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Sidekicks Rule! (Sidekick)

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Sidekick's Rule
This episode does not rule at all.
Series: Sidekick
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 10b
Air Date: February 25, 2012
Writer: Heather Jackson
Director: Joey So & Kerry Sargent
Previous episode: Gimme a Sign
Next episode: The Land Before Grunk

Sidekicks Rule! is the second segment of the tenth episode from the second season of Sidekick.


The sidekicks celebrate "Sidekick Day" where they get to treat the supers like servants.

Why It Can't Rule

  1. The protagonists are all unlikeable, even the most likable ones like Eric and Kitty. Since Eric decides to abuse the Sidekick Day to abuse the superheroes and they do in such, if not worse than the superheroes themselves, an infamous example is a scene where Eric throws a bomb at the superheroes.
  2. The opening already started pretty bad, showing Maxum Man abusing his sidekick in many cruel ways, such as using him as a toilet flusher.
  3. Some few use of gross-out humor, such as:
    • Trevor making Uni-Cyclops smelling a skunk's butt.
    • Uni-Cyclops lynching Trevor's toenails.
    • Eric accidentally hits a cow's "nose" in the dark.
    • A unicorn popping candy.
  4. Eric's plan to put himself in danger so the superheroes rescue him not only is just dumb but also pretty dangerous since this could literally KILLED HIM!
  5. Theres a mean-spirited moment where Vana, Kitty, and Trevor get mad at Eric for making the superheroes quit, even if they have abused the superheroes too.
  6. Hypocrisy: The Sidekicks does not like being abused by their superheroes, but yeah, they abused him for an entire day
  7. Awful Ending: Mayor Swifty cancels the Sidekick Day and replaces it with Kick Eric's Butt Day and the episode ends with everyone (even his friends) beating Eric. (Why? Just Why?)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation and voice acting is still good.
  2. Eric does have a point about how the superheroes treated them poorly. Plus, he was likable during the first act, until everything went downhill when he finds out about the Sidekick Day concept.
  3. Even though the ending is awful, Eric gets his comeuppance for abusing/ruining Sidekick Day, which he kinda deserved it.
  4. There are still some funny moments, like the spare joke.
  5. The premise and the concept about Sidekick Day does sound interesting, but poorly executed due to Eric ruining it.



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