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Sonic TDI

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Sonic TDI
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Sonic TDI
This series is anything but a Sonic/Total Drama crossover.
Country: United States
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Mauricio (JeyatheCat)

Sonic TDI is a web series on YouTube. It is a Sonic the Hedgehog version of the Total Drama series. The Sonic characters compete against each other in various challenges and whoever wins the competition gets money.

Why It's Eliminated

  1. Awful "animation", if you can call it that. Most of it is just still images (similar to Greeny Phatom or Plumbers Don't Wear Ties) that look like they were made from Microsoft Paint.
  2. Crappy and lazy backgrounds that looks like something from a Dingo Pictures movie.
  3. Misleading age-rating: Despite the show being rated TV-14, there is some content that makes it more like a TV-MA rated show.
  4. None of the characters act like their original counterparts, since there's tons of inappropriate moments:
    1. Rouge flashing her breasts.
    2. Sonic and Silver hitting Tails.
    3. Nudity (albeit censored).
    4. Cream and Tails acting like perverts.
    5. Underaged characters wearing inappropriate outfits.
    6. Characters having sexual intercourse while all of them are animals.
    7. Lots of unnecessary use of profanity.
    8. Tails masturbating after eating the last onion ring.
    9. Cream flashing her panties, despite the fact that she is six years old.
    10. In the last episode of the first season, Cream tries distracting Sonic with her body.
    11. In the episode "Gettin Dirty (Part 2)", there's a scene where Coco and Cream lick a popsicle in a sexual manner, moan and kiss, causing Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Shadow and Espio to get nosebleeds.
    12. In the episode "Sonic Arts", during The S Factor, some of the characters have inappropriate cover art for the songs they were singing:
    13. For the song "Untouched" by the Veronicas, Blaze and Wave were naked (albeit with their breasts censored) and kissing.
    14. For the song "Bad" by Wale featuring Rihanna, Cream and Coco were wearing Playboy bunny outfits.
    15. In the episode "Sonic Arts", That Drama, Tails, and Sonic have underaged gay sex in a bathroom stall.
    16. In the first episode of the second season, Rouge became a team captain and she decided to name her team Team Boobies.
      • And to make matters worse, despite Rouge getting eliminated, the team name is permanent.
  5. Poor voice acting.
  6. The show has Fifi, a stereotypical Hispanic character.
  7. The host of the series isn't a very good host.
    • Plus, he has an awful design. His body is traced over a TDI character (more specifically, the host of the show, Chris McClean) while his head looks like a Warrior Cats character drawn by a child.
  8. All of the characters have crappy designs that are traced over.
    • Coco the Cat doesn't even look like the other characters. This is understandable, since she is an original character.
  9. Little to no character development.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation of Coco and Jeya parodying Panty and Stocking's transformation.[1]
  2. At least Coco is nice, despite her being perverted in some sort of way.
  3. Shadow redeemed himself.
    • Speaking of Shadow, he's the best character out of all of them.
    • He also has a good singing voice, at least better than the other characters.
  4. It can be considered "so bad, it's good" by YouTubers.


  • The creator of the series' channel is no longer on YouTube, thankfully.
  • (Some of) the episodes are archived.
  • The only seasons of the series which consists of all the episodes archived are Sonic TDI and Sonic Arts.