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Scrambled Eggs (DC Super Hero Girls)

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Scrambled Eggs (DC Super Hero Girls)
Screenshot 2020-03-03-23-50-40-1.png
Get the Hock Out, but with extra steps and the "It's made for kids" excuse.
Part of Season: 1
Episode Number: 31
Air Date: December 19, 2019
Writer: Tim Sheridan
Director: Natalie Wetzig
Previous episode: Power Surge
Next episode: Drama Queen

#ScrambledEggs is the thirty-first episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.


Thanks to a home economics assignment, the students are paired up and given an egg to “care for” over a weekend. But when tragedy befalls egg after egg, what was supposed to be an easy assignment escalates into a madcap romp with super-high stakes.

Why It's A Scrambled Disaster

  1. The key problem to this would basically be that the episode is an effortless rehash of the "Shell Shock" short that had a similar premise of egg sitting. That short was executed much better since it managed to stay true to its superhero genre which makes the plot more creative for a change as well as some funny gags here and there with Kara and Karen being in-character. This episode however is extended to 11 minutes with barley any connection to its superhero genre nor saving Metropolis. It’s overall very unnecessary to extend the short to a full eleven minute episode considering that the short itself is alot better and doesn’t even need to be remade into an episode. It also doesn’t help over the fact that Shell Shock was released in the UK two months before this episode premiered in the US.
    • Speaking of, the only thing that give this rehash mess more content are the 15 addition characters coming with a few egg-related subplots that were just shoehorned into there to pad out the eleven minute runtime unlike other cartoon episodes that did the egg sitting plot point way better before this episode such as Bart the Mother from The Simpsons, Shell Shocked from The Loud House, Horton Hatches the Egg from Dr. Seuss, Looney Tunes and The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show episode Scrambled Eggs/George Stephenson. The four of which also at least add something new to its egg sitting plot with the latter even having a thrilling historical dinosaur twist to it unlike this episode that add nothing new to the table other than the characters.
    • Aside from Shell Shock, it’s also a rehash of the Buddy Thunderstruck episode Get the Hock Out. Both episodes featured the two main characters (while being flanderized) stealing things from other people so that they can succeed on what they do after they lose things (Buddy and Darnell stealing other people’s stuff so that they can get their stuff back from Big Tex after Auntie Uncle pawned all their stuff. Kara and Haleen trying to steal the eggs from other teams after they lose theirs in a post office so that they can get out of summer school is also a plot within the episode).
    • Despite this, a later episode called “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Mind Them” fixes some of these problems firstly by using a original plot of egg sitting instead of poorly rehashing a plot from a short while reducing the character focus to just the Super Hero Girls (especially Diana) while also making them in character or keeping the show’s original superhero premise and balance light/dark tone much like many other episodes and not for purely the sake of padding.
  2. Unlike many other episodes of the series this episode’s events are very unnecessary since they barely serve anything important nor did they leave any single real impact to the series as a whole. This makes the episode a huge fillerfest that can be skipped quite easily in terms of plot and character development like some of the show’s filler episodes like Retreat, Breaking News, Beasts in Show and Super Wonder Bat Bee Zee Lantern Mobile.
  3. Another main problem with the episode is with the tone. It’s incredibly jarring for a DC Super Hero Girls episode that is part of Season 1 since that series is known for having a balanced tone of superhero action and comedy. This episode has a very mean-spirited and campy tone that's extremely jarring even for DC Super Hero Girls standards. The tone could be considered as a generic sitcom/rom-com-like episode with hardly any action. This can be really out-of-place in an superhero cartoon series like this one.
    • It should be worth noting that DC Super Hero Girls normally has comedic/funny moments in previous and even later episodes but even they don't go overboard with this tone.
    • Overall due to this episode’s overall random nature and out-of-nowhere campy tone, it can be comparable to something out of a Teen Titans Go episode.
    • What makes the episode’s tone even more glaring is that some episodes before and even after this usually had their dark moments such as Meet the Cheetah, From Bat to Worse, DC Super Hero Boys, Soul Sisters and Rage Cat. Even Mrs. Cuddles, Get the Hock Out, The Great Divide and Roadside Attraction at least kept the original balanced tones of their shows while being mostly light hearted filler episodes.
