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Side Effects (Ben 10, 2005)

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Side Effects
Side Effects.jpeg
Bad side effects can cause bad episodes like this one.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 12
Air Date: March 18, 2006
Writer: Greg Klein
Director: Scooter Tidwell
Previous episode: A Small Problem
Next episode: Secrets

"Side Effects" is the twelfth episode of the original Ben 10.


Ben's summer cold causes strange side effects in his alien forms while he tries to deal with a cockroach monster.

Why It's Got Terrible Side Effects

  1. Plot holes:
    • How could Ben get a "summer cold" just from staying in an ice cream truck?
    • Why couldn't Grandpa Max just take Ben and Gwen (who is the SMARTEST character of this series) to the hospital instead of an abandoned building?
  2. Ben's sick face looks pretty disgusting, especially with a booger hanging out from his nose along with One of Ben's alien forms having hives under his arms.
  3. Despite being sick, Ben still decides to turn into his alien forms and they somehow have the cold, too.
  4. Lots of gross-out humor here, such as Ben being sick and Four Arms sneezing on Councilwoman Liang.
  5. Besides those reasons, it's mainly a 22-minute filler episode of Ben getting sick from an ice cream truck and Grandpa trying to find its cure.
  6. Aside from some Chinese medicine, Grandpa Max barely tries to find cures for Ben's Summer cold, nor does he take him to the hospital but instead an abandoned building. He also decides to take Ben with him when he should be staying in bed.
  7. Half-bad ending: Although Ben used the remedy his Grandpa gave him for all the thousands of bugs, Gwen starts catching the cold out of nowhere.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least Grandpa tried to find cures for Ben's cold at the start.
  2. Somehow, Ben's summer cold was sort of an advantage, as Heatblast got ice moves when his flames were frozen - which not only defeated the bugs but got rid of Ben's cold.
  3. Half-decent ending: Although all the bugs unfroze and went into Max's van, Ben uses Grandpa's special remedy to rid the bugs.
  4. Great animation and voice acting as usual.


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