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SML (2017-present)

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SML (2017-present)
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Genre: "Comedy"
Black comedy
Plush web series
Running Time: 6-20 minutes (depends on the episode)
Country: United States[1]
Release Date: January 2, 2017 - present
Network(s): YouTube[1]
Created by: Logan Thirtyacre[1]
Starring: Logan Thirtyacre
Lance Thirtyacre
Lovell Stanton
Chris Netherton
Elaina Keyes
Anthony Miler
Chilly Jimenez
Tito Jimenez
Seasons: 15
Episodes: 932 (Total)

SML (formerly SuperMarioLogan) is an American web series created by Logan Thirtyacre (born November 17, 1994), better known as the YouTuber of the same name. The series first aired on YouTube on December 8, 2007. SML is based off plush versions of characters from the Mario franchise.[2][1] The series used to be good before 2016, and it was decent in 2016, but went downhill in 2017 when Jeffy was overused.

The original SML channel has been deleted, however on March 16, 2021, Thirtyacre announced that a channel originally created in 2012 was going to be used from then on.[3][4] A backup channel, originally created in 2008, also exists.[5][6]


Plush versions of Mario characters, and many other characters, have adventures at their home and at school.

Why It Deserves to Have Green Beans Now

Important note: This page is intended to talk about the main videos from the channel only, hence the page name. Please refrain from showing any ill will or any forms of harassment on the crew that worked on the videos. It may violate the content policy. Any other user who does so must be met with a moderator of the wiki.
  1. The biggest problem and main issue with the series nowadays is possibly none other than the infamous character, Jeffy. Despite being introduced in 2016, he kickstarted a ton of problems with the series and is at his worst in "Jeffy's Bad Word!" and "Locked Out," the two most infamous episodes involving Jeffy besides "Jeffy's Tantrum!." He is also the cause of one of the most terrifying negative-180's on the Internet. Most of his videos are simply rehashes of Bowser Jr's original videos as well. As time went on, he managed to spawn even more controversies to the channel, a notable quality throughout 2017. The moment where he crossed the line has to be in the infamous aforementioned "Jeffy’s Tantrum!" since the video almost caused a young boy to hang himself with a noose after seeing the episode. This caused Thirtyacre's YouTube channel to get demonetized and age-restricted.[1]
    • This doesn't help by the fact that the 2017, 2018 and 2020 episodes have sped up the decline of SML with 2020 being considered the worst year by fans probably because the content was made during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the characters such as Cody didn't appear as much since they usually tended to since Pablo was in quarantine. 2020 in particular not only showed more misleading videos title-wise, but that year particularly showed that Logan was running low on ideas as well. Likewise, 2017 was also criticized for the over-usage of Jeffy with the channel getting entirely demonetized as mentioned before. 2018 was even more criticized due to the flanderization of numerous characters being sped up more than 2017 had like Rosalina. Even the unlikability of already unlikeable characters like Jeffy got taken up to 11.
    • To an extent, 2021 and 2022, while better than the aforementioned three years, introduced the "puppet" cast. The puppets were not very well-received. Even the designs themselves (except for a few such as Mario and Junior) hardly resembled the original plushies.
  2. There’s a lot of unlikeable characters including ones that used to be good but were flanderized:
    1. Mario/Marvin went from being the down-to-earth everyman to becoming a massive henpecked husband butt-monkey with lots of episodes dedicated to Jeffy, Rosalina, or some other character making Mario's life miserable. Also, he would become the clichéd idiot father ever since "Jeffy Skips School" while also becoming a somewhat greedy jerk who cares about money, particularly in 2020.
    2. Rosalina/Rose went from being a dumb but loving and kind girlfriend of Mario to an insensitive, excessively dull-witted, domineering wife who domestically abuses Mario and defends Jeffy for no good reason to the point where it's not only made clear that she considers spoiling children as good parenting but also implied that she hates Mario and only stays with him for Jeffy. She also counts as one of the very worst examples of a karma houdini since bad things rarely happen to her while she seldom gets any punishment for her actions other than being stressed.
    3. Beginning in 2019, Bowser Junior became much more ruder and dumber until he started developing sociopathic tendencies. He is also crueller to Chef Pee Pee and Cody for little to no reason whatsoever.
