Scaredy Squirrel (television series)

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Scaredy Squirrel (television series)
"Don't touch that dial!
Seriously, it's covered in germs."
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 22 minutes
Country: Canada
Release Date: April 1, 2011 – August 17, 2013
Network(s): YTV
Created by: Mélanie Watt
Distributed by: Nelvana
Starring: Terry McGurrin
Jonathan Gould
Patrick McKenna
Jayne Eastwood
David Berni
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 52

Scaredy Squirrel is a Canadian animated comedy television series loosely based on the Scaredy Squirrel book series by French-Canadian author Mélanie Watt.

The series premiered in Canada on April 1, 2011 on YTV, then on Nickelodeon on October 1, 2013. In the United States, it premiered on Cartoon Network on August 9, 2011 for the first 40 episodes. Season 1 later reran on Qubo from 2017 to 2019, then season 2 (including the 12 episodes that never aired in the USA) began airing on Starz in 2019. It also aired on Disney XD internationally outside of the United States.


Based on a series of children's books written by Mélanie Watt, this animated series features Scaredy, a creative, offbeat squirrel who is learning to be comfortable in his own fur. Scaredy tackles every challenge that is thrown at him with his trademark dorkiness, but he has a self-confidence that makes him cool. Scaredy's best friend is fearless skunk Dave, who likes to take risks and often surprises (and confuses) his friends with his skewed logic. Other characters on the show include fish-out-of-water Sally, a confident, land-walking trout who is in love with Scaredy and goes after her dreams with gusto.

Bad Qualities

  1. Atrocious grasp on the original source material: The show has absolutely NOTHING in common with the book series it's based on. NOTHING!
  2. The theme song is insufferable, with Scaredy loudly singing off-key gibberish.
  3. The episodes usually end in disasters.
    • For example, in the series finale, Dave pulls a water plug that causes Balsa City to flood, potentially drowning most of the town!
    • Another episode ends with everyone except Scaredy and Sally getting turned into zombies.
  4. Awkward moments, such as the fact that Scaredy and Dave were talking to a plant in one episode, and though plants are indeed alive, they aren't even sentient!
  5. Some people have accused the show of being a SpongeBob ripoff, and while this isn't really (being based on a series of books), it's not hard to see why:
    1. Scaredy is the same as SpongeBob, seeing as he's an employee and something of a neat freak.
    2. Dave is the same as Patrick, in that they are the dimwitted best friend of the main character.
    3. Nestor is also the same as Mr. Krabs, in that he's the boss of the main character.
  6. The humor of the show is bizarre and crude, similar to in the second season of George of the Jungle and The Wacky World of Tex Avery. One example includes a beaver talking in a racist Brad Garrett-like monotone.
  7. Even though the animation is decent, it can sometimes appear to be mediocre and cheap in the initial episodes in the first season.
  8. Some unlikable characters. Nestor's mother is the biggest offender, since she treats her employees at Stash 'N' Hoard horribly and fires them for some reason. She also tortures her son Nestor; one notably example is that when he cheered for her, she put him into a toy truck and turned it on full speed, causing it to launch Nestor into a wall.
  9. Bad morals and life lessons:
    • "Fistful of Quarters" teaches kids that arguing with your boss can help you earn money.
    • "Children of the Acorn" teaches kids that crying can get you what you want, similar to in the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Stuck in the Wringer".
    • "Lumberjack Day" and "Snerd Envy" teach kids to fall into commercialism.
    • "There is No "I" in Groceries" teaches kids that teamwork will get you in trouble.
    • "When Thugs Attack", "Nothing But the Tooth", "The Great Mistack" and "Fudge-Filled Fib" all teach kids that lying is a good thing.
    • "Mr. Perfect Balsa" teaches kids that winning is everything.
    • "Goat Police" tries to show how bad the show would be if it actually told morals, similar to the Teen Titans Go! episode "Finally A Lesson".
    • "Talented Mr. Peacock" teaches kids that being yourself is bad.
    • "I Think Therefore I Clean" teaches kids that being dirty is okay when someone else does the cleaning for you.
    • "Hip To Be Squirrel" and "Safety Corner Conundrum" teach kids to listen to others' opinions without accepting your own.
    • "Arachnofriendly" teaches kids to judge a book by its cover.
  10. Annoying voice acting, especially from Terry McGurrin as Scaredy.
  11. The concept of Scaredy working at a grocery store is rather generic.
  12. Overuse of gross-out and toilet humor.
  13. Noticeable animation errors in many episodes.
  14. Balsa City, the town Scaredy lives in, is structured poorly and uncivilized:
    • In the episode "Lumberjack Day", the townsfolk treat holidays with commercialism without knowing what they're really about.
    • In the episodes "When Thugs Attack" and "Nutters Almanac", the townsfolk believe in rumors and quickly jump to conclusions.
    • In the episode "Grounded Hog", the townsfolk don't seem to be bothered that a giant monstrous groundhog is eating up the city.
    • In the episode "I Think Therefore I Clean", when the vacuums start cleaning up Balsa City, the townsfolk start to become slobs and pour garbage all over town and into the river.
    • In the episode "Hip To Be Squirrel", when Scaredy says that the best way to be cool is not to care about what others say, the townsfolk stop caring and act stupid.
    • In the episode "Mascot In The Act", the townsfolk immediately start liking the game of cricket even though Scaredy mentioned that nobody has heard of it until now and start beating up Scaredy and Dave when they revealed the Pool Cats were cheating, since they didn't care if they were cheating and that they would've won the championships.
    • In the episode "Ice Cream Headache", the townsfolk go crazy when the only ice cream truck in town breaks down with the Mayor even saying that it's the worst thing to happen in Balsa City history.
    • In the episode "Double Decker Danger", the police show a video to prove Scaredy and Dave stole a museum artifact, but the video actually shows two other guys stealing it while Scaredy and Dave just stand there coughing.
    • The episode "Safety Corner Conundrum" is the biggest offender. When the television studio puts Paddy in charge of the show, he says negative messages that everybody believes and when Scaredy and Dave make a new show to stop people from watching Paddy's, the city bans televisions from the town.
  15. Scaredy is just as much as an idiot as everyone else in Balsa City.

