Smile for the Ed (Ed, Edd n Eddy)

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Smile for the Ed (Ed, Edd n Eddy)
Don’t smile for this episode!
Part of Season: 5
Episode Number: 10b
Air Date: April 13, 2007
Writer: Danny Antonucci
Rachel Connor
Michael Hockney
Director: Scott Underwood
Previous episode: All Eds Are Off
Next episode: Run Ed Run

"Smile for the Ed" is the 19th episode of Season 5 and the 121st episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, Eddy gets a bad school photo on school picture day due to Kevin interfering with Eddy trying to make himself look good for the photo. The Eds try to fix Eddy's bad-looking school photo so that he can get the key to his brother's room.

Why It Won't Make You Smile

The infamous scene of the episode, caused by Kevin's horrible actions.
  1. It's just another Eddy Torture episode. He just wanted a good school photo so he could get the opportunity to have his brother's room and impress his mom.
  2. Kevin is stupid, horrible, and unlikable like he was in the episode "Your Ed Here" from the previous season, probably even more so.
    • His flanderization is also noticeably shown in this episode too, being the stereotypical jerk bully he's been flanderized into being. He literally goes out of his way to make Eddy's life a living hell with his bad school picture despite the latter not even doing anything to provoke him or anything.
  3. Plot-Hole: Why on Earth did Eddy make that face when Kevin only said Dork?!
  4. The scene where Lee Kanker kisses Eddy with the bad photo of him strapped to her face is very inappropriate.
  5. The infamous scene where the cafeteria is infested with Eddy’s bad photos and all the kids except Ed and Double D using the bad photos as masks to scare Eddy.
  6. Everyone laughs at Eddy for his bad photo and Kevin later makes thousands of photocopies. Likewise, even Nazz laughs at Eddy which is also strange considering the fact that in the episode "X Marks The Ed", she didn't laugh at Eddy in that episode for his incident, but in this episode, she does.
  7. When Eddy finally gets the chance to retake his photo, Kevin ruins it again by blocking the camera with the same photo.
    • And on that topic, how did Kevin know that Eddy was trying to retake his photo? And how did he know where the Eds were when they were about to retake Eddy's photo?
  8. Kevin never pays the price for ruining Eddy's picture twice, making him a Karma Houdini.
  9. Not only does Eddy get punished for all of the bad photos, but also for supposedly impersonating the principal, which was Double D's doing.
    • On that note, Double D doesn't confess to Eddy that he impersonated the principal despite feeling ashamed about it earlier.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The ending is okay compared to If it Smells Like an Ed and Your Ed Here. It is revealed that Ed drew a picture of Eddy with a key, so Eddy feeling excited decides to bring it home instead of the actual photo. Perhaps Double D was right to think Eddy's mom was farsighted.
  2. There is some funny dialogue here and there, and Ed has some funny moments as usual.


  • This is the only episode to not be directed by Danny Antonucci, although he co-wrote it. Instead, this was directed by storyboard artist Scott Underwood.



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