  4. Most if not all of the Super Hero Girls and other character groups (Da Invisia-Bros (expect Steve Trevor, who is at military school at the time and maybe Garth), the Super Villain Girls (expect Doris, who was absent, but mentioned due to skipping class as usual) and Tatsu) are inexplicably out-of-character in this episode for being totally immature grade-obsessing people who overreact over certain eggs as if they learned nothing about responsibility of taking care of things like an egg (despite being teenagers) when they could’ve just use their gadgets and superpowers to keep their eggs safe and secure without breaking. They never even learned their lesson at the end either that Mr. Chapin pointed their behavior out. It’s pretty much a ridiculous reason just to keep the plot going for eleven minutes especially since the former two teams and maybe Tatsu know anything about responsibility and helping the poor since they helped and saved many people in pervious episodes (even Gotham Con and DC Super Hero Boys which were both ironically written by the same writer behind this episode).
    • Zee Zatara and Oliver Queen are both the worst offenders of character butchery in this episode as they act like abusive and nagging toxic stereotypical parents who takes control of every decision they make over an egg that were going to take care of, while they’re rivals in the super shorts and even the previous episodes, at least they are also times where they work and care together, but here, their rivalry went one step way too far in this episode, up to the point where they aggressively arguing and fighting over keeping their egg in a carton till Monday. Not only that, but their character derailment would carry over to the next episode, Drama Queen which makes it two episodes in a row where they’re out of character, thankfully they both reverted to their original personalities in Ally Cat.
    • Barbara in this episode went from a funny and highly intelligent girl in previous episodes to a huge rule-breaking idiot in this episode as she breaks into Garth’s house and take her team’s egg to do night patrol despite Garth and Zee telling her not to take the egg to night patrol, disobeying them, and literality breaks it by being thrown off her motorcycle, into the wood chipper, and get ran over by a truck when she could’ve just climb over the restricted wired fence and save the egg in a few seconds.
    • Garth, while being the less moronic compared to the other characters, has been reduced to a Butt-Monkey who gets tortured by the students including Barbara.
    • Carol, just like Zee and Oliver, easily has the worst character derailment out of all the students in this episode as she became a bigger spoiled, violent psychopathic brat than she was in the previous episodes who only cares about taking care of a egg with Hal Jordan and violently attacks people who got her egg without permission from her.
    • Likewise, Hal Jordan, just like Ham III from Space Chimps and Reggie from Free Birds, is a bigger simp stalker than he was in the previous episodes as he tried to take care of an egg with Selina Kyle just because she’s a girl which caused her to quit due to his annoyance.
    • Kara and Harleen, while having interesting chemistry, became the episode’s version of how Buddy and Darnell are portrayed in Get the Hock Out, being absolute morons over stealing other teams’ eggs after they lose theirs in a post office.
    • Selina and Carter being reduced to non speaking roles who are shown to be likeable at first after they fed up with Hal and Barry annoying them, but derailed later in this episode to became morons like the rest of the cast.
    • Barry is a huge stalker towards Carter as he talks and pulls a egg prank on him about sitting on a egg like birds since the latter is Hawkman in DC Super Hero Boys.
    • Diana and Karen became a duo of idiotic morons just like Kara and Harleen who care about talking about their experience with responsibilities and yet both of them wouldn’t even notice their egg rolling on the former’s desk and falling onto the floor and later confused that they’re on separate teams during the only fight scene.
    • Jessica Cruz, despite being part of the Super Hero Girls and one of the main characters, appears to be completely useless since she appears in a few scenes set in the classroom with only one line, and then disappeared for the entire weekend without being mentioned at all until she reappeared in the ending, and to top it all off is that Jessica, despite disliking violence, doesn't show up at the pier to stop the fight, call the students out for their immature behavior, suggested them that they could share and take care of the last egg together while defending it from both Pamela and Leslie to get out of summer school due to how she was mostly underused in this episode.
      • Not to mention is that this shows that Jessica can sometimes be careless about anyone fighting.
    • Tatsu is yet another worst example of character derailment in this episode as she somehow went from a complex anti-heroine who learned her lesson on how to be a true hero as staled in Soul Sisters to a greedy mean girl who barely acts like a hero like she promised and wanted to up pass Diana which contradicts their interaction in that episode, thankfully, later episodes featuring Tatsu doesn’t have her act like this.
      • The idea of Tatsu learning about responsibility of saving and taking care of people and things is executed rather poorly due to Tatsu’s derailment and being underused until the fight scene as well throughout the episode.
