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Simão e Bartolomeu

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Simão e Bartolomeu
Simão e Bartolomeu.jpg
Ah, eu mereço!
Genre: Animated
Running Time: 11 minutes
Country: Brazil
Release Date: 2008
Network(s): TV Rá-Tim-Bum
Created by: César Cavelagna
Distributed by: TV-Rá-Tim-Bum
Starring: Luiz Laffey
Melissa Garcia
Nestor Chiesse
Guilherme Lopes
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 13
Previous show: Simão

Simão e Bartolomeu is a Brazilian animated series created by César Cavelagna for the educational channel TV Rá-Tim-Bum in 2008.


Simão is a stray dog, who, after literally being born out of his creator's mind, starts a search for an owner, with his friend Bartolomeu, who is a tick. They soon meet with a lot of friends and enemies along the way.

Why It Deserves to be Ticked Off

  1. Much like As Aventuras de Gui & Estopa, the former protagonist gets to do most of stuff, and the latter "protagonist" looks more like a living prop, not having much importance in the series and hardly speaking at all. In fact, the title of the series of shorts was Simão (from which this series originated of), and would be more fitting when we consider that.
  2. In early episodes, Simão was mute (his voice being only heard in his thoughts), in an attempt to imitate Garfield, but later episodes has him talking with his mouth moving, similar to The Garfield Show.
  3. The first three episodes (O Criador e a Criatura, Procura-se um Dono, and Uma Vida de Cão) consist of random shorts from Simão cobbled together, which is just lazy.
  4. From episode 4 onwards, new episodes occur, but their plot is worse and inferior than the first 3 episodes, with many drastic changes both in the personality of the characters and in the script.
    • Simão suffers a character derailment becoming more stupid and immature than before. Also in several episodes he is seen doing illegal things like for example in the episode Simão X Berne Bicheira where he breaks into a witch's castle without permission and eats her chocolates. In the episode O Fantasma da Fábrica de Chocolate he breaks into a chocolate factory just to eat the chocolates.
      • Based on the two episodes cited above this is also giving bad moral since dogs cannot eat chocolate, as it can kill them.
    • Bartolomeu stops being a baby who thinks Simão is his mother and has his personality reduced to practically zero.
    • The slapstick comedy is much less frequent and the episodes have a slow pace.
    • The episodes sometimes try to be educational (since the show aired on an educational channel), but it seem very unfitting to the slapstick comedy concept of the show, mainly because the attempts of the show to be educational are very forced as for example:
      • In the episode O Tesouro Perdido Simão runs down a street until he is hit by a car that ends up carrying him and at the same time he shouts "I forgot to look both ways before crossing" despite having no one around to listen to him.
      • The episode Nunca Aceite Coisas de Estranhos (lit. "Never Accept Things From Strangers") where practically the title of the episode tries to be educational (maybe because the episode fails to show its moral).
  5. The CGI opening at the start of the episode Simão X Berne Bicheira is awfully outdated, even for 2008 standards.
  6. Misleading title: The episode O Tesouro Perdido doesn't feature any actual lost treasure at all.
  7. Bad ending: The series ended on a cliffhanger, with Simão and Bartolomeu never getting an owner at all.
  8. There's toilet humor all over the place (despite airing on a educational network), with Simão getting pee all over him, and Simão actually crapping on Bartolomeu (without him knowing) in one instance.
  9. The character designs are not clever, Simão don't even look like a dog. he look more like an rabbit instead.
    • The villain Berne Bicheira looks like a rip-off of Jabba the Hutt.
  10. The animation is very weak and uncomfortable, a good example of this is when the characters appear talking where they move the whole body and not just the mouth.
  11. Awful running gags, like when Bartolomeu takes offense and attacks anyone who mistakes him for a flea.
  12. The episode Nunca Aceite Coisas de Estranhos feels pretty dark (especially for the target audience of TV Rá-Tim-Bum), since Simão practically kills the villain by accident and Simão seems to feel no guilt for what he did.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The voice acting is passable, at best.
  2. The original concept in the Simão short series was brilliant, since it showed Simão's relationship as a cartoon character interacting with his naughty creator (often appearing as a brush) resembling the Looney Tunes shorts "Duck Amuck" and "Rabbit Rampage".
    • The jokes in the series of shorts Simão were also much funnier and clever.


  1. Although the show was canceled, the creator, César Cavelagna, continued to use the characters for comics.