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Sato Company

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Sato Company
Although they're better than the current Funimation and even Televix Entertainment, with the latter being a very lazy anime distributor in Brazil, they should need to improve even better as a Brazilian anime and tokusatsus distributor.
Industry: Distribution
Founded: 1985
Headquarters: Alphaville, Barueri, São Paulo, Brazil
Key people: Nelson Sato

Sato Company is a Brazilian company founded by Nelson Sato in 1985, which distributes anime and tokusatsus in Brazil.

Bad Qualities

  1. They're infamously known for not dubbing some anime and some productions they have the distribution license in Brazil, possibly for costing too much money and instead send some productions to cheap dubbing studios. Due to this, they were sued by some Brazilian voice actors, because of payment.
  2. They stole a fandub of the film Kiba to legally post without permission on Amazon Prime Video.
  3. Also, they allegedly took the Brazilian dub of Street Fighter II anime from the internet.
  4. They stole fansubs for some of their distributed productions, that shows laziness. That wouldn't happen, if they hire a professional translator to translate some of their distributed productions.
  5. Recently in 2022, they stole the Brazilian dub of the film Police Story 2 from the movie website Canibal Filmes to post on Amazon Prime Video.

Good Qualities

  1. They apologized about the stealing of the fandub of Kiba.
  2. They dubbed some animes like Fire Force, as well the films of My Hero Academia.
    • They also distribute good tokusatsus, cartoons and kids' programs like Jaspion, Pingu in the City and Topo Gigio and used to distribute Winx Club (before Viacom and Nickelodeon took the series' distribution in Brazil in 2012).
  3. Their program on Band, Encantadores de Pets, hosted by Jacqueline Sato is very good.


It was put on #4 at Vício Nerd's list of Worst Anime Distributors.


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