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Silvio Santos
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We wish someday, a better television network owner can care better about SBT than you Silvio because you are not only a terrible television owner nowadays, but also a terrible person.
Nationality: Brazilian
Gender: Male
Born: December 12, 1930 (age 90)
Occupation: TV Host
Notable works: Roda a Roda Jequiti
Programa Silvio Santos
Notícias Impressionantes

Silvio Santos (born December 12, 1930) is a known Brazilian television personality, famous to host the long-time variety TV show called Programa Silvio Santos since 1963 and is the owner and founder of the Brazilian network, SBT and its parent company and conglomerate, Grupo Silvio Santos.

But he also is very controversial, due of many controversies he was involved in his own network and his own TV show in recent years.

Why He Sucks Now

  1. Made SBT go downhill since 2015.
  2. He is involved in various controversies of racism, fatphobia, male chauvinist comments, pedophilia, harassment, and homophobia on his own network in recent years. Some of the examples include:
  3. He made a joke with the Nazi salute "Heil, Hitler" on his program in 2019, which did not please and caused revolt to the Israeli Federation.
  4. He left a female pianist playing the piano naked in the Vale Tudo competition of his program in 2014.
  5. He once spoke ill of his own wife, Íris Abravanel, calling her crap.
  6. He does disgusting puns about pinto, (or in this case, male organ) on his program.
  7. Banned Rachel Sheherazade for expressing her opinions on SBT Brasil in 2014 until she was fired from the network on September 8, 2020, not only because she was involved in a controversy when she defended "punishers" on Rio de Janeiro, on SBT Brasil in 2014, but also she was banned for criticizing against Jair Bolsonaro and its government as president of Brazil because Silvio himself supports Bolsonaro.
  8. Greenlit bad shows like Triturando and Notícias Impressionantes.
  9. Supports Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro, which is already a terrible president for his recent controversies like interfering at Brazilian Federal Police, supporting the return of the infamous and horrible military dictatorship in Brazil, firing ministers, and wanting to approve the use of hydroxychloroquine to stop COVID-19, despite it cause serious danger to the health of the people.
  10. At the 2018 Troféu Imprensa, in a playful tone he said about Danilo Gentili: "I hope he dies".
  11. He is also sloppy to treating his employees, like horribly treating without respect the team of the hosts of Triturando many times, with the various changes Triturando has as of now.
    • If the team of the hosts of Triturando wasn't enough, he also sloppy treated Adriane Galisteu, making unnecessary changes to her, like losing her team, when she moved from RecordTV to SBT in 2004, staying on SBT until 2008. According to Adriane, he said to her: "When you have your network, do what you want. I'm the boss here". [1]
    • He's also saturating Chris Flores, which is the main host of Triturando.
  12. He spoke ill of journalists at the 2015 Troféu Imprensa.
  13. He called Fátima Bernardes and Luciana Gimenez an old women.
  14. Said Fernanda Lima is very thin, if she knows how to make love and sex, she would teach her how to do it. DISGUSTING.
  15. In the second time he joined Maisa with Dudu Camargo in the 3 Clues Game, Maisa did not like the jokes and ended up leaving the studio crying.
  16. He seems to be unable to take any form of criticism.
  17. He threatened his family various times to return to do his program, Programa Silvio Santos, although his family had forbidden him and keep him locked in his house, so he wouldn't get COVID-19 until the COVID-19 vaccine arrives, since he is in the virus risk group.
  18. He demonstrates partnership and also supports Luciano Hang and his chain of Havan stores, including having helped Hang promote the opening of a new store in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, which attracted a crowd of hundreds of people to the new store.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He used to be a good person a long time ago, who cared about his network, SBT, as well his career.
  2. Still hosts good programs such as his own program, Programa Silvio Santos and Roda a Roda Jequiti.
  3. He was remorseful of what he did to Maisa in the 3 Clues Game and did show a tribute to her in his program, during The Game of the Points on June 25, 2017.


  • He is good friends with RecordTV's and Igreja Universal's owner and bishop Edir Macedo.


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