Samson Needs a Hug (Camp Lazlo)

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Samson Needs a Hug (Camp Lazlo)
Another pointless clichéd hug episode.
Part of Season: 5
Episode Number: 6b
Air Date: March 13, 2008
Writer: Derek Drymon
Merriwether Williams
Steve Little
Director: Derek Drymon
Previous episode: S is for Crazy
Next episode: Wedding Bell Blues

Samson Needs a Hug is the twelfth episode of season five and the one hundred and tenth episode of Camp Lazlo.


Lazlo hugs everyone except Samson, when Samson is the one who needs a hug.

Why It Doesn't Need a Hug

  1. In this episode, Lazlo is very unlikable, idiotic, oblivious, and out-of-character as he has a very weird obsession with hugging people and goes around hugging everyone when they don't want it and makes them feel uncomfortable, even Edward who was the most freaked out by Lazlo's hugging.
  2. Samson is in a very sad expression about being lonely and having no one to talk to, and was too shy to say his name, so he lied and said his name is "Edward" and was never happy in the end which makes it more mean-spirited.
  3. Whenever Samson came up to Lazlo, he just brushes him off and doesn't even stop to think about how Samson feels or give him a hug (which he's the only one who wants a hug).
  4. When Lazlo discovered that there was a "serial hugger" (after he and Slinkman had a talk about his hugging problem and it was obvious that he was the hugger), he goes on a investigation to discover the hugger and doesn't realize that he was hugging other people.
    1. When he was on the investigation, he refused to listen to Edward when he told him several times that he was the hugger.
    2. He made everyone hug a giant stuffed elephant, much to the annoyance of everyone who was the victim of Lazlo's hugging and when he hugs the stuffed elephant as the numbers goes up to 12,742, he still remains oblivious that he's the hugger.
  5. Terrible ending: When Lazlo was trapped in the stuffed elephant after Slinkman told him he needs to stop hugging everyone, he still remains oblivious that he's the suspect.
  6. The episode is supposed to have Samson as the main character like the title says, but instead it focuses more on Lazlo's problem with hugging others.
  7. Lazlo knew perfectly well that he was hugging the other scouts, so how could he not know that he was the hugger!?
  8. The episode was very mean-spirited as throughout the episode and the ending showed that Samson's problem never got resolved and Lazlo still remains oblivious that he's the hugger.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Samson and Slinkman are the only likable characters.
  2. At least Slinkman trapped Lazlo inside the stuffed elephant and told him he needs to stop hugging everyone.


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