Stimpy's Pregnant (Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon")

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Stimpy's Pregnant (Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon")
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 6
Air Date: July 18th, 2006 (DVD)
Writer: John Kricfalusi
Jeff Amey
Richard Pursel
Mike Roach
Steve Stefanelli
Warren Leonhardt
Director: John Kricfalusi
Previous episode: Altruists

Stimpy's Pregnant is the sixth and final episode of Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon". It was one of three episodes that did not air on television in North America, along with Naked Beach Frenzy and Altruists.


Stimpy becomes pregnant with Ren's baby, causing Ren to at first abuse, and then respect Stimpy as a partner. Ren is at first disgusted with Stimpy's pregnancy, as he is forced to deal with his incessant loving moments with his child, such as attempting to explicitly eat for two. When Stimpy goes into labour, Ren is forced to start a driveby with other people on the highway. With help from the police, Ren and Stimpy successfully get to the hospital, where their child is delivered by Dr. Horse, only to learn that Stimpy was just constipated, although Mr. Horse does not have the heart to tell the anticipated "parents" this and so the waste is made to behave like an infant male, and is named "Little Ricky".

Why It Sucks

  1. Misleading title: Stimpy didn't really get pregnant; instead he was just constipated.
  2. The episode starts off with a very long wall of text read by Mr. Horse, stating about how it is dedicated to mothers going into labor/pregnancy. Because of the episode's plot which ensues after this text read, it would instead come off as offensive to women who are or plan on getting pregnant.
  3. This episode makes no sense. Stimpy is male, and men can't get pregnant in real life due to them not having the needed body parts. Plus, Stimpy isn't pregnant, he's constipated, in which it means a person or an animal is affected with infrequent or hard-to-pass bowel movements. Not to mention, cats can't change gender on a whim.
    • Furthermore, despite the text at the start of the episode claiming that Stimpy is playing the role of a woman, most characters still refer to Stimpy as male.
  4. The plot is incredibly disturbing.
  5. This feels like a more disgusting rip-off of the episode Son of Stimpy from the original show.
  6. At the start of this episode, when Stimpy barfs his guts out into a hole on the floor and later eats his own vomit, an out-of-place sitcom-style laugh track could be heard in the background for no apparent reason than a desperate attempt to convince audiences that this scene is funny, when actually, it's not funny, but rather nauseating. Yes, really.
  7. When Stimpy is revealed to be "pregnant", Ren treats Stimpy very poorly throughout the entire episode, such as treating Stimpy like a slave by making him do all the housework while brags to his mother about his manhood on the phone.
  8. The "man thinks he's pregnant, but he's actually constipated" plot twist is a rip-off of the Beavis and Butt-Head episode "Pregnant Pause", which had a similar premise to this episode, but was executed way better.
  9. The poop baby at the end of the episode.
    • The nurse and everybody else smoke in front of the poop baby, which is not only disturbing, but also illegal, since smoking inside hospitals is prohibited in many countries.
  10. Like "Onward and Upward", this takes gross-out jokes way too far.
  11. The one infamous, horrifying, unfunny coat hanger abortion joke.
  12. Why does Stimpy have breasts?!
  13. In one scene, Ren tells Stimpy to not show his "woman’s private parts" because this show is on a "family network", which would've made sense if this was in the original show (as this was one of the episode ideas rejected by Nickelodeon) and the boobs were censored much sooner, but this comes off as very hypocritical, as it isn't family-friendly!
  14. There is a disturbing scene where Ren and the pig cop start shooting at cars in order to take Stimpy to the hospital.
  15. There was a scene with Stimpy getting attacked by Native Americans while trying to retrieve beer for Ren, which is incredibly racist to Native Americans.
  16. Ren has a boner when he's dreaming about beautiful women.
  17. Overall, it is a terrible way to end not just this awful show, but the entire Ren & Stimpy franchise in general.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Dr. Horse appears in the episode, having somehow survived Ren's assault upon him in Ren Seeks Help as that survival can pretend his death never happened at all.
  2. The voice acting was pretty okay.
  3. Stinky, Stimpy's fart son from the episode Son of Stimpy of the original series, briefly reappears in this episode in one scene.
  4. The aforementioned coat hanger abortion joke, while obviously completely unfunny and tasteless, is actually one of the more tame jokes in the episode, since it only lasts for a few seconds and does not drag on like most jokes in this episode do.


Stimpy's Pregnant was critically panned and scores a 4.2/10 on IMDb. Well-known cartoon devotee Thad Komorowski gave this episode three out of five stars on his ''Sick Little Monkeys: The Unauthorized Ren & Stimpy Story'' book. He said in regards to it: "Has its moments and potential, but reeks of "missed chance."". This episode is considered by many to be the Worst Cartoon Series Finale and One of the Worst TV Finales of All-Time.


  • This episode was based on a combination of a early story for a Ren and Stimpy episode was written by Bob Camp on the very first day of pitching stories of the original show, that was rejected by Nickelodeon and the real life pregnancy of Spümcø artist Annmarie Ashkar Mccarty.
  • The license plate on Ren's car reads CLMPTT, a reference to Bob Clampett.
    • One of the cars driving in front of him has a license plate with the name C. JONES, a reference to Chuck Jones. Also, a truck's license plate is AMID, a reference to Amid Amidi.
  • Jessica Borutski worked in this episode, of the animation from this episode.
  • This is the only episode of Adult Party Cartoon that Carbunkle Cartoons didn't work on, because they were waiting their payments from Spümcø for their work on Adult Party Cartoon, only Big Star and PiP Animation worked on this episode.


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Thank god this episode is the end of the atrocious adult revival of Ren & Stimpy


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DeviantArt fetish art before it was “cool”...


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Also, were they high when they made this? Men can’t even get pregnant unless they’re transgender!


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Plus, men don't have boobs! (Unless they are transgender!!!)

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