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Slippin' Jimmy

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Slippin' Jimmy
Better call saul presents slippin jimmy-927391957-large.jpg
It's slippin' time.
Genre: Animation
Running Time: 8-9 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: May 23, 2022
Network(s): AMC+
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Television
Starring: Sean Giambrone
Kyle S. More
Will Vought
Beth Grant
Jasmine Gatewood
Chi McBride
Gideon Adlon
David Herman
Gary Anthony Williams
Laraine Newman
Carlos Alazraqui
Brian Sommer
Zac Palladino
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 6

Slippin' Jimmy (also known as Better Call Saul Presents: Slippin' Jimmy) is a 2022 American animated web series produced by Starburns Industries for the AMC+ streaming service. It is a spin-off of Better Call Saul.


Taking place in the early 1980s in Cicero, Illinois, Jimmy McGill and his best friend Marco Pasternak go on adventures in the style of classic movie genres.

Why You'll be Slippin' Away from This Show

  1. This is nothing more but a cash grab into the midseason finale of Better Call Saul and be exclusive content on AMC+. It doesn't even have any involvement from creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould nor have they publicly acknowledged the show.
  2. It literally has nothing to do with Better Call Saul other than having Jimmy, his friend Marco and his brother Chuck for one episode. The show could've been its own thing without the three characters from BCS and nothing would change.
  3. The show's demographic seems to be for kids since each episode is rated TV-PG as there is no profanity, drugs, or violence, but Better Call Saul is for adults which features the exact opposite. Mature audiences wouldn't want to watch this because it's too childish and lacks substance compared to BCS, and kids wouldn't watch this because they don't know what BCS is.
  4. Very cheap-looking animation and art-atyle that looks like the creators' attempt to imitate those Vyond videos art style. But also, some designs look downright ugly with a fine exemple being Jimmy himself.  Additionally, they are unfitting in a cartoon released in 2022, as they fit more into something released in the late 2000's or early 2010's instead.
    • It doesn't help either that is animated by the same studio who made Rick and Morty.
  5. False advertising: On the AMC website, it says that Slippin' Jimmy was written by the people behind Better Call Saul.[1] While this is true, there are only two of the writers and the ones that are involved with this show aren't the main writers for the majority of that show. Ariel Levine only wrote 8 episodes for seasons 5 and 6 of BCS and was a writer's assistant for the majority of the episodes and Kathleen Williams-Foshee was only a script coordinator for most of BCS.
  6. Plot Holes: The show takes place in the 1980s, but Jimmy was born in the year 1960, which would make him an young adult, not a child.
    • In the episode: "The Exo-sister", the detention administrator barfs out purple liquid to make Titweiler talk about Crypto. The show takes place in the 1980s and the first ever cryptocurrency was made in 1990, thus making the reference nonsensical and also anachronistic.
  7. Speaking of the setting, they make an aforementioned reference to cryptocurrency for whatever reason when it obviously wasn't a thing at the time.
  8. All of the characters are bland and uninteresting. Jimmy is a typical prankster who barely resembles his adult counterpart or even how he gained the reputation of "Slippin' Jimmy", Marco is the idiot best friend, and Trent Titweiler is the generic school bully.
  9. Because the show is animated, there are moments that occur that can't happen in real life such as Jimmy's sled neighing like a horse and moving on its own and a nun being possessed by a demon, which makes it impossible for it to be based on Saul Goodman's childhood.
  10. All of the jokes are unfunny, with some of them dragging on. With many gross-out moments, such as a nun farting and the fart cloud containing tadpoles that become frogs.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Decent voice acting.


Slippin' Jimmy was overwhelmingly panned by both critics, audiences and fans of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad. The show currently has a 2.7/10 on IMDb.[2]

Due to the absurdity of its existence, the show has been memed as being ironically good from people who haven't seen it, joked to be part of the Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul universe, and even called a money laundering scheme, referencing Breaking Bad. As a result of this, the series was cancelled after one season.