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Stunt Fever (Buddy Thunderstruck)

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Stunt Fever (Buddy Thunderstruck)
The episode that ruined Buddy Thunderstruck’s character over a stunt show.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 7b
Air Date: March 10, 2017
Writer: Thomas Krajewski
Director: Alex Kamer
Previous episode: Haters of the Lost Arcade
Next episode: Cannonballistic

Stunt Fever is the second segment of the seventh episode of the first season of Buddy Thunderstruck.


Buddy starts a stunt show, but Tex Jr. swoops in and steals his thunder.

Bad Qualities

  1. Much like Buddy Double, it’s a Buddy torture episode all because of Tex Jr having a better stunt show than Buddy’s despite being a better racer and stuntman than Tex Jr who is the most hated truck racer in the Greasepit Speedway.
  2. Some of the characters are badly portrayed compared to the previous segments of the show.
    • Buddy returned to his Get the Hock Out-persona who took his hatred on Tex Jr way too far compared to earlier episodes and breaking other people’s property such as smashing Mr. Weaselbrat’s phone 11 times, leaves Mama Possum’s babies on the Concho Bolo’s roof, punch a cardboard cutout of Tex Jr, destroys Auntie Uncle’s expensive Tex Jr toy which costs $500 in front of her and even his own truck during the climax. He also loses all his character development (more so than in Get the Hock Out) in favour of behaving like an immature man child over his rival’s stunt show which is very out of character since Buddy would normally handles his situations in a mature matter & doesn't throw a fit about it.
    • Tex Jr is unlikable and annoying in this episode as he steals Buddy’s fame (due to him using Buddy’s driving secrets that his father stole as staled in Thunderstruck Rad Cab) just for people to like his stunt show and made his father, Big Tex proud of him and have the money Tex Jr learned which Big Tex doesn’t even appear in this episode for some odd reason.
    • Auntie Uncle is once again, a total idiotic moron who treats her own nephew like trash just like in Get the Hock Out and show him her Tex Jr underwear predicting that he could sign on it.
    • Just like Get the Hock Out, Mr. Weaselbrat is once again used for filler and only serves as a running gag of him getting his phone destroyed by Buddy.
    • Everybody else, while likeable, were blind praise over Tex Jr’s stunt fail and have themselves praise the former over Buddy despite being a better stuntman than Tex Jr as mentioned earlier, and for some reason in the climax, they praise Buddy for his stunt fail and boo at Tex Jr for his jump over the Rabble Rouser stunt.
  3. This episode completely contracts the previous episodes involving the Arkanas (especially the Sneezing Fits of Death) for many reasons despite the fact the most of the episodes, with the the exception of Get the Hock Out, were written by the same writer behind this episode.
    • Muncie Thunderstruck, somehow appears to be enjoying Tex Jr’s stunt show and not supporting Buddy over his depression over people not seeing his stunts, despite her hating the Arkanas in earlier episodes, even Get the Hock Out where she criticised Big Tex for being greedy towards people who got their stuff from his pawnshop.
      • Speaking of, it’s also a missed opportunity for her to join Buddy’s side since her restaurant, the Concho Bolo, would have not make enough money due to Tex Jr’s popularity in stunts, as staled in Beaver Dam Fast Pizza which she happened to close down the Concho Bolo for not making enough money due to the Beaver’s pizzeria overtook her business.
    • In both Moneybags and his Monster and the Sneezing Fits of Death, Buddy and Tex Jr were temporary friends in these two episodes, but this and Haters of the Lost Arcade however, have them reverting back to rivals.
    • A background character, Jumpstart Johnny was a stuntman who died from the worlds largest sinkhole when he’s still alive in earlier episodes and even in a later episode, Mayor May Not.
  4. Plot Holes:
    • Why can’t Buddy once again use his nitro booster to perform a stunt show?
    • Muncie doesn’t appear to dislike Tex Jr’s stunt in the climax despite appearing as a cameo at the Gold Brick Pawnshop.
    • How didn’t Buddy got fat from being too much food or dirty from not bathing when he lays on his couch for days?
  5. Almost in a similar matter to The Great Divide, Roadside Attraction, The final four episodes of Turbo F.A.S.T, Keep Beach City Weird, Rocknaldo, Scrambled Eggs, and Get the Hock Out (while that episode has impact on its show), this episode’s events are very unnecessary as they barely serve anything important nor left an single real impact to the series as a whole unlike many other episodes (even certain fillers like Get the Hock Out and Cannonballistic, while both being regretted as filler episodes, are at least canon in the show through later episodes), being the only episode in the entire series that serves as true filler that can be skipped quite easily in terms of plot and character development.
  6. Similar to Get the Hock Out, this episode heavily overuses unnecessary filler scenes that were only there just to pad out the running time of the episode, especially the Mr. Weaselbrat scenes thus making to more of a filler episode.
  7. Half-Stupid Ending: Buddy notices his Rabble Rouser on fire after crashing the stunt show when he could’ve just got Darnell to fix the entire truck.
  8. As of Mayor May Not confirming Stunt Fever to be considered non-canon, this episode had no impact with the entire show, other than being a filler episode that outlasted the continuity of the show. You can watch the entire series, even some of the worst episodes like Get the Hock Out, but skipping Stunt Fever and anything too important would not be missed.

Good Qualities

  1. Everybody once again praise Buddy’s stunt while booing as Tex Jr’s stunt.
  2. Darnell, Mama Possum, Nick the New Guy, Mr. Weaselbrat (despite appearing for filler), and anybody else (aside from being blind praise over Tex Jr’s stunt) were likeable characters around.
  3. Half-Decent Ending: Buddy finally got praise for his stunt despite being a epic fail.
  4. The first minutes until everybody praises Tex Jr over his stunt were alright, despite the continuity error towards Jumpstart Johnny.
  5. Many of the stunt scenes from Buddy and Tex Jr were awesome and nicely animated.