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Sunblock Solution/Eggman for President (Sonic X)

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Sunblock Solution/Eggman for President (Sonic X)

Sonic x ep 40 jap title.jpg

Even Sonic cannot escape the Season 2 curse of having the worst episode in the series.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 15
Air Date: January 4-11, 2004 (Japan)
December 18, 2004-January 22, 2005 (USA)
Writer: Hiro Misaki
Director: Mamoru Enomoto
Previous episode: Deffective Detectives
Next episode: A Date to Forget

Sunblock Solution/Eggman for President or Eggman Corporation/Give Us the Light (Japanese: エッグマン株式会社/光をわれらに!!Hepburn: Egguman Kabushikigaisha/Hikari o warera ni!!) is a two-part episode from the second season of Sonic X, they are the last two episodes of the three-part Egg Moon Saga, which is the sixth Saga of the show, are the fourteenth and fifteenth episodes of the second season and are overall the fortieth and forty-first episodes of the anime.


Dr. Eggman has created a moon that blocks the sun so that he can sell Sunshine Balls for his "good deeds", but Sonic suspects otherwise and plots on destroying the Mirror Towers that powers up the Sunshine balls, which causes the People of Station Square to lead an attack on Chris and his friends, meanwhile Dr. Eggman has plans to capture the president so he can become the president of Station Square.

Why Both Of Them Were Bad Sunblock Solutions

  1. This two-part episode is a complete rip-off of the Power Rangers Ninja Storm episode "I Love Lothor".
  2. Both episodes are super mean-spirited to Sonic's friends. In other words, they could be torture episodes for Sonic's friends.
  3. What's probably the most infamous reason is the People of Station Square's portrayal. In this two-part episode in particular, they are extremely stupid and out right unlikable, as they literary think that Dr. Eggman "has change" despite all the actions that Dr. Eggman has done previously (as in what he nearly did in the previous five sagas), and even worse, when Sonic starts destroying the Mirror Towers that powers up the Sunshine balls, instead of simply walking up to Sonic and asking why he's destroying the devices, they put the blame on Sonic's friends (even tho it's not their fault) and are plotting to kill them, that's very extreme.
    1. May we remind you that Tails, Cream, Cheese and Vanilla (four of the most innocent characters in the show) are also the targets of the People of Station Square as well?
  4. While the Sonic and Knuckles duel is entertaining, it's just filler.
  5. Misleading Title for both episodes (though this is alleviated in the Japanese titles).
    1. In the case with Sunblock Solution, this episode gives out an impression that this episode would be about the Sunblock, but this only happens in the first few minutes of the whole episode and never gets talk about again, it mainly focused on Eggman selling Sunshine balls, Sonic destroying the devices and Chris and co. getting the blame for something that they didn't do.
    2. In the case with Eggman for President, this episode gives out an impression that Eggman would become president, but Eggman never becomes President as it too is also focuses on Chris and co. getting threatening by the People of Station Square.
  6. Both episodes have a series of Plot-holes:
    1. Biggest plot-hole: Why are the People of Station Square only going after Chris and his friends even though its Sonic that's destroying the Mirror Towers? Its not like Chris and co. can just go find Sonic and tell him to stop.
    2. How do the People of Station Square know the exact location of were Chris and his friends live?
    3. Why can't Tails, Cream and (to a lesser extend) Cheese just fly out of the mob to find Sonic?
  7. Cringe moments, such as the scene where the camera zooms in on the peoples' (and a random dog's) eyes, revealing Eggman heads.
  8. The way that Sonic's friend gets rescued is super anticlimactic, all that happens is Uncle Sam appearing with his crew and making small threats to the People of Station Square that he will arrest them, which is not a very good threat considered that the People of Station Square, you know........literally tried to kill Chris and his friends all because Sonic was destroying the devices.
  9. The People of Station Square never get punished for their actions.
  10. While the people of Station Square do eventually realize what Dr. Eggman is really up to and even cheers for Sonic, they never apologized to Sonic's friends for the mislead and for literary trying to kill them.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Danny, Frances, Helen, the Chaotix, Mister Stewart and many others are the only characters to not aid the angry mob of Station Square to lead an attack on Chris and his friends, because Danny and Frances are Chris' best friends who would never hurt him, Helen would never hurt her future boyfriend and Vector, Charmy and Espio would never hurt Sonic's friends either after realizing the mistake in the previous episode, also Mister Stewart would never hurt anyone and was at the white house, cause he knows Eggman's true motives.
  2. The scene were the People of Station Square ask Knuckles for help is well written, not to mention very charming since not many humans (aside from Chris, Eggman and Hawk) talk to Knuckles.
  3. There are a few funny moments, such as the scene were Sonic and Knuckles accidentally kicked/punch each other in the face.
  4. While most of the characters (aside from Chris) are unlikable, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Cheese and Vanilla are still likable characters as usual.
    • And on top of that, Amy is actually pretty tolerable here since she actually defends Sonic. Even though he does crazy and stupid things, she thinks that he'll never do dishonest things because she has faith in him.
  5. Dr. Eggman/Robotnik got what he deserved at the end.


Although the two-part episode wasn't exactly hated by Critics and Fans alike, it has received negative reviews, mainly due to the People of Station Square being very out of character(s) and blaming Sonic's friends for no real reason, other aspects that has two-part episode has been hated include how the People of Station Square wanted to kill Sonic's friends and not getting punished for their actions.