Slippy Sodor (Thomas & Friends)

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"Slippy Sodor" is the fifth episode of the thirteenth season of Thomas & Friends.

Slippy Sodor (Thomas & Friends)
This episode has slipped to stupidity.
Series: Thomas & Friends
Part of Season: 13
Episode Number: 5
Air Date: November 7th 2009 (US/Theatrical) January 29th 2010 (UK) September 12th 2010 (US/TV)
Writer: Mark Robertson
Previous episode: Double Trouble
Next episode: The Early Bird


When Thomas breaks his old funnel he must get a temporary replacement but gets teased by the other engines and doesn't want to be seen.

Why It Slips Up

  1. This is an 8 minute torture episode for Thomas as he gets teased by his friends for his new funnel.
  2. It also tortures Sir Topham Hatt as he crashes his car 3 times due to the bubble liquid spilling on the road.
  3. The bubble liquid is literally being pulled on a single flatbed without a break van and it's inside an open barrel without any lid. This could've been easily avoided by just covering up the barrel or have it be transported by road!
  4. Like several other episodes made in the Sharon Miller era it uses the three strikes formula, the narrator repeats dialogue, and there's excessive alliteration and rhyming.
  5. Sir Topham Hatt crashing his car three times and getting covered in mud and hay isn't funny and showcased the start of his flanderization.
  6. Plot hole: When Sir Topham Hatt crashes his car, how does the pig get into his car?
  7. Realistically, if Sir Topham Hatt's car crashed for the third time, he and Mr. Bubbles would have broken their necks and the car would be destroyed. Instead, they are perfectly fine with little or no injuries whatsoever.
  8. Animal cruelty: Instead of returning the pig to the farm it came from for some reason Mr. Bubbles decides to take the pig with him for some unknown reason, which we will probably NEVER find out.
  9. The animation on the bubble liquid looks really bad and dated though to be fair it was on of the earliest full CGI Thomas episodes.
  10. James, Gordon, Henry and Edward are all unlikeable in this episode because they tease and laugh at Thomas because of his funnel. They all said the same line: "Hello Thomas, that's a funny funnel", then proceed to laugh.
  11. Speaking of Thomas' funnel it looks ridiculous and nothing like a steam engine funnel it looks more like a vase with weird patterns and colours.
    • In fact, even as a spare funnel, it shouldn't even exist.
  12. Just like Edward Strikes Out and Edward and the Mail Edward is out of character because he teases Thomas because of his funnel! That is the equivalent of your grandfather laughing at you because you have a weird looking hat.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Victor is one of the only likeable characters alongside Thomas.
    • In addition, Thomas isn't flanderized like he usually is in the Sharon Miller era.
  2. It does try and teach the moral about ignoring teasing even though it's executed poorly.


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