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Shallow Vows (American Dad!)

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Shallow Vows (American Dad!)
Here is yet another episode where Stan is mean to his wife.
Series: American Dad
Part of Season: 5
Episode Number: 6
Air Date: 15 November 2009
Writer: Rick Wiener
Kenny Schwartz
Director: John Aoshima
Previous episode: Man in the Moonbounce
Next episode: My Morning Straitjacket

Shallow Vows is the 6th episode of the fifth season of American Dad!.


Francine discontinues her beauty regimen close to Stan's and her 20th wedding anniversary to try to show that she is more than a trophy wife to him.

Why It's Shallow

  1. Stan is unlikeable because he says he only loves Francine for her looks.
  2. Stan causes Francine to let herself go.
  3. Stan get's his retinas removed so that he doesn't have to look at her.
  4. While intentional on the writer’s part, the scenes that feature Francine after she let herself go are disgusting and gross to look at.
  5. The episode completely undermines Stan and Francine’s love for each other by having them both admit to marrying each other for reasons that do not involve love. Stan married Francine for her looks and Francine married Stan so he could be a provider for her.
  6. The subplot, which features Hayley and Steve trying to find a good wedding gift for Stan and Francine and appease Roger in the process, is not any better either as that subplot ends unresolved with Steve and Hayley fleeing from Roger to another country when he goes after them.
  7. Continuity error: Stan and Francine were temporarily divorced in "When a Stan Loves a Woman" so how is it their 20th wedding anniversary?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Francine is likeable.
  2. Stan does treat Francine better towards the end.


Despite receiving a 7.2 rating on IMDb,[1] it was negatively received by fans; for example, Phantomstrider ranked it at #4 on his "Top 10 Worst American Dad Episodes" video mainly due to the scenes that show Francine after she let herself go.[2]



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