Silent Angelica (Rugrats)

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Silent Angelica (Rugrats)
We should silence this episode from even being here.
Part of Season: 6
Episode Number: 15a
Air Date: August 7, 1999
Writer: Ben Siegler
Story by: Scott Gray & Ben Siegler
Director: John Holmquist
Previous episode: Junior Prom
Next episode: Tie My Shoes

Silent Angelica is the first half of the 15th episode from Season 6 of Rugrats.


When Charlotte is busy woking on a hostile takeover, she tells Angelica that if she is quiet for a few hours, she will buy her a present (The new Cynthia Dream House!) Can Angelica go without saying a word even when the other Rugrats come over to play? - Description from Klasky Csupo.

Why It Sucks

  1. This is basically a torture episode for Angelica, as she has to stay silent so she can get toys, but many problems come her way that frustrate her, such as the babies, and it finally get’s to the point where she finally yells the truth to the babies.
  2. Angelica's parents bribe her to stay quiet.
  3. While Angelica was good during most of the episode, there was the part where she yelled at the babies, which is her typical mean-spirited self. She also takes a package before her parents even get a chance to sign it.
  4. Charlotte and Drew probably should have told each other, as well as the babies, what deals they made with Angelica, then they wouldn’t have caused her so many problems while tying to stay quiet and watch the babies.
  5. Charlotte and Drew don’t pay attention much to most of Angelica’s struggles, as they were busy, and don’t even see that some of those struggles are one’s Angelica can’t do on her own, not showing the best parenting.
  6. Drew doesn’t even get the door for a package, because the game he’s watching, and let’s Angelica do it. Lazy.
  7. Charlotte and Drew couldn’t get the phone, so Angelica had to get it.
  8. Angelica tries to tell her parents about her struggles, but then remembers her deal, and so she can’t ask them about her struggles.
  9. Drew and Stu fight again, over a TV remote, but at least that was quickly resolved thanks to Dil.
  10. The babies do think that Angelica doesn’t want them to play with her toys, and she was right on that. But they didn’t obey her request, still not fully understanding the situation.
  11. Bad ending: After Angelica yells at the babies unintentionally, her parents hear her yelling, which cause Angelica to lose her toy and she even gets blamed for the mess the babies made. Sure Angelica is a spoiled brat and a jerk, but she didn´t even deserved to get punished for something she didn´t do.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation and voice acting are still good as usual.
  2. Many of the characters are still likable in this episode. Angelica is actually likable here too, especially during the parts where she’s silent, and we sympathize her for the many struggles she faced, some she couldn’t do on her own.
  3. There are some funny moments in the episode, like with Dil chewing the remote that solved Drew and Stu’s issue and changed it a game they can both watch, and when the babies were doing silly faces.
  4. Angelica’s fantasy about the toys she wants was actually nice to watch.