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Sam & Cat

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Sam & Cat
Sam & Cat (2013).jpeg
Two good shows = one not-so-good one.
Genre: Teen sitcom
Running Time: 23 minutes
Country: United States
Release Date: June 8, 2013 – July 17, 2014
Created by: Dan Schneider
Starring: Jennette McCurdy
Ariana Grande
Cameron Ocasio
Maree Cheatham
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 36
Previous show: Victorious (2010-2013)
iCarly (2007-2012)
Next show: iCarly (revival: 2021-present)

Sam & Cat is a short-lived American teen sitcom created by Dan Schneider that aired from June 8, 2013, to July 17, 2014, on Nickelodeon. It is a crossover/spin-off/sequel of both iCarly and Victorious.


Sam Puckett is a street-smart teenager who is a certified master at fighting her way out of any situation. Cat Valentine is a sweet, caring adolescent who has a knack for getting herself into sticky situations. When Sam makes her way to Los Angeles, the two meet and quickly become friends and roommates. After finding themselves looking after some younger kids, the teens decide to start Sam & Cat's Super Rockin' Fun-Time Babysitting Service to earn some extra cash for fun and adventures. The business is boosted by their young neighbor, Dice, who knows all of the building's tenants and can get people pretty much anything, including babysitting clients, and he has Sam and Cat fully covered. Cat's young-at-heart grandmother, Nona, is also around whenever the girls need her, even though her new life at Elderly Acres keeps her busy. Naturally, the babysitting venture results in wacky adventures for the girls.