    • Pamela Isley, similar to Robby Burgles in Get the Hock Out, is reduced to a gross out joke fodder-typed Mary Sue whose only trail is burping after eating raw eggs and serves as an excuse for the entirely of the students (even her own team) to fail the assignment by making a sandwich out of the last egg as opposed to the clam and smoothly villainous nature-loving girl, but unlike Robby who has a helpful speaking role in Get the Hock Out, she is also reduced to only burping sounds as well as being just a filler character that adds nothing other than being a plot device.
    • Leslie Wills only appears just to pull a mean egg prank on Tatsu and then disappears without being seen or mentioned afterward with only one line spoken which makes her completely underused and wasted just like Jessica and the other 7 “protagonists” that could be easily removed from the episode.
  5. Similar to Shrek the Third, Rio 2, or the last two Ice Age sequels, the episode even had to include too many protagonists (including the Super Villain Girls), as a result of that, the character focus between the 17 main protagonists are imbalanced as most of the episode, only Kara, Haleen, Hal, Carol, Oliver, Garth, Barbara, and Zee have actual purposes to the plot while the rest of the main cast (Diana, Karen, Barry, Selina, Pamela, Tatsu, Jessica, Leslie and Carter) barely get much lines and screen time that felt like they’re only shoehorned in this episode for filler to the point that they could easily be removed from the story and nothing would’ve changed.
    • Due to Jessica and Leslie being completely wasted, neither of the two have any scenes throughout the weekend after they lose their eggs to their teammates, not even in the fight scene over the last egg which resulted in the episode to never actually explain what ever happen to both of them throughout the entire weekend of egg sitting. However Jessica’s reappears in the classroom scene to be madly against Pamela for eating her team’s egg that was meant for egg sitting.
    • Also due to this, many scenes in this episode are either drag-out too long or only served as filler such as Pamela burping after eating eggs and the infamously dragged-out scene where all of the students (expect Pamela, Jessica, and Leslie) fight over a last egg (the same one from the post office) at the pier that goes on for two whole minutes (more on that later) which further shows that this episode is nothing more than filler with barley anything important happen.
  6. Nonsensically lazy and inconsistent plot and writing from Tim Sheridan who also wrote Gotham Con and DC Super Hero Boys which are both much better episodes, the show have almost never been small on story in the previous 30 episodes (even Crushing It and Frenemies despite their writing), but aside from being a total rehash of Shell Shock without any originality, this is just moronic and childish that falls into the idiot plot category, even for DC Animated show standards (yep, more so than most of the episodes from Teen Titans Go) for several reasons:
    • Just like Stunt Fever and Breaking News, it completely contradicts and outright ignores events of certain important episodes since the episode acts like as if most of the show's continuity doesn't happen at all (only Sweet Justice, Soul Sisters, Misgiving Tree, Frenemies, and Hate Triangle this episode have impact on) as if it, despite being written by the same writer behind Gotham Con and DC Super Hero Boys, felt like it was written by a person who clearly didn't watch the whole show, making it more of a slap in the face to the continuity rather than a continuation of the story (even though this episode is thankfully non-canon to the series).
      • The events of DC Super Hero Boys, in which that episode was also written by Tim Sheridan, is completely ignored in this episode, since in that episode, Da Invisa-Bros and the Super Hero Girls start off as rivals who fight in between which team is the best and later work together to stop the Kryptonians from taking over Metropolis, even though in this episode, both teams fight over one simple thing, reverting back to rivals.
      • In "The Good The Bad and the Bizarre," Supergirl was doing well academically. but this episode, however, shows that she is failing in school as if her intelligence went downgraded, as a matter of fact, this episode was even produced after the former episode.
      • In the mall scene, Barbara said to Grath that she’s going to take the egg to her night patrol job, rather than working at the Burrito Bucket as an employee as stated in earlier episodes like Beeline and Burrito Bucket as well as the short, Veggie Burrito Bucket.
      • Barbara and Haleen, despite being best friends as their casual selves, appears to be fighting over an egg when they only do that when they’re both Batgirl and Harley Quinn.
      • Despite being set after the events of Soul Sisters, the real issue is that it's far from being an actual sequel. It instead feels more like a stand-alone sequel that has a lot of continuity errors that seemed to have contradicted the events of that episode.
        • This episode is supposed to take place sometime after the events of Soul Sisters. However, at the end of that episode, Tatsu promises Diana to become a true hero, but in this episode, she is still acting as a villain, showing the exact opposite of being a hero.