    4. Black Yoshi/Ya Boy Duggie went from a badass and cold-hearted gangster who held a gun everywhere he went and would mess up anyone who crossed him to an unintelligent, lazy and whiny gangster-wannabe type character who always pesters Mario to buy him the new Call of Duty game and goes great and dangerous lengths to obtain free stuff without doing any arduous work. For example, in "Black Yoshi's Big Bamboozle", he pretends to be a debt collector so he can steal credit card numbers to buy all sorts of his desired amenities and gets his nipples bitten off by Mr. Goodman as a consequence. But despite this, he is still one of the most positively received characters on the channel.
    5. In 2020, Joseph's already divisive character suffered character derailment when he got a red shell with wings. This made him become more of a jerk while being a bland and greedy stereotype on par with The Goodman Family in "Joseph the Millionaire!".
    6. Mr. Goodman went from a slightly dim-witted yet hilarious and entertaining comic-relief character who was also kind and friendly to a tyrannical and short-tempered mob boss who claims to own Mario's house and extorts him with "house payments" while threatening to rip his genitals or nipples off if he doesn't pay. He also rarely (if ever) gets any comeuppance. He's basically Peter Griffin, Carter Pewterschmidt, Wizard Kelly and Mr. Krabs all combined into one whole character. In some videos he's in however he still has his funny moments.
      • In fact, Thirtyacre never actually revealed why Goodman suffered a massive flanderization. This made the situation a lot worse.
    7. Does Bad Things Guy
    8. Richard Goodman
    9. Cameel Habib Habab
    10. Nancy
    11. Scooter
    12. Judy
    13. Rosalina/Rose (while her flanderization started in 2016, it got worse in 2017 and especially in 2018 onwards)
    14. Mario/Marvin (post-Flanderization, depending on your view)
    15. Mr. Goodman (depending on your view)
    16. BraD
    17. Benjamin Goodman
    18. Frank Goodman (depending on your view)
    19. Bully Bill
    20. Feebee
    21. Mr. Winkle
    22. Barbara
    23. Dewey Donedidit
    24. Penelope
    25. Steve Stalboerger (depending on your view)
    26. Bowser Junior (post-Flanderization, depending on your view)
    27. Jeffy Jr. (2017)
    28. Ping and Pong
    29. Joseph (depending on your view)
    30. Officer Top & Bottom
    31. Chris Tall Balls
    32. Harry
    33. Super D
    34. Jeffy Junior (2020)
    35. Roy Gethard
    36. Karen
    37. Does Bad Things Guy
    38. Richard Goodman
    39. Cameel Habib Habab
    40. Nancy
    41. Scooter
    42. Judy
    43. BraD
    44. Benjamin Goodman
    45. Frank Goodman (depending on your view)
    46. Bully Bill
    47. Feebee
    48. Mr. Winkle
    49. Barbara
    50. Dewey Donedidit
    51. Penelope
    52. Steve Stalboerger (depending on your view)
    53. Ping and Pong
    54. Officer Top & Bottom
    55. Chris Tall Balls
    56. Harry
    57. Super D
    58. Jonathan
    59. Muriel
    60. Karen
    61. Jacques mainly for faking his death when Jeffy was introduced, in which was the result of Jacques' money that originally was going to go to Jeffy when he turns 18. But since Jacques is still alive after 6 years, Marvin will have to suffer with Jeffy for the rest of his life.
  3. The humor and writing has gone from being really funny and entertaining to lame, unfunny and uncreative. This caused the channels to have so many bad episodes.
  4. The characters never learn about their mistakes:
    1. In "Jeffy's Parents," Jeffy promised Mario to be a good boy leading Mario to adopt him which made people hope he would redeem himself. However in the very next episode, "Inside Jeffy", it shows Jeffy acting like a brat again, which means Jeffy lied.
    2. In "Mr. Goodman's Son!," which was Richard's first appearance, he literally makes an inspiring speech claiming that money cannot buy you important stuff like friends or happiness, which implied he would be the complete opposite of Goodman himself. However, in his next appearances, he behaves exactly like his father.
  5. From this era onwards, most of the videos are only about Jeffy, or if not Jeffy then Junior, which has had the effect of mostly pushing out characters that can't easily be placed in Jeffy and Junior videos.
    • Though Jeffy was only somewhat overused in 2016 because most of the videos were still Junior videos that have been overused since 2013.
    • In 2019 however, they tried to bring more focus on other characters but failed miserably, so in 2020-onwards, they didn't try to make other characters the focus of the video though there are exceptions.