  1. The main problem with this series is that it was pretty unnecessary, since its two source materials, iCarly and Victorious, already had a crossover special, "iParty with Victorious", two years before this show came out.
    • Many people think they should have kept Victorious going for a bit longer rather than starting a whole new show.
    • Both Sam and Cat themselves were flanderized so hard, they could've been as the titular central major characters, instead as main characters; and there are other bad characters.
      • Sam has gone from a bad girl with a heart of gold to a downright mean-spirited, short-tempered bully who couldn't care less about anyone or anything, like she was in seasons 1 and 2 of ICarly but much worse.
      • Cat went from an air-headed, but soft-hearted girl to a completely dimwitted, whiny girl whose high-pitched voice is now very annoying and tiresome.
      • Dice, while tolerable, is a miser who always takes advantage of Goomer, as well as the Butt-Monkey of the show.
      • Goomer is just your run-of-the-mill idiot manchild who isn't funny. Also, his voice gets very grating.
  2. Beside that, Dan Schneider’s writing quality at this point began to decline, even more so than in iCarly and Victorious, resulting in a lot of bad episodes, more on that later.
  3. Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice’s characters Carly Shay and Tori Vega never made any physical appearances in the series since iCarly ended in November 2012 and since Victorious ended four months before this show came out.
    • Although Tori made a small cameo in #MommaGoomer, along with Jade, Robbie, Beck and André, she wasn't played by Victoria and did not have any lines.
  4. Compared to other characters from iCarly like Spencer, T-Bo, and Gibby, Sam proves to be the least qualified to have her show.
    • Speaking of spin-off it was stated that Gibby would have his own show however after the pilot was filmed, Nickelodeon completely abandon the idea and instead give it to Sam.
  5. Besides having Sam as the co-protagonist, just like what happened with Sheen in Planet Sheen, having Cat be the other co-protagonist is unoriginal, lazy, and not a good idea since Cat was designed to be comic relief and not a protagonist.
  6. Graphically unfunny, mean-spirited, groan-worthy, trashy, and forced humor that can get too grating, disturbing, and/or inappropriate for children.
    • Sam screaming at the top of her lungs at Cat in "#MotorcycleMystery" is extremely obnoxious and repetitive and it will get on your last nerve.
  7. The acting is very below average, depending on anyone's view.
  8. The show is quite unrealistic and needs a reality check. This is quite bothering for older viewers. See below:
    • "News News News News" from "#DroneBabyDrone", "#WeStealARockStar" and "#SuperPsycho" is a stupid name for a news show. Even a five-year-old could come up with a more creative name.
    • In "#FirstClassProblems", Goomer constantly makes the situation worse. Later, he and Dice argue by speaking gibberish. Quality writing, huh?
    • There's also the fact that in that episode, the whole misunderstanding came from the last name of the kids (Baums). Because Goomer said he brought the timers for the Baums, and everyone thinks he said bombs. This joke is extremely annoying, and since when is that the last name?
    • Sam also gives the kids "aqua toilette", which is obviously toilet water.
    • In "#BrainCrush," there's a forced comedic scene where Sam gets a door shut on her fingers and Cat asks if she wants her to open the door instead of immediately opening the door.
    • "#StuckInABox" has a disturbing scene when Goomer and Dice think Sam killed Vance Anderson because of the blood spilling. (It was a can of red paint.)
  9. Major Plot Hole: How come Sam and Cat haven't gotten shut down or arrested for running an unlicensed babysitter service according to the episode, "#BabysittingCommercial"? ("Sam & Cat’s Super Rockin’ Fun-Time Babysitting Service is not licensed. Sam and Cat are not legal adults. The young children who appeared in this commercial were paid and told what to say. Sam and Cat claim no legal responsibility for the safety of your children. Sam has a criminal record." — The commercial.)
  10. The kids that Sam and Cat babysit are unlikable spoiled brats who do not accept middle-class standards. This would be understandable for the occasional kid, but this applies to nearly every kid the pair babysits.
  11. Unfunny side characters that repeat one joke whenever they appear on-screen.
    • Herb, a man who appears homeless but is rich and owns a condo and says "My life's goin' great!"
    • Randy, a kid who always yells the line "I'm Randy!", can be annoying.
    • Brody, a spearfisherman who boasts his job and brings a loaded speargun wherever he goes in public, which is illegal.
  12. The show can get very inconsistent at times. For example, in "#FavoriteShow", Sam watches Drake & Josh, which would imply that it's a show that exists within the universe of the show. However, later, in "#SuperPsycho", Sam and Cat pass by Crazy Steve in the hospital. Does this mean that Drake & Josh takes place in the same universe as Sam & Cat while also being a TV show? Moreover, Cat mentioned once "It worked in Drake & Josh in "#DroneBabyDrone".
    • Though it has been stated that Drake & Josh is a reality show but nothing has been confirmed.
  13. "#MyPoober" ends with Sam and Cat abandoning the child they were supposed to take care of in a cemetery. How did these two not get arrested for this?
  14. The conflict in the episode "#SalmonCat" doesn't even make sense. Sam and Cat are threatened with losing their babysitting service all because their names are slightly similar to an old cartoon called SalmonCat (which doesn't exist in real life). If anything, that should be more of a coincidence than something worthy of a lawsuit!
  15. It's extremely pessimistic. Goomer, for example, is so pessimistic that he's no fighter (which doesn't even make sense considering that he's a professional MMA fighter).
  16. Kel Mitchell is extremely annoying for some people when he guests stars in "#PeezyB".
    • He sings an excruciatingly terrible song that has some of the worst lyrics in any song, let alone one written for a sitcom.
    • His character is called Peezy B, which is a dumb name for a rapper. It copied another rapper's name, Peezy. (They should have sued.)
  17. The final episode, "#GettinWiggy", was an awful way to end the show.
  18. The show has bad morals, such as:
    • Bullying
    • Lying
    • Child abandonment
    • Being irresponsible
    • Theft
    • Being immature
    • Being a jerk
    • Taking advantage of others
    • Fighting
    • Breaking rules
    • Not learning from your mistakes
  19. This show had 40 episodes ordered, but it ended after 36 due to rifts between the cast and the network, Ariana Grande's rising music career, and both actresses' desire to move on to other projects. This is also connected to the last episode being an awful conclusion because it wasn't supposed to be the last episode.
    • Initially it was stated that the show would be picked up for a second season, but after some racy photos of Jennette McCurdy leaked online, the controversy became big enough for Nick to consider ending the show.
  20. Continuity issues: Dice is mentioned to be 12 1/2 in an early episode of the show. Then later, after months have passed, Dice is mentioned to be in 6th grade. How could he be almost 13 in 6th grade? Seeing as he's a genius, it's unlikely he would have gotten held back.
    • Though it is likely he started school a year late.
  21. The show is most likely a franchise killer for the Victorious franchise, as there has been no fourth production season or even any announcements of new shows since Sam & Cat ended, leaving the show to have a bad finale (as mentioned above), and Nickelodeon has since given up on the franchise. However, this wasn't the end for the iCarly franchise, as a revival of iCarly was made in 2021 for Paramount+ (then known as CBS All Access), with Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Jerry Trainor reprising their roles, and without the involvement of both Dan Schneider and Jennette McCurdy (the latter of whom had announced in March 2021 that she has since quit acting and will not reprise her role as Sam Puckett in the revival, meaning that we will most likely never see Sam again after Sam & Cat ended).
    • Besides that, the failure of this show also started the downfall of Dan Schneider's career on Nickelodeon. After the series' end, Schneider went on to create three other bad shows for Nickelodeon before leaving the network for good in 2018.
      • Although, ironically, Danger Force, the new Henry Danger spin-off, was not created by Dan Schneider since he retired from the network when it was created.
  22. The crewmemeber of this show kept screwing over Jennette McCurdy.
    • She was originally promised her own spin-off where Sam would become a guidance counselor, but was told she wasn't enough of being a leading lady.
    • While Ariana Grande was fulfilling her budding career, McCurdy had to "keep the fort" that she this show.
    • Broken promises of directing an episode
      • At one point was told that 'someone special' would leave if McCurdy was granted directing
    • McCurrdy was not allowed to skip rehearsal to attend some things she had scheduled as the writers "didn't want to write her out of the episodes" yet they allowed Ariana to skip a few times and to skip out for most of the episode where Cat got stuck in a box.