      • As mentioned above, all of the students’ character development are completely reversed and derailed to the point where they barely act like how they’re supposed to which starkly contrasts with the amount of development they've gotten from the previous episodes.
  7. This episode contains even more plot holes than any other episode of DC Super Hero Girls to date, especially with the main characters’ lack of using their skills and powers that they have in the previous episodes, showing that the writing of this episode is lazy.
    • Why didn't any of the hero and villain students (especially Jessica, Hal, Carol, and Zee) just use their gadgets and powers to keep their eggs safe rather than act like they don't have any at all in this episode?
    • Speaking of, why can Zee just make multiple copies of the last egg with her magic so they can have their own as stated in a later episode, MultipliciZee?
    • Why couldn’t Kara just use her super hearing to know where her team’s egg went after they lost it in a post office?
    • If Pamela was at the pier, then why didn’t Jessica appear alongside her as if she doesn’t care for the student’s fighting at all since Jessica is just there for filler?
    • The students could've just gone to the grocery store, buy replacement eggs and draw Chapin's face on them, but nope, they just kept arguing, fighting, and stealing over a handful of eggs.
    • Since how did Selina Kyle join the students fighting over the last egg even though at the mall earlier she quits at egg sitting?
    • Why can’t Barbara just climb up the wire fence and save the egg to keep it safe from harm in a few seconds while on night patrol?
    • Why would the Super Hero Girls, Da Invinci-Bros, the Super Villain Girls, and Tatsu, three groups of teenage heroines, superheroes, villainesses, and a sword-fighting anti-heroine, fight and steal one another's egg that was meant for babysitting for their assignment? This is only something Teen Titans Go! (another DC cartoon) would do.
  8. While the other episodes (even some of the worst ones) has some pretty good voice acting, the voice acting here is just terrible and annoying with laughable dialogue due to the fact that it consists of the actors heard often yelling and screaming the majority of their lines, particularly from Tara Strong, Kari Wahlgren, Eddie Perino, and Nicole Sullivan, which is just unacceptable since the voice acting are always amazing in most of the episodes.
  9. Much like the final two Ice Age sequels and Rio 2, this episode tries so hard to fill it’s 11 minute runtime with too many subplots to the point where the story ended up being a very big mess of story ideas:
    1. Oliver and Zee’s infuriating husband and wife relationship over an egg.
    2. Carol trying to take care of an egg with Hal Jordan after he been rejected by Selina Kyle for being a stalker.
    3. Kara and Harleen trying to steal other teams eggs after they lose theirs in a post office.
    4. Barbara introducing the life to her team’s egg by taking it with her on night patrol while disobeying Garth and Zee at the mall earlier.
    5. Tatsu trying to be a good heroine and learned about responsibility.
  10. After all of the students fail, we get an promising emotional scene where Kara and Haleen have to face summer school by hugging and crying one another, which could’ve saved the episode from being filler since that’s heartwarming for the least, until the truck goes by and drops the last egg that Kara and Haleen left at the post office in front of the students abruptly ended that emotional scene, given that fact that not only the emotional scene involving Kara and Haleen literally comes out of nowhere and only there just to make Kara and Haleen’s egg seemed more of a plot device than anything else, as a result, this makes the entire scene filler and pointless just like all the scenes with the large amount of useless "protagonists" such as the classroom scene that drags out for three minutes, even Kara’s backstory on how her mother died and landed on Earth in DC Super Hero Boys (which is written by the same writer) is more emotional than this and that scene actually gives Kara some character development unlike that Kara and Haleen scene that make this episode worse after the last egg falls out of the truck.
    • Speaking of the climax, it was considered to be by many fans to be the absolute worst climax of the entire show for good reason, as all of the students chasing and fighting for a very stupid reason which is a last egg which drags out for two minutes. Even going as far as to ruin all of the students’ characters, even Tatsu after all the character development she’s been gone through in Soul Sisters, as in this episode Tatsu becomes a selfish mean girl who wanted to up pass Diana over egg sitting, throwing out her character development and interaction of Diana from that aforementioned episode out the window. Considering the fact that failing the egg sitting assignment is all their fault for breaking their eggs and could’ve just use their gadgets and superpowers to keep them safe instead of acting completely selfish and stupid about a certain egg, and keep in mind that this was the only action scene in the entire episode.
