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STIX (seasons 1 & 2)

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STIX Logo.png
No wonder these seasons are non-canon.
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 2-3 minutes
Country: Austraila
Release Date: July 22, 2014 - September 25, 2015
(Seasons 1-2)
Network(s): YouTube
Created by: Mitchell Tansell
Distributed by: Slide Productions
Starring: Mitchell Tansell
Megan Maravilla
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 10 (Season 1)
10 (Season 2)
Next show: Ordinary Girl

STIX is a Australian-American traditional animated web-series that first premiered on July 22nd, 2014. The show is created and produced by Mitchell Tansell, who's also worked on reviews and plush series as well as animation. While Season 3 onwards (2019-present) were mostly well received, the same can't be said for Seasons 1-2 (2014-2015), which were panned by fans and critics, as the series started on a very sour note.

Why These Seasons Suck

  1. The main problem with these seasons is that they don't have the same charm as the third season onwards.
  2. The animation in these seasons, while still not terrible to MS Paint standards, is still lackluster compared to Season 3 onwards.
  3. Cringeworthy voice acting, especially from the girls.
  4. A handful of bad to mediocre episodes due to the fact that thereʼs barely any effort and bad writting like:
    • No Fingers (which started the show on a sour note)
    • Desert Disaster (original) (the worst episode of the series)
    • Loving Bros (Also counts as the worst)
    • Burying Dead Bodies
    • Final Duel (which ended Season 1 on a sour note)
    • Quest for Treasure (depending on your view)
    • Valentine's Gift
    • Super STIX 64
    • Yoshi Fan Girl
    • Cold Nut (which started Season 2 on a mediocre note)
    • Piranha Mama (Also counts as the worst)
    • Big Breasts & I Cannot Lie
    • Allen Creepo (depending on your view)
    • School Groove (depending on your view, which ended Season 2 and the dark age on a sour note)
    • The STIX Movie (depending on your view, despite being a movie, it's more of a special than a movie)
  5. It was nothing but a blatant Dick Figures rip-off. And that show is way better than the show that was made by a child in the modern age of animation.
  6. Nearly all the characters doesn't have a personality beacause all of them are just one-dimensional.
  7. The original movie was mediocre, although the remake will likely be an improvement.
  8. Even Allen is not that funny.
  9. The Flash animation, despite being slightly better than the MS Paint animation, is kinda mediocre.
  10. Characters were flanderized from the first 2 seasons:
    • Jacob was a creep and a Patrick rip-off.
    • Larry was a short-tempered person and only cares about himself and Zoey.
    • Stella was just a one dimensional character who loves Yoshi and Jacob. And her voice was awful. But thankfully it was improved in The STIX Movie.
    • Zoey was just a boring character that doesn't have a personality other than she loves Larry. And like Stella’s, her voice was awful, but was improved in The STIX Movie.
  11. Out of all of these seasons, Season 1 is often considered to be the worst of the two as it not only had some of the laziest writing ever, but is also home to two of the worst episodes in the series, those being "Desert Disaster" and "Loving Bros".
  12. Countless of animation errors, noticeably in Episode 7.
  13. Some episodes are formulaic:
    • ”Final Duel” is not only formulaic, but very rushed.
    • ”Quest for Treasure” is a Larry and Jacob torture episode, mostly Larry.
    • ”Valentine’s Gift” is just a slow paced episode.
    • ”Cold Nut” makes no sense, mainly because of the title.
    • ”Super STIX 64” is just a typical bad STIX episode.
  14. These seasons did not even have any impact in the STIX franchise as a whole. You can watch STIX (Seasons 3-Present) skipping STIX (Seasons 1-2), and anything too important would not be missed.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There were 2 episodes that were decent like "Body Builders" and "The Adventures of STIX”.
  2. Season 2 is the least bad out of the two, mainly because in the later episodes, the characters are a bit tolerable and a bit fleshed out, the episodes were slightly more original, and (to an lesser extent) better animation. However, the show massively improved since season 3.
  3. The animation slightly improved in The STIX Movie, but not by much.
  4. Depending on your view, The STIX Movie ended the dark age on a decent note.


Seasons 1-2 weren't well received and panned by fans and critics for flanderization of the characters, weaker writing, storylines, animation, humor and unnecessary mean-spirited moments. These seasons have tons of bad, awful or mediocre episodes, like "Desert Disaster", "Loving Bros", "School Grove", "No Fingers", "Burying Dead Bodies", "Cold Nut", "Dating Game", "Final Duel", "Valentine's Gift", "Super STIX 64", "Gambling Gaga", "Allen Creepo", "Man Up" and the list goes on. Despite how terrible these seasons are, they still have some good episodes, like "The Adventures of STIX" and "Body Builders".


  • Mitchell Tansell is the only one who’s involved in this show.
  • These seasons was so bad that even the creator thinks these seasons are bad. So bad that ever since STIX Reborn came out, these seasons and the movie were non-canon due to the poor reception.


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