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Spongebob in Real Life Spongebob & Sandy on Desktop (Slime Story)

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Spongebob in Real Life Spongebob & Sandy on Desktop Spongebob Animation Desktop
[[Image:Spongebob in Real Life Spongebob & Sandy on Desktop Spongebob Animation Desktop - youtube-gears.png|330px|center|]]
More like a real life torture episode
Series: Slime Story
Air Date: July 4, 2022
Writer: Unknown
Director: Unknown


SpongeBob III finds himself in the real world at a real desktop.

Why It’s Scummy, not Spongy

  1. Misleading Title. The title is saying that the real SpongeBob (a.k.a Sr) is appearing in the episode, not III.
  2. SpongeBob III is tortured throughout the episode
  3. Sandy is extremely unlikable in this episode and arguably at her worst here as she acts more like a jerk to SpongeBob III over the smallest things.
    • In addition she becomes more unlikable as the episode progresses.
  4. Despite it not occuring in the main series, this short started her flanderization as she slaps SpongeBob III just because he tried to kiss her.
  5. While not as bad as Sandy the Bee's are also unlikable for trying to sting SpongeBob III.
  6. Even though SpongeBob III gave Sandy the flowers she still acts like she has no interest in him.
  7. Horrible ending. SpongeBob III accidentaly hits sandy in with a net and Sandy just acts like she did on purpose then she got angry at him and brutaly beats him up off screen meaning she can't take criticism
  8. Neither Sandy or the bees face no consequence for there cruel actions.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. SpongeBob III is the only likable character in this episode
  2. The short was okay until Sandy's jerky behavior.


This short recieved mixed to negative reviews from viewers such as Minionsrocks1616 gave this short a scumbob rating 0/10.


This short was made on independence day


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