  6. A large majority of the episodes nowadays have horrendous gross-out humor, mean-spirited characters, overused jokes, filler and/or lazy attempts at humor. Examples of these traits include:
    1. The very overused running joke where Mario tries to feed Jeffy green beans because "they're good for him", but Jeffy always refuses to eat the green beans because he hates them, though that doesn't stop Mario from attempting to feed them to him.
    2. Cody making Bowser Junior pull a very long sausage out of his mouth in "Heartbroken" (even though it's kind of funny depending on your view).
    3. The incredibly racist and offensive running gag where Jackie Chu (the Chinese guy) "can't see" (even though in later years they have toned this down).
    4. It also tended to overuse Bowser Junior calling Cody's mother a pig.
    5. The gross and disgusting ending where Jeffy defecates in his pants at the ending of "Jeffy's 17th Birthday!".
    6. The unfunny and former running gag where Jeffy asks a character if they’re "high" or saying that they’re "high as fuck", especially to Mario, and also especially in the ending of "Jeffy's Tantrum!".
    7. Jeffy, in the earlier videos, defecating in his pants. We do not need to explain this.
    8. Jeffy thinking his arms are missing in "Jeffy Loses His Arms" when they clearly aren't.
    9. Nancy physically abusing Jeffy in front of Mario and Rosalina in "Jeffy's Parents".
    10. The episode "Pregnant Jeffy" features Jeffy, who was sixteen at the time, actually getting pregnant, even though it's illegal for minors to have sex(due to the videos being filmed in Florida, where the age of consent is 18). Fortunately that latter part didn't happen, as what happened was that Jeffy got zapped by a gun that can impregnate anyone.
    11. One disgusting moment where Brooklyn T. Guy farts in front of Mario and Rosalina in "Jealous Brooklyn Guy!".
    12. The infamous scene where Cody defecates his pants after eating Mexican food in "Bowser Junior Learns Spanish", which is pretty stereotypical.
    13. In both "Bowser Junior Almost Goes to Sleep Forever" and "Joseph the Hero", Chef PP/Joseph save a characters' life and makes them a slave right after, and if the character refuses to do their command, the abuser says they should've let the slave die.
    14. Jeffy dresses up as Mario in "Jeffy's Future" and mimics everything he says for no reason.
    15. In "Jeffy Goes to the Arcade", Jeffy somehow gets himself in the crane machine, and there is a four-minute scene of Mario and Brooklyn Guy trying to get him out.
      • Not just those problems, but many catchphrases are overused too such as Jeffy often saying "I don't have to" in a weird voice, Richard shouting 'Eww, poor!" and Mario screaming "JEFFY!"
    16. The slapstick in this era went from being light-hearted and not too violent to falling to the same level as Herman and Katnip, since a lot of the violence in this era is not only unfunny but also painful at the same time.
    17. Throughout a lot of the videos 2020, there's an overused gag of one of the characters singing a rap song. While this is good only a few times, jokes like these get overused after a while.
  7. Some webisodes can have good first halves but have bad second halves (eg. "The DNA Test" or "Chef Pee Pee's New Job"), leading to the disappointment of many and is an example of bad writing.
    • Some webisodes even rely entirely on one joke, such as Chef Pee Pee peeing things that sound like the letter "P" in "Chef Pee Pee Pees Peas", Junior being mad at Cody in the School Project, Cody getting beat up by the police in Cody’s Evil Twin or Bowser Jr. breaking cups and plates and blaming it on gravity in the episode "Gravity".
  8. Jeffy also never learns his lesson or finds any problems with the trouble he causes no matter what. As mentioned before, he promised to be a good boy at the ending of Jeffy's Parents, but in the very next video starring him, he annoys Mario for the whole video, meaning he learned nothing.
  9. Some videos have segments that have pretty crude animation. The best example of this is Jeffy's Sleepover where the animation was used in Brooklyn Guy's story, which doesn't help the fact it was animated by Nicktendo (not to be confused with reviewer NICKtendo). Though Nicktendo might’ve improved in his later years, this may be quite unacceptable.
    • Also the animation doesn't look that good, as the animation is very stiff and the character designs do not look that great.
  10. Many videos have misleading titles, like "Jeffy Loses His Arms", "Jeffy Plays Baseball", "Chef Jeffy" and "Jeffy's Online School". These videos only have Jeffy's name in the title to get more views.
  11. There is never any character development. One example is in Jeffy's Paper Shredder, where Goodman says he paid off Mario's house payment for him. But in Goodman's next video he wants Mario to pay him again, making this development completely pointless.
