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Spice Game (Teen Titans Go!)

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Spice Game (Teen Titans Go!)
A game you should NOT play.
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 5
Air Date: August 27, 2015
Writer: Caldwell Tanner
Director: Luke Cormican
Previous episode: Croissant
Next episode: I'm the Sauce

"Spice Game" is the fifth episode of the third season of Teen Titans Go!, and the one-hundred-ninth overall episode of the series.


Tired of Robin's bland cooking, the other four Titans try their hand at making their favorite foods spicier with various spices.

Why It Isn't Spicy

  1. Rancid Moral: The episode's 'moral' states that the only way to make food tastier is using different spices, when obviously, while there's nothing wrong with eating spicy food, eating too many spices can kill you in reality.
  2. The song "I'm A Hot Pepper", while it can be catchy, is very cheesy.
  3. The "Dairy King" is just a giant cow that can produce magic milk, that's a very bland and boring design.
    • Furthermore, if it's a cow that can be milked, why is it known as a king? Bulls obviously can't be milked!
    • It would've made sense if it was named "Dairy Queen" due to being milked and cows being mostly female (though this may be to avoid product placement or being sued). It would've also made sense if the cow was named something like "Milk Queen".
    • Plot hole: The legend and Raven said that the Dairy Queen was immortal but she died.
  4. Another plot hole: The infamous scene where Robin kills the dairy king by aggressively milking his udders out despite saying that it has infinite milk.
  5. The scene where the Titans except Robin eat the Tears of Zephos pepper and then scream a lot is very annoying and could get on your last nerve.
  6. The scene with Robin eating the boiled potatoes is disgusting. Plus, there was a scene where he eats salt and it acts like spice, despite the fact there is a difference between spicy and salty.
  7. Dumbest ending ever: Robin tells the titans that they should live their lives not too dangerous, not too bland, but in the middle and they accept it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. These are one of the times Robin was right.
  2. Despite the previous rancid moral, this actually has a good lesson in it: live life not too dangerous, not too bland, but in the middle.


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