Stand by Meg (Family Guy)

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Stand by Meg (Family Guy)
StandbyMeg (1).png
We rather not stand by this episode.
Series: Family Guy
Part of Season: 17
Episode Number: 6
Air Date: November 11, 2018
Writer: Billy Domineau
Director: Jerry Langford
Previous episode: "Regarding Carter"
Next episode: "Griffin Winter Games"

"Stand by Meg" is the sixth episode of the seventeenth season of Family Guy and was released on November 11, 2018, which was Veterans' Day 2011.


Stewie's perspective on Meg changes when she saves him from a choking incident. He makes it his mission to create a better life for her. Meanwhile, Chris is sent to a vocational school.

Bad Qualities

  1. The main problem is this episode is that it spends much more time on the subplot with Chris at vocational school than a main plot.
    • Another main problem is that the episode overuses Italian stereotypes.
  2. Misleading Title: Meg isn't much of a focus in this episode in contrast to Brian, Stewie, and especially Chris.
  3. Stale and unfunny Italian stereotype jokes.
    • For example, the scene where Peter starts talking like an Italian-American to get Chris to quit going to vocational school.
    • Another example is when the other Italians are shocked when Chris never had a "bread sandwich."
  4. Aside from the Italian stereotype jokes, the other jokes and humor are unfunny.
    • Peter dressing as Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct doing crotch shots.
    • "Cauliflower gives me the scoots."
  5. While likeable, Stewie steals Meg's spotlight at the school play by dressing up as "Anachronistic Bobby", thus making her the star of all the school plays fails.
  6. Unnecessary fourth wall breaks.
    • One of the 'benefits' of the vocational school is being the writer of Family Guy.
    • Principal Shepherd announces that there will be plenty of stereotypical Italian jokes later in the episode.
    • Stewie has been told they're running out of time and tells Brian that they need to speed up the ending.
  7. The scene where Stewie choking on a grape is horrifying to see.
    • And on top of that, the scene where Peter sat on Meg to the point where she actually told him to get off her is also uncomfortable to see too. Stewie does try to defend Meg by telling Peter to get off his sister, but of course Peter doesn't listen as he tells Stewie "Go fly a kite, bub".
      • When Lois told Peter to leave Stewie alone, he does get off of Meg, only for Lois to ask her why she's on the couch and that she's not supposed to be on the furniture as Meg just took it.
  8. The episode makes an unfunny suicide jokes centered around Kevin Swanson, in which Kevin tries to kill himself by dousing himself with gasoline and light himself on fire in the middle of the road for no explained reason and tries to have Brian and Stewie record it live on his cell phone.

Good Qualities

  1. The episode has a decent premise with Stewie trying to make Meg's life better, but poorly executed.
  2. Stewie and Brian are likable since they try to make Meg's life good, and Brian isn’t flanderized like he usually is.
    • Meg is also likable.
  3. Despite what BQ #4 said, Some jokes and humor are funny.
    • The scene where the grape starts singing is quite funny.
    • "'Ello, 'ello, 'ello. What's all this, then?" is very funny.


  • "Stand By Meg" currently has a 6.7/10 rating on IMDb.[1] Criticism of the episode upon airing mostly had to do with the Italian jokes.[2]


  • This episode's title is a reference to Stephen King's Stand by Me.



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