  12. Some videos involve the character mocking the fans such as "Jeffy's TV Show".
    • In fact one of the blogs on Chilly's channel, which was the video where SuperMarioLogan promised to get rid of Jeffy after getting his ads back, he took the promise out of context which also showed them mocking their older fans.
  13. One of the main criticisms of these three seasons would be that pretty much everyone tends to bully and torture Mario for unfair reasons to the point where it's completely understandable why Mario is usually selfish and childish: his "friends" and family are always being mean to him first. It's to an extent where Logan comes off as a sadist who derives perverse pleasure from torturing Mario.
  14. Introduced in "The Human Potion", Bowser Jr, Joseph, Cody and Bowser all turn into very unappealing human puppets. Mario, Rosalina, and Bully Bill also receive bad human puppet redesigns in “Jeffy's New Friend”. Despite how poorly received the human puppets was, they appeared in a few future videos. The purpose of this episode was to accommodate YouTube's new regulations on family-friendly characters at the time.
  15. As mentioned above, the entire SML channel became demonetized in 2018 simply or possibly because of one character: Jeffy. The problem is Craig the Devil was instead blamed for the demonetization despite barely appearing in the series by that time period.
  16. Most episodes could encourage you to do bad things such as:
    1. Bullying
    2. Lying frequently
    3. Stealing things
    4. Framing people
    5. Crying for attention
    6. Doing horrible things on purpose
    7. Breaking things/damaging property
    8. Not being responsible
    9. Not listening to people
    10. Being ignorant and oblivious to others
    11. Submitting to and agreeing with an abusive relationship with someone
    12. Committing infidelity
    13. Neglecting others needs and wants
    14. Being racist
    15. Taking advantage of others
    16. Breaking rules
    17. Being sluggish
    18. Kidnapping
    19. Spoiling your own child
    20. Not learning from your mistakes
    21. Lacking empathy and common sense
    22. Letting people walk over you
    23. Being greedy and selfish
  17. Many episodes have terrible endings like "Jeffy the Psychic" and "Jeffy Wins the Lottery". In fact, most Bowser Junior-centered episodes always have him and/or his friends losing at the end, which can be pretty repetitive and mean-spirited despite the fact they are all unlikable characters.
  18. It overuses stock sound effects, partially ones from the likes of Hanna-Barbera.
  19. The episode "Jeffy's Kids" was so controversial and disturbing for YouTube that SML became age-restricted. SML's advertisements were also taken away, but after they were given back to Thirtyacre, he went back to his inappropriate content. This shows that he did not learn his lesson.
  20. While it's normal for a show like this to get unrealistic, they execute it properly. Some episodes are just too unrealistic to be considered legal.
    • For example, "Jeffy's Pet Shark" is about Jeffy getting a pet shark, which screams a total of 7 times in this episode. Sharks cannot scream, because they have no vocal cords.[citation needed] It is also somehow able to breathe on land, and likes human food, most infamously cheese (which is like a dog liking chocolate).
  21. Many of the episodes have a question that is based off the plot of the episode, but in the bottom it reads "Funniest comment wins a free video game!". But many of the episodes show it, even for sad ones which is rather not an appropriate time to add it.
    • For example in "Jeffy Fakes His Death!" it has the question "Who is one person that you never want to die?" which is a rather sad question since it was supposed to be for people to remember their friend/pet/family member that died. But the bottom text is inappropriately put there despite the fact that death is not funny.
  22. In recent times, there is a lot of shameless self-promoting product placement for the SuperMarioLogan merchandise including in the end of videos nowadays. They even go as far as making entire episodes dedicated to promoting merchandise.
  23. Recently in the modern episodes, the soundtrack called "Earthy Crust" by Jingle Punks became way too overused in the series as it constantly appears on moments that aren't even that dramatic or just starts playing out of the blue (no pun intended), which is off-putting, annoying and ridiculous, considering the fact that the soundtrack sounds more dramatic than what’s on the video and drags on for too long. Not to mention but there are videos where the soundtrack played more than once or twice. Even moments that were meant to be funny get sadly ruined by this soundtrack. It's almost like the channel is desperately trying hard to be dark and trying to gain any attention.
    • Its sister channel, Titototter isn't any better at this than SML, if not worse. You can tell that it is obsessed with the soundtrack and abuses it roughly 5 or more times which is played prematurely during moments when a character simply screams, or when something unexpected happens (especially when Sonic notices he's wearing a sailor suit) or even when it's not even that dramatic (i.e. Panda simply giving Monkey a banana), which comes off sometimes as unfitting and unnecessary.
