times, which is played prematurely during moments when a character simply scream, or when something unexpected happens (especially when Sonic notices he's wearing a sailor suit), or even when it's not even that dramatic (Adna simply giving Monkey and banana), which comes off sometimes as unfitting and unnecessary.
  24. SuperMarioLogan himself is also considered to be a scammer.
    1. Back when he started a Patreon, he promised to do shoutouts and names in comments but he did that months later than he should.
    2. In November 2020, he announced a giveaway on SML Merchandise that whoever spends the most money on the site, will get a puppet that looks just like them and will announce the winner on Thanksgiving, but he didn't announce the winner at all.
  25. The channel description of SuperBowserLogan lies about the channel being family-friendly, due to many of the videos having swearing and inappropriate content.
  26. In "Bowser Junior's Summer School 2", Jackie Chu makes fun of a Mexican student named Cecilia (played by Chilly Jimenez before she was cheating on Logan) for her language and calls her "Cecura", which is racist.
  27. Despite making the transition into children's content, there are still lots of inappropriate things, such as the "Si Papi" running gag which is known as a sex joke.
  28. During 2019, Both Chilly and Logan cheated on each other. Causing many of his fans to get mad at them, they also dislike bombed Chilly's New Boyfriends' Channel just for being with her. However, in 2021 Chilly and Logan are now friends again.
  29. Thanks to Youtube's new rules Logan had to get rid of certain characters due to him thinking that they would violate YouTube's Community Guidelines.
    • Doofy the Dragon stopped appearing in future videos due to his suicide jokes.
  30. One infamous scene where Brooklyn T. Guy farts in front of Mario and Rosalina in "Jealous Brooklyn Guy!"

Good Qualities

  1. The channel used to be decent during 2007 to 2016, before Jeffy debuted.
  2. Some episodes of the show are still good like Among Us, SuperPowers, Jeffy's Birthday, The New Chef, The Candy Salesmen, Home Alone, Jeffy's Pet Shark, etc.
  3. Some of his jokes are funny like in Jeffy's Taco Tuesday and Chef Pee Pee Pees Peas.
  4. The episode "Mr. Goodman's Son" has a good moral, the moral being "Money can't buy you everything".
  5. Despite his flaws, Logan himself and the rest of the crew (aside from Lovell, Chilly, and Tito) are not bad people in general.
  6. Some characters are still enjoyable including Craig, Chef Pee Pee, Woody, Jackie Chu, Bowser Jr (even though he's one of the overused series of the channel), Mama Luigi, Brooklyn T. Guy and Cody (aside from his constant jokes about how he loves Ken).
  7. SuperBowserLogan doesn't has as much cussing, and might be considered an improvement.
  8. Season 13 could be considered a improvement over the previous season.





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It's actually more fun to watch rant videos about SML instead of actually watching the channel.


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Why does this comment have such a low score?


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I don't fucking know.


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SMG4 >>>> SML

Mickey Mouse

15 days ago
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TBH, I agree, but I tend to dislike various SMG4 fanboys that trash on SML even though I like SMG4 better, the same happens with SpongeBob and The Loud House


14 days ago
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I only like 2007-2013 SML TBH


13 days ago
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I think SML was good from 2007-2019, and now is pretty bad. I don't think the whole series should be here.


10 days ago
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Maybe it should be SML 2016-present since that was time when Jeffy was introduced and the series started to become controversial and decline in quality became more obvious.


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Um admins you should really put vandalism protection on this page I am afraid that toxic SML fanboys will vandalize that page

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Shrek, Tony the Tiger and Woody are no longer on the web series, also it overuses stock sound effects as the SML page shown on SFX Wiki.


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Your life must be pretty shit if all you care about are fucking sound effects


6 days ago
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It's not the sound effects, it's the soundtracks, although not all of them are bad.


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IMO I think all sml videos are mediocre, old and new. Though, there are few good videos every blue moon.


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Dang I think there are a lot of Bad Qualties than Good Qualties


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He makes a black person voice a character that hates black people; the character is Bowser.


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Hey, gotta go for ironic casting, right?


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What do you mean?


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I miss SML's glory days.

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