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Sky Wizards Academy

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Sky Wizards Academy
Sky Wizards Academy.jpg
A show that leaves almost everything unanswered.
Genre: Harem
Science Fiction
Country: Japan
Release Date: July 8, 2015 - September 23, 2015
Network(s): TV Tokyo (Japan)
Funimation (United States)
Created by: Yu Moroboshi
Takayuki Inagaki
Starring: Joel McDonald
Tia Ballard
Megan Shipman
Dawn M. Bennett
Jad Saxton
Megan Emerick
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 12 (including 1 OVA episode)

Sky Wizards Academy also known as Kūsen Madōshi Kōhosei no Kyōkan in Japan is a 2015 anime-adaptation series directed by Takayuki Inagaki based on the light novel series originally written by Yu Moroboshi. It first aired in Japan on July 8, 2015, and ended on September 23, 2015. Funimation would later license the series in the US for Western audiences.


A city called Misutogan, is a sky city where it's part of a wizard academy. It revolves around many wizards who use magic to protect the city from enemies called Devil Beetles. The main protagonist Kanata Age who is part of an elite academy team titled S128 has to instruct the academy's lowest-ranked team which is named E601 which features a group of girls named Misora Whitale, Lecty Eisenach, and Rico Flamel.

Why It Has Failed Every Exam

  1. The main problem with the show is that its entire storyline is clichéd with many uninteresting, weak elements along with a poor plot development that is really easy to predict. It's basically an end of the world anime where it's about elite wizards trying to protect their city from an unnatural species.
  2. Another thing that’s unoriginal about the show is that it rips off several elements from other anime series that include: Date A Live, Infinite Stratos, The Asterisk War, and Chivalry of a Failed Knight.
  3. The main protagonist Kanata Age, who's portrayed as a generic magical swordsman, is considered to be a "traitor" by among others and he is treated like a punching bag where he gets called a pervert and brute many times even though he did nothing wrong.
    • Another problem with him is that he isn't an interesting character to the point where he receives any proper redemption other than him gaining respect from his students.
    • While he isn’t the only one, his students were also treated like garbage due to being the lowest-ranked in the academy but Kanata is the worst victim of them all.
  4. There is terrible fan service and the entire series relies on it a bit too much.
  5. Minimal to no character development: Misora, Yuri, and Lecty's traits and personalities barely changed throughout the series. Throughout most of the episodes, they focused on bashing Kanata in a misandrist way which shows them as they're very selfish to themselves showing very poor chemistry around Kanata, and only caring about themselves rather than trying to improve on themselves until later at end of the series, they begin to treat Kanata as a better person.
  6. Inferior character backgrounds: The show placed emphasis mostly on Misora Whitale's character arc with the example of her backstory which was mainly used to give out sympathy for her personality but fails to describe and capture that feeling and view, as well as focusing on giving her most of the screen time, which is somewhat ironic since Kanata is the main protagonist of the series and yet, he doesn't get much information about his origins but also doesn't tell any of the rest of the other characters' story arcs and origins as well which is very misleading to the viewers.
  7. Gives out stereotypical character traits. The characters in the show have clichéd personalities that are just terrible and overused and these examples include:
    • Misora Whitetale is a red-haired tsundere girl that treats Kanata like trash and is stubborn but likes to help out people.
    • Yuri Flostre is blue-haired and also is a tsundere girl who also treats Kanata like trash because she considered him mainly a traitor. It is also shown that she hates coffee and drinks sweeter things.
    • Rico Flamel is a black-haired girl who acts like she should be popular one just because her sister Freon Flamel is the main head of the academy and treats Kanata like a pawn.
    • Lecty Eisenach, who is a blonde girl is shy around towards many others but didn't treat Kanata as bad as the others did and partially falls for him.
  8. Huge Plotholes: It is unanswered why Kanata was considered to be a traitor in the first place (which was one of the biggest parts of the story) as if he is hated by almost everyone at the academy and also, it's unmentioned where did the Devil Beetles originate from and why they want to hurt humans and colonize their land as well as knowledge on how their original environmental world existed along with how they were able to learn magic.
  9. There is a huge lack of fight scenes, which is supposed to be one of the most important elements of the show.
  10. Speaking of which, the battle scenes are terrible, ending in a fast result.
  11. Most of the episodes contain almost nothing but filler as the show doesn't try to focus on the main concept of the story, which is one of the reasons why the show was on a cliffhanger.
  12. As mentioned in WIS #1, there were many terrible plot directions leading on to many different events such as tournaments and fighting the monsters which weren’t until later episodes which would cause some confusion for the viewers.
  13. Terrible Ending: There is no proper conclusion to the show which was another reason why it was leaving it as a cliffhanger due to the fact that there are several unanswered questions which are the character relationships and no proper backstory on how the plot origins began. WIS #8 also gives out details that gave out concerns about the show’s story.
    • On another occasion, when Yuri tried to give a cake only to Kanata as a gift to him for love, he opened it to the rest of his group and mistakenly assumed that she was a lesbian for either of the three girls and after it happened, Kanata's relationship with Yuri would eventually go downhill again.
  14. Real Nua, one of the main antagonists, has an unhealthy crush on Yuri and tends to even stalk her.
  15. Atrocious CGI designs on the Devil Beetles make it looks like an unfinished character model for a video game.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Character visuals and the art style is great looking as of 2015 standards.
  2. While the main protagonist is treated badly towards others, he ignores any insults to him and sticks to his job and is also shown to care about his students despite on how they treat him, meaning he can handle criticism.
    • On top of that, his childhood friend Chloe Sevigny treats him better than the most and understands him in his situations. Yuri and Lecty treat him better in later episodes and even Lecty begins to fall for him.
  3. Unique weapons designs and styles that characters combat in.
  4. The soundtrack is decent.
  5. Some scenes are entertaining and interesting to watch at times.
  6. The entire concept of the show was cool but poorly executed in its performance.
    • However, it did stick to its source material which was the light novel (while it's not exactly 100% faithful to the show).
  7. The English dub has wonderful voice acting but with some corny lines in it.


Sky Wizards Academy's score was met mostly with a mixed to negative reception by critics and audiences alike.


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