  24. Despite making the transition into making family-friendly content, there are still lots of rather inappropriate things such as the "Si Papi" running gag, which is known as a sex joke.
  25. The series has straight-up abandoned most of its side series ending them all on an unresolved cliff-hanger, many of which are likely never going to return because of the Cease and Desist letter from Nintendo. (Like the Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures, Luigi's Mansion, and The Pokémon Series as it includes characters from Nintendo properties) Examples include:
    1. Mario and Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Adventures
    2. Chef Pee Pee Quits
    3. Luigi's Mansion
    4. The Pokémon Series
    5. American Idol
  26. Thanks to YouTube's new rules, Logan himself had to get rid of certain characters due to him thinking that they would violate YouTube's Community Guidelines.
    • Doofy the Dragon stopped appearing in future videos due to his suicide jokes, until he reappeared in "Jeffy Ball Z".
  27. Some videos don't have any disclaimers at the beginning of the video. For example, the infamous episode "Jeffy's Tantrum" doesn't have any language/content warnings despite having a scene where Jeffy tries to hang himself over a $3 game.
    • (Note that this is aforementioned) Because of this, it probably lead to a seven-year-old child actually attempting to hang himself the way Jeffy almost did in this video. The mother discovered her son and that he was inspired by SuperMarioLogan, so she banned him from watching it. She then reported it to the British Sun. While it is true that it wasn't Logan's fault that the child tried to imitate Jeffy, Logan should have at least put a warning at the beginning of the video to make sure that stuff like this does not happen.[1]
  28. Most of the new channel remakes are mediocre at best and have several issues that keep them from being effective recreations of the originals, like unnecessary extra scenes, deleted scenes, inaccurate pacing and for some reason removing profanity/explicit jokes (in spite of other recent videos on the channel featuring some profanity, like "Jeffy's Good Day!").
  29. On February 5, 2021, Logan received a cease and desist letter from Nintendo of America for using the Mario brand in a raunchy humour environment and misdirecting his audience. As a result, Logan announced that he would no longer use Mario characters in his videos and instead switch to the human puppets thus making them a permanent change. He also changed the channel name simply to SML to avoid any connections with the Mario franchise. Some people suspect the letter to be fake thinking that Logan is lying to his fans, but that wasn't the case as the letter turns out to actually be real. Though once again, many still believe the letter is fake that probably might’ve been printed either by a hater, Chilly, or Logan's second ex-girlfriend Adriana, all to make him squirm. This could lead to Logan's reputation dying for good if the videos don't involve Jeffy in them.
    • What makes this situation worse is that back in May, Logan revealed that he would delete his previous three main channels on June 1, 2021 and would be forced to use only the human puppets in his current channel. This has understandably left old and new fans upset but fortunately various reuploads of his content have been made. Plus, the channels weren't deleted on the day.
    • However, on July 7, 2021, Logan made a video on the SML Plush Show channel saying it would be deleted the following day and that SLL and SBL would be deleted in the following months. SML Plush Show was deleted as planned on July 8, 2021, and all the videos on SLL and SBL were private the following month.
  30. They sometimes like to appeal to the latest trends such as "Jeffy Plays Fortnite" (despite being decent) which was released in early 2018, "Jeffy's Fidget Spinner" uploaded in mid-2017, "Among Us" (despite being a good episode) released in late 2020, "Squid Game" (despite also being a good episode) released in October of 2021, etc.
    • They even tend to cash in on controversial or unfunny events either by making references to them or videos wholly dedicated to them. Examples include "Jeffy the Boxer", "Bowser Junior's Big Discovery", and "Scooter's Birthday".
  31. Overall, Modern SML basically feels like the web equivalent of modern Family Guy with them jumping the shark, the writing being downgraded to mediocrity, some (or many) characters being flanderized, teaching bad life lessons morals, containing many offensive and unfunny jokes and subjecting certain characters to needless torture while trying to portray the one being tortured as somehow having done something to deserve it (even if it was just expressing a personal opinion because having a different opinion is the equivalent of being Satan, it seems).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The series used to be good before Jeffy was overused.
  2. Some of the jokes are funny like in Jeffy's Taco Tuesday and Chef Pee Pee Pees Peas and in "Bowser Junior's Cookie Crisps" where Bowser Junior made the cookie crisp promo literally illegal by using other companies catchphrases.
