Space Chickens in Space

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Space Chickens in Space
Genre: Comedy
Science fiction
Running Time: 22 minutes (2 11-minute segments)
Country: Australia
United Kingdom
Release Date: September 30, 2018 – June 9, 2019
Network(s): 9Go! (Australia)
Disney XD (international)
Created by: José C. García de Letona
Rita Street
Distributed by: Cake Entertainment
Starring: David Menkin
Laura Aikman
Nick Mohammed
Roger Gregg
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 25 (50 segments)

Space Chickens in Space is an internationally-produced animated television series produced by Ánima Estudios in Mexico, Studio Moshi in Australia, and distributed by Cake Entertainment, and was co-produced by the recent Dublin-based Gingerbread Animation and Disney EMEA. It is created by José Carlos García de Letona and Rita Street, and is directed by Tommy and Markus Vad Flaaten.


Three chickens, Chuck, Starley and Finley, encounter innumerable challenges when they find themselves accidentally enrolled in an intergalactic military academy.

Bad Qualities

Proclaimer: Do not call it a rip-off nor compare it to Breadwinners as it has nothing in common, aside from the animation style.

  1. Clichéd characters. For example, Chuck is the cool one, Starley is the cheerful one, and Finley is the smart one.
  2. Also, Chuck is arguably the most unlikable of all of the three chickens.
  3. The animation, while fluid and nice in some areas, is quite average.
  4. Mediocre theme song with lyrics repeatedly saying the title.
  5. Below average voice acting.
  6. Massive amounts of character derailment on the main characters, including Chuck.
    • The chickens themselves never learn from their mistakes.
  7. Immensely boring episodes with pointless plots.
    • 'Bliblisitting' has the chickens babysitting Blibli, Glargg's pet.
    • In 'The Egg' Starley takes care of an alien as her sister.
    • 'Best Pal' shows Finley's robot friend Pal obtaining free will.
    • 'I Believe I Can Fly' is about Starley learning how to fly.
  8. Bland and laughable writing in the earlier episodes.
    • These episodes also feature a weak humour with unfunny and gross-out jokes.
  9. Glargg is often depicted as a Butt Monkey in some episodes, this can be seen in episodes like 'Trolling Thrognak' and 'Being Glargg'.
  10. His design is also unappealing, since he has three nipples and his head is literally shaped after a butt.
  11. Humboldt's design might feel intimidating or disturbing to some viewers.

Good Qualities

  1. Likable characters such as Adele, AIIA, Ainta, Barnetta (& Phil), Blibli, Finley, Glargg (sometimes), Hugo, Humboldt, Marigold, Narcibelle, Niven, Pal, Piπ, Skyla and Starley.
    • Ommm stands out as one of the most memorable characters, due to the amazing concept behind his character.
    • Plus, all these characters got their respective episodes focused on them, especially Niven with mayor antagonistic roles.
  2. Charming and satisfying outro song.
  3. It has many good episodes like 'Atori' (5), 'Friendchip' and 'Freezing Awesome' (9 & 10), 'Food Fight' and 'Poor Dweezil' (13 & 14), 'Players Gotta Play', 'All Flying and Chill' and 'Jail Birds' (16-18 respectively), 'Final Exam', 'Ommminous Foreshadowing', 'Draw Anything', 'Finley Cleanly', 'Beat Beat Chicken Chicken', 'Phil My Heart' and 'Blibli Squared' (22-28 respectively), 'Stop Bugging Me!' (30), 'Chicken Feed' (32), 'The Good Guy Choice', 'Presidential Coop', 'Pale Blue Rock' and 'Smells Like Chicken' (35-38 respectively), 'Quizardry' (40), 'One of a Kind', 'The Chicken in the Egg', 'Personal Space Time', 'Bad Bad Bad', 'Viva Le Rev-Philution' and 'Ultimate Niven' (42-47 respectively) and the series finale, 'Chicken Out' and 'Chicken Back Again' (49 & 50).
  4. Cool background designs. Particularly the space backgrounds featuring planets, stars, asteroids, cosmic dust, space gas and nebulas.
  5. Great and enjoyable soundtrack.
    • Additionaly, each episode features a distinct and unique soundtrack with little to no soundtracks being reused.
  6. Plenty of fluid and fast-paced scenes, notably in the series theme song.
  7. Chuck is quite tolerable at times and he often gets his comeuppance for his selfish actions.
  8. In comparison to the theme song, the other songs are cool and catchy, some examples are:
    • I R What U R from the episode 'Beat Beat Chicken Chicken'.
    • Smooth as jimmee jams from the episode 'Bad Bad Bad'.
    • Cosmic Love, the ending credits song.
  9. It has some heartwarming moments and sometimes teaches good morals like:
    • Being loyal to friends (from episodes such as Friendchip, Freezing Awesome and Pale Blue Rock).
    • Everyone matters and all jobs are important (from Finley Cleanly).
    • Mean people can change for the better (from Poor Dweezil and Ultimate Niven).
  10. The premise of Earth beings studying in a space academy with beings from other planets is good and original.
  11. Numerous character designs are really attractive to look at, especially Ommm's (which has a long and twisted neck). Even more, the design of Narcibelle is strikingly cute.


  • The show received generally positive reviews from critics and it currently holds a 7.2/10 on IMDb. Despite that, it received mixed-to-negative reception from viewers as it holds a 41% on Google reviews.


  • Some of the writers and storyboarders would later work on 101 Dalmatian Street.
  • The directors of the show, Tommy and Markus Vad Flaaten, composed the ending song. They also voiced the character Ommm.




10 months ago
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The Breadwinners of Disney


2 months ago
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It's not that bad to be honest.


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18 days ago
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I don't understand why all these people say that this show is a rip-off of Breadwinners just because of it's character designs.


18 days ago
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Space Chickens in Space? Just Space Chickens or Chickens in Space!


18 days ago
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Be thankful that it isn't called Space Chickens From Space like in LA.
The department of redundancy it's in the department of redundancy.

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