Stoked (Season 2)

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Stoked (Season 2)
Stoked 2.jpg
Welcome to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.
Genre: Slice-of-life
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: Canada
Release Date: September 16, 2010-January 26, 2013 (Canada)
March 24, 2011-April 28, 2011 (Australia)
Network(s): Teletoon (Canada)
ABC3 (Australia)
Created by: Jennifer Pertsch
Tom McGillis
Distributed by: Fresh TV
Starring: Jeff Geddis
Katie Crown
Kristin Fairlie
Mazin Elsadig
Anastasia Phillips
Arnold Pinnock
Cory Doran
Seasons: 2 (of 2)
Episodes: 26 (27-52)
Previous show: Season 1
Next show: N/A


Six teenagers come to Sunset Beach for a summer's worth of surfing. However, they get more than they bargained for when they deal with a bad boss and the Seniors [groms].

Bad Qualities

  1. Many characters were flanderized to an unredeemable amount.
  2. The Reef-Lo Relationship came out of nowhere and is dragged on throughout the season until "Grom Fest". Even Lo is more abusive than Fin in the relationship. One example is in "Sweet, Sweet, Meat Cheat", where she threatens to dump Reef if he does not become a vegetarian like her.
  3. Too much gross-out humor.
  4. Several plot holes throughout the season. For example, Emma wants to take down Fin in "Dirty Little Secret, Nerdy Little Secrets" in the upcoming grom fest. Yet, in the namesake finale, Emma does not want to be 50th (out of 50, which is dead last). Also, Emma was happy to place 49th behind Kaylie (who ended up getting 50th place).
  5. The series finale "Grom Fest" ended the show on a poor note. Bummer gets little to no repercussions for his mistreatment of the groms. Instead, he is shown very, very sick after coming in touch with a very sick child. Reef's freak accident that left him with a bald spot was a poor way to end his relationship with Lo.

Good Qualities

  1. Some characters were not impacted by the flanderization than they were in the first season.
  2. Some episode ideas were original to the season.
  3. Some heartwarming moments.
  4. Fin managed to win Grom Fest in the girls' division, while Broseph takes down Reef in the boys' division.
  5. Reef and Fin kiss at the end, after Reef managed to diss her in the Grom Fest by saying she has a big butt.


  • While the second season was first shown in Canada, Australia was the first country to air the true series finale "Grom Fest". This was almost two years before Canada aired the finale, marking the end of "Stoked".





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honestly, i remember absolutely nothing from this show. it was so forgettable

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