  3. There are still a handful of good/decent episodes, examples like:
    1. Jeffy's Parents (depending on your view)
    2. Jeffy the Rapper (and its sequel, the latter of which started 2018 on a high note)
    3. The Bet
    4. Attack of the Killer Shrimp
    5. Joseph's Mom
    6. Zombie Bowser
    7. Jeffy's YouTube Channel
    8. Bowser Junior's Bad News
    9. Black Yoshi's Call of Duty Loan
    10. The Costume Contest
    11. Black Yoshi's Koolaid Problem (Arguably the best episode of this era)
    12. Mr Goodman's Son
    13. Jeffy's Foster Home (despite the bad beginning)
    14. Bowser Junior's 11th Birthday (Also counts as the best)
    15. Life of Brooklyn Guy
    16. Black Yoshi's Bamboozle
    17. Jeffy and Junior's Big Heist
    18. The Baseball Game
    19. Among Us
    20. Hunky Cody
    21. Bowser Junior's Cookie Crisp
    22. Jeffy and Junior Go to Prison
    23. Jeffy Plays Basketball
    24. Jeffy Loses His Voice! (despite the misleading title)
    25. SpiderKen (and its sequel)
    26. SQUID GAME
    27. The Zombie Apocalypse!
    28. The Baby Alien!
    29. Cody's Magic Wand!
    30. Jeffy Ball Z
    31. Saw
    32. Three Little Pigs!
    33. The Film Project
    34. Jeffy's Fairy GodParents (a great parody of The Fairly OddParents)
    35. The PowerPuff Jeffy's!
    36. The School Bus!
    37. The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf!
    38. Saw 2
    39. Cops And Robbers
    40. Jeffy's 18th Birthday
  4. The bonus content outside of the main channel like the BTS videos, Meet the Cast videos and reaction videos are still fun to watch.
  5. Sometimes episodes do have good morals, for example, "Mr. Goodman's Son" has a good moral, the moral being "Money can't buy you everything" (even though Goodman didn't see it that way, and slapped his son Richard for saying such a thing), "Fat Jeffy" where the moral is to always eat your vegetables, and "The Test!", where the moral is to not cheat on your test.
  6. Some characters are still enjoyable including:
    1. Craig the Devil
    2. Chef Pee Pee
    3. Jackie Chu
    4. Woody (despite no longer appearing)
    5. Bowser Junior (from 2017 to 2018, before his Flanderization)
    6. Brooklyn T. Guy
    7. Cody
    8. Harold Wilfred
    9. Toad/Lil' T/Todd
    10. Simmons
    11. Dr. Fredrick Finklesheetz
    12. God
    13. Black Yoshi/Ya Boy Duggie (despite his Flanderization)
    14. Screwball
    15. Loan Dolphin
    16. Hansel
    17. Shrek
    18. PJ Crenshaw
    19. Tom Brady
    20. Charleyyy
    21. Doofy the Dragon (despite no longer appearing, until he came back in Jeffy Ball Z)
    22. Chives
    23. Patrick
    24. While no longer part of the main or recurring cast, many other past characters made one-shot appearances in this era and were great too, such as:
    25. Mama Luigi
    26. Luigi
    27. D-Money
    28. Principal Steinback
    29. Judge Pooby
    30. Even the bad characters can be likable in some episodes, for example, Jeffy is likable in episodes such as "Jeffy the Rapper (and it's sequel)".
    31. Despite their Flanderization as mentioned above, Bowser Junior, Goodman and Mario can still be considered fairly enjoyable depending on your view.
  7. Though rarely, there is sometimes character development in the series:
    1. Despite still having his aforementioned flaws and is still diverse amongst the fanbase, Jeffy has been slightly improving since 2019, as many of his recurring jokes have either been a lot less repetitive than they were in 2016-2018 (though he still has some repetitive gags like "Si Papi" and "I don't have to) or have been phased out entirely, and he can even be aware of how asinine he is.
    2. Following up from 2016, Bowser Junior was one for the few characters who got a good amount of character development and actually got some redemption to the point he could be considered likable for the most part. Though sadly, he did get flanderized beginning with 2019.
  8. After SuperLuigiLogan got demonetized, Logan moved over to SuperBowserLogan and made it a little bit more family-friendly, which might be considered an improvement.
  9. Most of the songs are pretty good and the beats are well made, especially in Season 12 - 13 like "Get Hunky", "We Need That Mustache Back", "Booty Booty" and The Cookie Crisp song.
  10. The voice-acting is still very good (except for Karen, and Rosalina when she is yelling), most notably on Brooklyn T. Guy, Mr. Goodman, Cody, Mario, Bowser Junior., Joseph, etc.
