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Spike Gets Skooled (The Tom and Jerry Show)

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Spike Gets Skooled (The Tom and Jerry Show)
TTAJS S01E01 Title.png
More like Tom's Photo Finish - done wrong!
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 1a
Air Date: April 9, 2014
Writer: Douglas Segal
Director: Darrell Van Citters
Next episode: Cat's Ruffled Furniture

Spike Gets Skooled is the first episode of season one, as well as the series premiere of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014).


The episode begins with Tom chasing Jerry as usual, to which they mess up the house. When Tom tries to get Jerry out of an unbreakable vase, Spike comes in to tell them to stop fighting. When Spike accidentally slips and breaks things, Rick and Ginger arrive and find the place a mess. Ginger thinks that Spike made the mess, but Rick thinks that Tom provoked him a little. When Tom makes different ways of Spike threatening him, Ginger tells Rick to do something; Rick tells Ginger that he will send Spike to obedience school, to Spike's horror. After Spike is sent, Tom then gets Jerry to do things like filing his nails, trimming his whiskers and massaging his back. When Rick returns with Spike, he shows Ginger how well-behaved Spike has become by using a whistle and giving commands. Ginger tells Rick that she is preparing a luncheon and tells Rick that if anything goes wrong, Spike will be sent outside; Rick tells Spike that she means business. Nevertheless, Tom teases Spike and Spike threatens to hurt Tom for what the obedience school did to him. Spike attacks Tom, but Jerry (who doesn't want to be Tom's servant again) uses the whistle, to which Tom then uses a bone, Spike's toy, Mr. Ruggles and then the super duper bouncy ball to tease Spike. Jerry stops the ball from breaking a cup from the shelf and Ginger finds the place clean and untouched. She thinks that Spike has changed, but Spike then becomes alarmed when he see Tom with the ball grinning evilly and rolls the ball towards Ginger; Spike grabs it, but Ginger slips on Spike's saliva and destroys the luncheon she had prepared. Angered, she tells Rick to put Spike out, to which the episode ends with Tom happily waving at Spike while he gets dragged out of the house by Rick.

Why It Got Skooled

  1. It's literally an 11 minute-long malicious Spike torture episode. In fact, this is Spike's answer to Everyone Knows It's Bendy, A Pal for Gary and No Service.
    • Much like the latter, this episode was also a bad way to start a nice reboot of a classic cartoon franchise.
    • It's premise is basically a poor man's version of Tom's Photo Finish, but without any fun and cleverness which that episode had.
  2. Unusually, Tom is somewhat unlikable in this episode. He successfully tried to get Spike to be punished even though it was him and remained scot-free throughout the episode.
    • Yes, Tom was always a jerk (even in the original cartoons), but he was never this mean.
  3. Rick and Ginger were the most unlikable characters in this episode due to punishing Spike for things he didn't do. Actually, Ginger was the most hated character in this episode.
  4. Jerry was also unhappy in the episode, as he had to work for Tom whenever Spike is not around.
  5. Terrible ending: Tom rolls a ball towards Ginger and Spike catches it but Ginger slips on Spike saliva, destroys the luncheon, gets angry at Spike, and tells Rick to put Spike outside of the house!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Due to Spike's generally abusive nature towards Tom (even to the point of making him fear for his life) especially to consider the fact that he is a cat, there are some Tom and Jerry fans out there who may enjoy this episode as if it were Tom finally getting to stand up for himself and gets revenge on Spike for his abuse towards him.
  2. Spike and Jerry are the only likable characters in this episode, especially with Spike not being Flanderized as he usually is.


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