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Sundae Muddy Sundae (Total Drama All Stars)

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Sundae Muddy Sundae (Total Drama All Stars)
Ladies and gentlemen... the WORST case of character derailment in the Total Drama franchise!
Series: Total Drama
Part of Season: 5a
Episode Number: Season: 11
Overall: 102
Air Date: Canada: March 13, 2014
United States: November 19, 2013
Previous episode: The Obsta-Kill Kourse
Next episode: The Bold and the Booty-ful

Sundae Muddy Sundae is the 11th episode of Total Drama All-Stars. This episode was hated by many TD fans and it is considered one of the worst episodes in Total Drama history.


Chris forces the final five to race around the island's most dangerous spots and retrieve the ingredients for a delicious ice cream sundae.

Why It's A Muddy Sundae Indeed

  1. Two words: Character. Derailment. In episode seven of All Stars, Courtney promises she and Gwen will be in the finale together, until she made a chart that breaks her promise and friendship with Gwen and does not apologize. Ed MacDonald, the writer of this episode, doesn't try to make it interesting either; he has Mal break Courtney and Gwen's friendship by showing Gwen the chart.
    • As Courtney was trying to explain everything to Gwen, Gwen doesn't listen and Courtney said she should deal with it. Is this the Courtney we all remember?
    • It's also never explained how Mal even found the chart in the first place. However before this episode, Courtney is seen putting the chart under her shirt, delivering an implication that Mal must have grabbed it under her shirt...
    • It also means that Courtney and Gwen's friendship is utterly pointless.
  2. Another reason that makes this episode bad is that Courtney began to redeem in the season and became a better person as the episodes went on. But this episode essentially ruined her development.
    • To add insult to injury, she was to originally be the winner of the season since she is the only major character who hasn't been in the final two. Even those who are not fans of Courtney can agree that she should have won. One may think that even the people who hate Courtney's guts hate this episode.
  3. The episode was rushed, leading to several animation errors:
    1. Gwen's eyes vanish for a split second when Courtney hugs her.
    2. Courtney's loose strand of hair is missing when the bird vomits on her sundae.
    3. When Scott is hit by the Drama Machine, some of his ice cream is seen on the hammer as if it were getting squashed. But for some reason, his bowl of ice cream is full in the next scene. So when did he have the time to go back and fill it up?
    4. When Mal is furious about not getting into the McLean Spa Hotel, the gap in his front teeth is missing.
    5. When the final five is shown at the beginning of the Campfire Ceremony, Scott is sitting in the second row, behind everyone else. But when the bottom two is shown, he is suddenly sitting next to Courtney.
    6. Gwen's head vanishes for a split second, after she says that the fire caramel plant is huge.
    7. In the exclusive clip, a part of the beach in the background is cut off.
  4. Unfunny jokes and humor. Chris mentions he forgot to feed his interns for a week and Mal is laughing at it while Chris agrees that it's funny, when really, it's not.
  5. A corny and cringe-worthy pun when Mal says "Let's rock!" as he holds up a rock he later uses to destroy the fire-breathing plant.
  6. Ed MacDonald, the person who wrote this episode, treats Courtney in this episode like a dartboard. Courtney ends up with a disgusting sundae which is covered in bird vomit and Chris switches up the challenge to the contestants eating their own sundae just so she can get eliminated!
  7. Chris' character was also the worst because at the end of the challenge, he switched the rules to everyone eating their own sundae, which means the interns will still starve and it results as an opportunity to get Courtney eliminated!
  8. Continuity errors such as:
    • Courtney declaring 5th place is the farthest she made it in Total Drama. However, in Total Drama Action, she came 4th place, though she may have said this because she joined Action unfairly due to a lawsuit in the middle of said season.
    • In Total Drama World Tour, she has proven to have a strong stomach, as she ate many disgusting Chinese street food in the episode, "Chinese Fake-Out". But in All Stars, she claims she can’t stomach disgusting foods and can’t eat the bird vomit that's on her sundae.
    • What makes the purpose of this episode even worse is that Courtney is lactose-intolerant as revealed in Total Drama Action. Did Courtney herself or even Chris forget this fact?
  9. During the elimination ceremony, Chris tells Scott that he came in last place despite the fact that he crossed the finish line before Mal.
  10. On the exclusive clip to this episode, Courtney gets tortured more as two sharks vomit all over her after she showed her disgusting Sundae to them, leaving her in tears. Talk about mean-spirited.
    • This also serves as a plot hole considering Courtney beats up a group of sharks in one episode of Total Drama Action. Here, she is shown to be weak as she couldn’t even battle them.
  11. On top of that, this is basically a Courtney torture episode, as shown in WIAMSI#8 and WIAMSI#11 as this episode was only made just so Courtney can be eliminated.
  12. Given how much character development Courtney has had, it is unfortunate that this episode, which derailed her character beyond repair, had to be her last in the Total Drama series. This also means that her relationships with Scott and Gwen were never properly resolved due to her only appearing in silhouette in The Final Wreck-ening.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The gag where Scott is a rat on Courtney's chart is the overall good joke.
  2. Despite the errors, the animation itself is still passable.
  3. The voice acting is still good as always.
  4. Fans who hate Courtney and dislike her for her mean-spirited and unbearable attitude will possibly enjoy this episode as Courtney finally gets the punishment she deserves for being a horrible friend.
  5. Scott offering to eat Courtney’s sundae for her was a nice moment.


  • The episode's title is a reference to U2's 1983 song Sunday Bloody Sunday.



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