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SMG4 Joins the YTR (SMG4 Bloopers)

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SMG4 Joins the YTR
A forced in promotion video to an internet group run by one of the worst of humanity? Seriously, Australian YouTube?!
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 42
Air Date: July 22, 2012
Writer: Starman3 (idea)
Luke Lerdwichagul
Director: Luke Lerdwichagul
Previous episode: Join the Evil Side
Next episode: The Imposter

Super Mario 64 Bloopers: SMG4 Joins the YTR is the 42nd episode of the second season of SMG4. This episode aired on July 22, 2012.


When SMG4 joins a club called The YouTube Rangers, Mario becomes jealous and will do anything to join.

Why You Should Not Join the YouTube Rangers

  1. It's basically nothing other than a shameless and weak promotional video to promote the YouTube Rangers (YTR for short), an internet group founded by Starman3 back in 2008. The group mainly consisted of SM64 Machinimists, indie game developers, musicians, gamers and an array of mere content consumers, some of these members of YTR had made minor appearances in SMG4's bloopers.
    • It makes this worse when accordingly to many former members of the YTR as well as people that were friends with SMG4 was said that Starman3 forced SMG4 to make this, as well as another awful episode (Starman3 Gets 5000 Subs), and have his recolor overall appear in several of the videos SMG4 was making, while also forcing SMG4 to make him this "gary-stu" type of character, he would also get upset whenever SMG4 doesn't do so around this time, thus a fallout between the two happened around Mid 2013.[1]
  2. A lot of the jokes in this are either repetitive, annoying, forgettable, and predictable at best, most of which just involve Mario trying way too hard to get into the YTR, only for it all to go unsuccessful with him being kicked out regardless by either Starman3 himself or one of his members.
  3. Misleading Title: Although it's called SMG4 Joins the YTR, it has very little to do with SMG4 himself being involved other than the first two minute of the episode, with the remaining parts just being Mario trying to get into the YTR with no such luck. In fact, SMG4 himself hardly does anything to do within' the actual plot of the episode.
  4. Taking away his real life controversies, Starman3 is a pretty unlikeable character here, showing to be a massive hypocritical homophobe, not allowing anyone gay in the YTR, as well as not allowing anyone in the group to say god dammit, but they're allowed to say shit. Plus his treatment towards Mario in the episode is pretty iffy at best.
  5. Awful voice acting by Starman3 himself, especially when he supposedly yells "NO" loudly, which is obviously edited with an reverb and echo effect.
  6. While it's nice to see some of the other members like MarioMario54321, MarioStar92, TheCaptain64000, XxanBuxX10, SuperMegaUltraSonicX16475 make an appearance, most of them had nothing to do with the plot at all other than a few scenes that could've easily been replaced with either SMG4, which even hardly did much to do with the episode, or Starman3 doing the job. While it does make sense that it was a large group at the time of the making of the video itself, they could've at least done within' the episode.
  7. Weak and Abrupt Ending: After Mario failed several times to get into the YTR, Luigi then gives Mario the idea to make his own group, which Mario dies, but was only able to get Luigi and a penguin, to which the penguin asks when the group will get to listen to Justin Bieber. Mario says that he hates him. to which the penguin says that he doesn't want to live anymore, as he jumps down the slide behind him, causing him to explode. Luigi says "Nice Going, Mario". Mario explodes, turning him into a coin, and the video ends with a game over screen.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It's nice to see some of the other members like MarioMario54321, MarioStar92, TheCaptain64000, XxanBuxX10, SuperMegaUltraSonicX16475 make an appearance, even if most of them had nothing to do with the plot at all. Some of which managed to pop in other SMG4 videos, with a few coming up with much better ideas for the series.
    • Some of these ideas being MarioStar92's The Pink Problem (which MarioStar92 himself was the main antagonist), and TheCaptain64000's Da Glitch (which featured Luke's real life self for the first time), The Bowser that Stole Christmas, and Casino, Cards and Chaos, despite Starman3's appearances in The Pink Problem and TheCaptain64000.
  2. Okay-ish thumbnail by Kulit7215.


  • The YouTube Rangers was a real internet group in which, like in the blooper, was led by Starman3.
  • SMG4 is actually no longer a member of the YTR in real life.


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