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Ryan Pretend Plays Sonic 2 with Tails and Knuckles

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"Ryan Pretend Plays Sonic 2 with Tails and Knuckles"
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How does SEGA approve child exploitation?
Series: Ryan's World
Air Date: April 1, 2022
Next episode: "Ryan Builds a Real Life Robot and It Took Over"[1]

"Ryan Pretend Plays Sonic 2 with Tails and Knuckles" is an episode of the 2015 children's web series Ryan's World.


Ryan turns into Sonic the Hedgehog and goes on an adventure.

Why It Is the Slowest Thing Alive

  1. To get anywhere, this episode is just six minutes of cheap, cash grabbing product placement for the Sonic the Hedgehog sequel movie, as said in the start of the episode.
  2. Poor grasp on the source material, which includes:
    1. Sonic going to a cold mountain range, which does stay true to the film, but he says that he is in the Himalayas, but in the movie, Sonic goes to Siberia instead.
    2. Sonic and Tails going to a Hawaiian volcano, and while they do go to Hawaii in the movie, there is no volcano.
    3. Knuckles being the main (and only) villain in the episode, and there is also no Dr. Eggman, which is strange. In the movie, Knuckles was a villain for once but eventually, he joins Sonic and Tails' side after realizing that Eggman is using him for the Master Emerald.
    4. The main plot being that Sonic has to collect rings, but in the movie, he and Tails try to save the Master Emerald from Eggman.
  3. The episode features cheap and poorly executed special effects and animation, which looks like it was done on Windows Movie Maker.
  4. The episode uses poorly made costumes:
    1. Sonic (portrayed by Ryan) is shown to have a blue sweater and pants, white gloves, and for his quills, it's just a blue wig. The controversial original design for Sonic in the first movie looks better than this impostor in a costume.
    2. Tails (who is played by Ryan's mother) is shown to have a yellow sweater, green looking pants, a cat styled headband, and two tails (which are edited onto him during post-production).
    3. Knuckles (portrayed by Ryan's father) is just the actor in a red sweater with weird paper-mache things on his hands (which are supposed to be his knuckles).
  5. Annoying voice acting, especially from Tails.
  6. The episode steals lines that the characters said in the film, specifically the trailers, such as "This calls for a 100% chance of adventure!," "Name's tails!," and "I hope I'm not too late!"
  7. Terrible dialogue, like "Step two, I have no idea but i gotta try something!," which is also partially stolen from the trailers.
  8. Two scenes re-use the same video-file, but each file has a different background, as they were originally green-screen.[2][3]
  9. And lastly, the real movie Sonic and Tails make a brief cameo at the end of the aforementioned mountain scene to cheer for their cash grab clones.[4]

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Because of its lack of quality, this episode can be ironically entertaining and can make for some unintentional comedy.



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