  1. Despite the lyric side of their theme song, is badly nonsensical. The instrumental side of their theme song is really catchy!
  2. Some Good/Decent Jokes here and there, in some episodes.
  3. Sam becomes a lot calmer on Sam & Cat and doesn't physically abuse people as much as she did on iCarly.
    • Jennette still deserves an award for playing Sam.
    • She has many funny moments.
  4. The laugh track is not annoying at all as the volume of it is lowered in this show.
  5. A handful of good episodes like "#TheKillerTunaJump: #Freddie #Jade #Robbie", "#SuperPsycho", and #OscarTheOuch".
  6. Jade and Freddie return for a great and hilarious Spin-off episode. Robbie even performs "Swell" and you see Nozu in one of the transitions from one scene to another.
  7. Thankfully, it had a lot less violence and gross-out humor than in shows like iCarly and Henry Danger.
  8. Dice and Nona are pretty tolerable characters. Thus it would wonder if the former should've been the better sole main protagonist, instead of having Sam & Cat, as your co-main protagonists?
  9. Dice is really cute.
  10. Goomer can be somewhat hilarious at the time, despite being a full idiot man-child.
    • Sadly for unknown reasons, he became a villain in Henry Danger and worked for a guy named Frankini who is rumored to be the messed up brother of Cat Valentine.
  11. Thankfully again, it had a lot fewer fetish scenes than in his previous works.
  12. The show will often have characters from many of Dan Schneider's previous shows return to have either a small cameo or the occasional spotlight:
    • Most notably, Jerry Trainor, who played Crazy Steve in Drake & Josh and Spencer Shay in iCarly. He makes cameos throughout this show, even reprising his role as Crazy Steve in the episode “#SuperPyscho”.
    • Characters from iCarly and Victorious return in certain episodes.
      • Freddie, Marissa Benson, Jade, and Robbie return in "#TheKillerTunaJump".
      • Sikowitz and Rex, along with body lookalikes of Jade, Robbie, Tori, Beck and André return in "#MommaGoomer".
      • Nora, Gibby, and Nevel return in "#SuperPyscho".
      • Sinjin returns in "#BlooperEpisode".
      • Woody returns in "#MyPoober"
      • Melanie returns in "#Twinfection"
    • Unrelated. Still, one episode guest stars Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams in what is essentially a Laverne & Shirley reunion.
  13. The show still references iCarly and Victorious in some episodes.


Sam & Cat received a mostly mixed reception from audiences, fans of iCarly and Victorious, and critics. While most Nickelodeon fans considered this the last good show on the channel, other fans thought this show is what started the downfall of Nick and Dan Schneider's shows. The show was also criticized for the excessive bad morals and the two main protagonists being really bad examples to children and horribly babysitting them. And the show was also criticized for making Sam more lazy, uptight, and selfish as usual and making Cat dumber and her voice more high-pitched. While the show was considered good by most of the iCarly fans, the Victorious fans had negative feedback on the show. The show currently has a 5.6 on IMDb.

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