Shock and Awesome (Monster High)

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Shock and Awesome (Monster High)
Shock and Awesome.png
This episode is everything except shock and awesome.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 18
Air Date: November 11, 2010
Previous episode: Mad Science Fair
Next episode: The Good, the Bat and the Fabulous

Shock and Awesome is the 18th episode of the Monster High web series, being part of Volume 1 originally premiered on November 11, 2010, on YouTube.


Draculaura, Clawdeen, Lagoona and Cleo comment on how much they are TwiHard (Twilight) fans, but when they find out that Frankie never saw a movie they urgently decide to make Frankie watch TwiHard in the school cinema.

Why It's Neither Shock Nor Awesome

  1. Just like the episode Jaundice Brothers this episode was just made in an attempt to milk a teen fad from the show's release time, in this case the Twilight Saga movies.
  2. The girls are somewhat unlikeable in this episode, as they're just fangirling about TwiHard (Twilight parody) like it's a perfect movie at one point they want to force Frankie to watch this.
    • They also ignore Frankie who ends up being used to generate electricity for the projector at the end of the episode just to watch the movie.
  3. Bad ending: Frankie ends up unable to see the film, as she is made to sit opposite the projector to generate electricity while being forced to listen to her friends commenting on the film and how much they like it.
  4. Just like Photo Finish this is another episode that show inconsistency in Cleo de Nile's role as the show's first season antagonist, as she is portrayed as a friend of Frankie and her friends rather than a rival.



  • Twihard ironically is a name to especially dedicated Twilight fans.