  11. The series still has its action scenes, most of which are still very good (examples: The climax of "Attack of the Killer Shrimp", the second half of "The South Pole Santa", and the beginning of "The Cookie Jar").
  12. Some episodes have some throwbacks to older episodes. Most notably "Bowser Junior’s 11th Birthday", and "Jeffy the Pirate".
  13. The camerawork and the lighting has noticeably improved, with the series notably transitioning fully to HD and looking a lot better as a result.
  14. While most of the years have been bad or mediocre, not all of them are completely bad. Some of them can be considered average or at the very least, decent:
    1. While it has its flaws, 2019 is probably the best year out of these years and is an improvement over 2017 & 2018, since it had less bad videos compared to others. It has some videos that are widely considered to be the best in the series, such as "Junior's 11th Birthday" and especially "Black Yoshi's Kool-Aid Problem".
    2. Even though 2020 is still an awful year for the channel, it did improve during September/October of that year (depending on your view) and the channel started to make more good episodes despite a few bad ones like "Pregnant Jeffy", "Jeffy's New Year Resolution".
      • This can be noted on how most of the videos are getting longer and having more good plot ideas, Pablo coming fully back, and most notably how they began using more of the other major characters in the spotlight.
    3. 2021 is a slight improvement over 2020, since there are a lot more good/great videos compared to the latter (despite the year going through a brief downfall in August and maybe September), especially during June and October. It also has a few videos that are widely considered to be the best in the series, such as "Jeffy and Junior Go to Prison" (which ended the SuperBowserLogan era on a great note) and "Squid Game".
  15. 2020 and 2021 saw the arrival of new locations, such as the Forest, the North Pole Penitentiary Prison, the City Prison, etc. This could help make less uneventful videos taking place in only one location.
  16. Starting with "Jeffy's Good Day", the series seems to be going back to swearing, which is mostly well-received by fans.
  17. The channel is against the dreaded NFTs wbich is good news.

Notable bad episodes of SML

  1. "The Quiet Game" (which started this era on a poor note)
  2. "Inside Jeffy"
  3. "Root Beer"
  4. "Jeffy's Bathtime"
  5. "Jeffy's Tantrum" (not only is it considered to be one of the worst episodes in the series and also caused controversy, but is also considered to be the jump-the-shark moment of the series)
  6. "The Couch" (depending on your view)
  7. "Jeffy's New Toy"
  8. "Drawing Jeffy"
  9. "Jeffy's Fidget Spinner"
  10. "2 Tickets"
  11. "Jeffy's TV Show"
  12. "The Fender Bender"
  13. "Shrek's Coma"
  14. "The Test"
  15. "Jeffy's Trap"
  16. "Jeffy's Cat Piano Problem"
  17. "Jeffy's Kids" (another episode that is also considered to be a jump-the-shark moment)
  18. "Jeffy's Pokemon Card"
  19. "Jeffy Loses His Arms"
  20. "Finders Keepers"
  21. "Jeffy Plays Baseball"
  22. "Bowser Junior Almost Goes To Sleep Forever"
  23. "Bowser Junior Gets Jinxed"
  24. "Jeffy's Birthday Surprise"
  25. "Jeffy's Biggest Fear"
  26. "Chef Pee Pee Pees Peas" (depending on your view, ended 2018 on a poor note)
  27. "Jeffy the Psychic"
  28. "Gravity"
  29. "Invisible Jeffy" (depending on your view)
  30. "Jeffy Breaks His Leg"
  31. "Shrunken"
  32. "Bowser Junior's Airpods"
  33. "Jeffy's Backpack"
  34. "Jeffy Goes to the Arcade" (depending on your view)
  35. "The School Project"
  36. "Jeffy's Halloween"
  37. "Jeffy's Commercial"
  38. "The Cover-Up"
  39. "Doctor Jeffy"
  40. "Bowser Junior Gets a Job" (which started 2020 on a sour note)
  41. "Jeffy's New Dad"
  42. "The School Dance"
  43. "Jeffy Goes Bowling" (depending on your view)
  44. "Jeffy's Online School"
  45. "Jeffy's New Friend"
  46. "Scooter the Rapper"
  47. "Bowser Junior's Rat Problem"
  48. "Jeffy's Scary Movie" (depending on your view)
  49. "Mario Sells Jeffy"
  50. "Bowser Junior's Prank Gone Wrong"
  51. "Jeffy & Junior Sneak Out"
  52. "Jeffy Wins the Lottery"
  53. "Scooter's Parents" (depending on your view)
  54. "Jeffy's Future"
  55. "Jeffy's Big Mess" (depending on your view)
  56. "Joseph the Hero"
  57. "Jeffy & Junior Sneak to Disney World" (depending on your view)
  58. "Joseph the Millionaire"
  59. "Bowser Junior's Revenge"
  60. "Zombie Jeffy" (depending on your view)
  61. "Pregnant Jeffy"
  62. "Jeffy's Broken Toy"
  63. "Jeffy's Christmas Gift"
  64. "Jeffy's New Year Resolution" (which ended 2020 on a sour note)
  65. "Jeffy the Sheep"
  66. "The Pink Couch"
  67. "Cody's New Friend"
  68. "Cody's Evil Twin"
  69. "Cody's Prank"
  70. "Jeffy Gets Ran Over"
  71. "Jeffy's Whistle"
  72. "Junior’s Embarrassing Video!"