  11. The teacher revealed that the school mascot has just given birth to baby hamsters before Pam burping while everyone looks at her. Nearly all of the 14 main characters got unpunished for their endless bratty actions, making them got off scot-free for spending almost the entire episode of them being complete morons and nothing harmful happening to Metropolis despite the fact that the egg sitting assignment is outdated, that makes the entire episode feel like a complete waste of time to some people.
  12. This episode is a great example of how to adapt a short into a extend type of media go completely wrong as it lacks any creativity, character development, nor charm that Shell Shock had, especially when compared to short to extend media adaptations that add something new such as tv shows and movies like Spies in Disguise (which was based off a short film, Pigeon Impossible which was adapted into a film by Blue Sky Studios as it’s final film before being shut down by Disney two years after this movie), Frankenweenie (which is also based off a short film, got remade into a stop motion film in 2012 with extra content), the film adaptations of Horton Hears a Who, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, The Bad Guys, Ferdinand, Coraline, and the Green Eggs and Ham Netflix series which they managed to actually work as extended media as it took a lot of effort into their source materials and added extra content like new characters, characterisations, and plot points to adapt a short film or story into these two types of media unlike this episode which is just a lazy short to episode rehash of Shell Shock, some fans can see the more on how much they’ve not only did they suck the charm out of the short and treated it like the continuity of the previous episodes and the shorts never happened, but they also screwed everything up.
  13. The whole episode is supposed to be an "It’s made for kids" excuse as stated from the writing. However, the auguring, stealing, and fighting moral prevented the message from being fully understood.
  14. The character pair-ups (though interesting such as Haleen and Kara) would've worked and made a lot more sense, especially with Diana and Tatsu (since their interaction in Soul Sisters), Zee and Karen, Garth and Hal, and Selina would've worked alone, but we ended up having pair-ups that doesn't make sense since they're often annoyed or just rivals (especially Zee and Oliver).
  15. The music, while great, is extremely underused as the music only played in a few scenes of the episode like the fight scene and the part where Kara and Haleen getting stuff for their egg at the post office.
  16. This episode had pretty much ruined Tim Sheridan’s reputation as a writer in this show as this episode and Tween Titans (which heavily butchered the Teen Titans themselves, even more they were in TTG) are not only the last episodes written by him to date, but it also sadly took a massive decline in quality in terms of being a writer of the show after he wrote both Gotham Con and DC Super Hero Boys, given by the fact of him not returning to write episodes for season 2.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Much like other bad episodes of the show, the animation is great as always much like the other Jam Filled Entertainment-animated episodes.
  2. Blooregard Q. Kazoo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends makes a cameo as a plush toy.
  3. Jessica and Leslie, despite only being shown as filler and the former not calling out the students for their foolish behavior, are the only likable students as they never argue, steal or fight over an egg, unlike the others.
    • Mr. Chapin and the Teacher in the ending are also likable in this episode.
    • Garth, is at least likeable and less moronic than the other students (especially Zee, Oliver, Barbara, Kara, Harleen, and especially Carol), as he actually cares about the egg unlike the others, has a point about Night Patrol being dangerous to their egg and was one of the few students that weren’t mad at Pamela for stealing their last egg, despite him being involved in the fight.
  4. Half-Nice ending: the baby hamsters at the ending are very cute and the 17 students didn't go to summer school as the egg baby sitting assignments is rather outdated.
  5. A few funny moments, even when the episode comes across as a filler episode such as Barbara's reaction to her egg running over by a truck.
  6. Thankfully, this episode is considered non-canon mainly due to the events of this episode being completely ignored and the character development and their original personalities of the students (especially Tatsu) has been rightfully restored in many later episodes.
  7. The idea of Kara interacting with Haleen and Tatsu learning about responsibility of taking care of things like a true hero are very interesting even though it’s completely wasted on a rehash filler episode like this.
  8. The music, while underused for the most part, is great just like many other episodes.


This episode was extremely unpopular by fans with major criticism towards the plot being a rehash of the short, Shell Shock, only with a filler idiot plot and a huge amount of character derailment within the entire cast that serves to be a complete waste of time and a slap in the face to the show’s continuity and character development throughout the first thirty episodes which Tim Sheridan betrays all of that after he wrote the most popular episode, DC Super Hero Boys as well as it’s tone that should be suited for a episode of Teen Titans Go! Scrambled Eggs is considered by many fans to be one of the absolute worst episodes of DC Super Hero Girls and is currently the second lowest rated episode of the entire show on IMDb with a 6.5/10, only behind Drama Queen’s 6.1/10. [1]


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