Good Qualities

  1. The warning at the end of the intro is at least a reference to the source material, which this series fails to reference at all other than the main character's name and the logo.
  2. The animation improved after the first few episodes.
  3. The character designs are nice.
  4. While being both a safety freak and an idiot, Scaredy is the only character that tries to set a good example for kids.
  5. The humor stabilized after the first few episodes.
  6. There are a few funny moments here and there.
  7. The show does have a fair share of good episodes such as Awaken the Stacker With, The Coast is Fear, Chili Con Scaredy, Camp or Consequences, Rock-A-Bye Rock (depending on your view), From Rodent to Love, It's Not Easy Being Green, The Corgin, Lean Green Fighting Machine, Soup of a Nova (depending on your view), Extrasquirrelstial, To Cat a Thief, Inskunktion, Captain Nuts, Nobody Likes Hatton, 28 Daves Later, and Sink, Sailor, Squirrel, Spy (despite ending on a disaster).
  8. It's the rare Canadian children's television show to be based on a book that is Canadian in origin and by a Canadian author as other shows of such are based on American books.


Compared to the book series this television series received negative reviews, the series holds a 4.2/10 on IMDB while gave it a 3.0/10.




6 months ago
Score 4

I might get hit by a lot of downvotes, but...

I actually like this show.


6 months ago
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Well that's your opinion, so it's okay to like it.


2 months ago
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i used to like this show to


24 days ago
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Balsa city seems like a corrupt city to live in. Along with Season 6-8 Bikini Bottom


15 days ago
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Knowing some of you users like this show, I believe it is fair to consider this show average.

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