  73. "The Mustache Problem"
  74. "Junior Walks In"
  75. "Thank Ken?" (depending on your view)
  76. "Jeffy's Scavenger Hunt" (depending on your view)
  77. "The Old Machine"
  78. "Don't Tell Goodman"
  79. "Jeffy Almost Drowns"
  80. "Jeffy's 17th Birthday"
  81. "Junior Gets Cooties"
  82. "The Hair Problem" (depending on your view)
  83. "Spin the Bottle!"
  84. "Jeffy's Butler!" (depending on your view)
  85. "Cody's Accident!"
  86. "Jeffy Says the B Word"
  87. "Jeffy's Broken Laptop"
  88. "No Nut November" (depending on your view)
  89. "Brooklyn Guy’s Thanksgiving"
  90. "Joseph's Grandparents"
  91. "Brooklyn Guy The Babysitter"
  92. "Brooklyn Guy’s Christmas Problem"
  93. "Chicken Pox" (depending on your view, a mediocre way to start 2022)
  94. "Sleepy Jeffy"
  95. "Cody's Gum Problem"
  96. "Cody's Nut Allergy"
  97. "Jeffy's Squeaky Door"
  98. "The Funeral"
  99. "Junior's Sick Date"
  100. "Brooklyn Guy's Switch"
  101. "Jeffy's Vacuum"
  102. "Jeffy Recycles"
  103. "Jeffy's Jellyfish" (although SpongeBob's cameo was good)
  104. "Jeffy's Green Bean Allergy"


Even though there are still a handful of fans who still like SuperMarioLogan, most fans gave this era a mixed to mostly negative reception, due to the flanderization of several characters, the writing being downgraded to mediocrity, the jokes getting way more disgusting and immature, and the overuse of Jeffy. This era is sometimes referred to as "The Jeffy Era" by fans. Not only did SML lose a lot of old fans because of this era (such as YouTuber Yoshi Player, who reviewed the show until 2016), but SML also became one of the most controversial YouTubers of all time because of this. Despite this though, SML still has a large fan base with kids and SML soon became one of the fastest-growing plush channels during this era, with its main channel reaching 9.9 million subscribers prior to it's deletion in 2021.


In February of 2021, Logan received a letter from a lawyer from Nintendo of America stating that he had to cease all use of Nintendo plushies such as Mario or Bowser due to them being used in obscene videos, or Nintendo of America would sue him, meaning that he had to switch to his human puppets, which his fans strongly disliked. As another result of this, Logan stated that he had to forcefully take down his original YouTube channel, which happened on July 8, 2021.

False flagging incident

In early 2018, Logan found both the SML and SLL channels getting demonetized to the point where new videos were being instantly confirmed by manual review. In late April and early May of 2018, fans discovered the demonetization spree was being caused by a group of disgruntled fans that were reporting many videos on both channels, all led by a user named SkipDip. SkipDip stated that his motives were to force Logan to admit he had "scammed" people on Patreon and to force him to stop using Jeffy and Junior due to them being the focus of nearly every modern SML video. He claimed that by using those characters and rarely using Shrek, Black Yoshi and other older characters, Logan was "insulting" fans of the older videos and not caring for them even though Black Yoshi still appeared semi-frequently and Shrek still got a few videos per year. A massive flame war broke out as a result, as some fans actually supported SkipDip's motives. Other independent users also mass-reported videos either to troll Logan or because they were overzealous moral guardians trying to "protect" children. As a result, it would take until August of that year for the demonetization spree to calm down.



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