Shamrock N Roll (Mucha Lucha)

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Shamrock N Roll
Shamrock 'n' Roll.PNG
Part of Season: 3
Episode Number: 1b
Air Date: September 11, 2004
Writer: Eddie Mort
Director: Greg Culton
Ricky Garduno
Previous episode: Buena Basura
Next episode: The Spider and the Flea

"Shamrock N Roll" is the second half of the first episode in Season 3 (aka Mucha Lucha: Gigante) of Mucha Lucha! This episode, along with "Buena Basura" first premiered on September 11, 2004.


A leprechaun that resembles Rikochet secretly ruins Rikochet´s reputation by making it look like Rikochet is doing bad things.

Why It Rolls Away from Sham-rocking

  1. It's a mean-spirited 11-minute long Rikochet torture episode, as everyone frames Rikochet for stuff he didn´t do and he even gets sent to a funny farm when he explains why he tackled a mailbox.
  2. Almost every character is really mean-spirited and intolerable:
    • Rik-O-Shea tries to make Rikochet look like he´s doing bad stuff, like tying up Haystack´s shoes up, hitting Mr. Mircada´s foot with his hammer then putting the hammer on his hand, then he made Rikochet into tackling him so he could be sent to a funny farm.
    • Buena Girl thinks that Rik-O-Shea is Rikochet mocking her with a silly green top-hat and acts like that´s Rikochet when she could easily tell that Rik-O-Shea is different from his skin tone and red hair and beard.
    • Mr. Mircada thinks Rikochet tied up Haystack´s shoes when he clearly saw that Rikochet was nowhere near his shoes.
    • Everyone in Luchaville thought Rikochet is doing bad stuff and even sends him to a funny farm.
  3. The joke where everyone thinks that Rik-O-Shea looks like Rikochet didn´t made any sense since he looks nothing like Rikochet and his skintone and visible red sideburns and beard could make people tell that´s not Rikochet.
  4. Stupid ending where after Rikochet gets his reputation back and his trust back from people, Rikochet teaches the Luchavillagers that they should trust someone but when Buena Girl and The Flea tell Rikochet that a pixie and a troll is taking their identity and Rikochet thinks they are crazy and then it turns out that they were right about the pixie and troll.
  5. The leprechaun besides getting defeated gets no punishment for framing Rikochet and causing Rikochet to go into a funny farm.
  6. The entire episode is a cliche where the main protagonist gets blamed by the antagonist of the episode and tries to prove that they didn´t do it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The episode was good until Rik-O-Shea got the entire town to turn on Rikochet for his antics.
  2. At least Rikochet got back at his leprechaun doppelganger near the end by holding the door to a trap full of anvils and pulling up a chair closer to Rick-O-Shea next to the table with some soup that had a giant fly hidden inside - both pranks were originally intended for Rikochet. Then, Rikochet inserted the latter's 2 golden coins into a vending machine to get 2 cold smoothies - causing the doppelganger to get upset, and it then ends with the real one wrestling Rick-O-Shea.


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