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#*''Seaglass Trigger''
#*''Fairly Odd Losers''
#*''Words Speak Louder than Actions''
#*''Quack's on the Stage''
#*''The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Musical, The Sequel''
#*''Hell Fire: Over the Flames Racing''
#*''Wren Around the World'' (which ended season 9 on a mediocre note)
#*''The Big Show!'' (which started season 10 on a mediocre note,)
#*''Heat Bondage''
#*''Master of Hypocrisy''
#*''Shrike's Weapons''
#*''Nuclear Seagull''
#*''iBreak the Law''
#Its spinoff, [[Blog:The Loona and Kat Show (Fake Spinoff of Fake Show Collab)|"The Loona and Kat Show"]], is just as bad, if not worse than the show itself.
#*Its other spin-off, "Maddie's Epic TV Series", is even worse than both shows.
#*''King of Spaghetti''
#*''Blake's Crazy Adventure Special Deluxe Edition 2.0''
#*''Nicole getsGets a Raise''
#*''Alastor's Collection''
#*''The Other Wybie''
#*''Vancouver's Victorious''
#*''Madness in Malaysia''
#*''TheA Crazy-Ass Deconstruction SiteAsskicking''
#*''Plum Chewing''
#*''Downward Spiraling''
#*''Choco Alastor''
#*''Karlie & Cube Go To Antwerp''
#*''Attack of the Children's Card Games!'' (which has appearances from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series's voice actors)
#*''Roley vs Dream Stans''
#*''Oscar The Cowboy''
***World Tour (Season 8)
***The Ultimate Rollercoaster of Writing Quality (Season 9)
***The Second Season of Randy and Alastor's Show, Season 2 (Season 10)
*Officially, Season 4 is broken up into two halves, 'Season 4A' and 'Season 4B', this is due to their many differences.
**Season 7 is also split into two halves, 'Season 7A' and 'Season 7B' due to the show retaining its original format in the first half, while the second half had its characters traveling all over the world in a similar vein to [[mh:besttvshows:The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse|the first 5 seasons of Mickey Mouse]].
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