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Ryan's World

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Ryan's World
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Ryan's World
Ryan's World.png
Oh Ryan, when will your parents stop spoiling you?
Genre: Web series, live-action web series, variety
Release Date: March 17, 2015 - present[1]
Network(s): YouTube
Starring: Ryan Kaji[2]
Episodes: 2,135[3]

Ryan's World (formerly Ryan ToysReview)[4] is a children's web series featuring Ryan Kaji[2] (born 19 October 2011).[5]

Why Ryan Should Go Away From His World

Editor's note and warning: Like with Ryan's Mystery Playdate, please refrain from showing any ill will or any form of harassment towards Ryan or his family. After all he is just a child. Any other user who does so must be met with the moderators/staff.
  1. It is clear that the creators only make episodes to milk the channel as much as possible, presumably since they cannot go one day without making an episode. The creators sometimes even upload multiple videos in one day.[6]
  2. There is a large number of sponsored products and advertisements featured in the episodes, as well as the intention on exhibiting toys on the series to be used as gimmicks to lure the underdeveloped minds of children into viewership. Because of this, Ryan's World and its spin-offs can easily be described as advertisements disguised as ordinary YouTube videos.[7][8]
    • Speaking of which, in August 2019, the channel was accused by the Truth of Advertising and the Federal Trade Commission of not properly disclosing their sponsored videos, in which they claimed that "Nearly 90 percent of the Ryan's World videos have included at least one paid product recommendation aimed at preschoolers, a group too young to distinguish between a commercial and a review."[9]
  3. Plenty of unlikeable characters:
    1. The father (Shion Kaji) lacks any personality whatsoever and he's one of the main characters. Also, he's treated like a butt-monkey.
    2. Combo Panda is nothing but an over-reactive, whiny and exaggerative butt-monkey who cries and throws a tantrum over the slightest things like losing a video game or a very easy jigsaw puzzle being broken.[10][11][12][13] He is also overused while the other characters are often neglected.
    3. Gus the Gator is nothing but an idiot who has a serious addiction to candy although he's more tolerable than most of the other characters.[14] He also has a horrible and unintentionally racist-sounding Indian accent.
    4. Alpha Lexa, another animated character from the channel, acts like a brat who only cares about her life and also cries over the smallest stuff like a failed science experiment, [15] even going as far as being an enemy to Combo Panda. Not to mention her voice is also extremely irritating.
    5. The Packrat, one of the villains, is nothing but a generic doomsday villain who serves as an obvious Dr. Eggman clone, in terms of how he acts and how he is designed.
    6. Robo Combo Panda is nothing but a robotic clone of Combo Panda that the channel created with the sole intention of being a filler character, because back in 2019 Combo Panda's channel was taken over with this character for 2 days after the character won against Combo in a game. Even after the takeover, the character is still around today as playing with other characters in the VTubers channel and as a villain in the franchise.
    7. Big Gil, one of the animated characters, is generic and has no personality other than being a sporty teenage shark.
    8. Peck the Penguin, yet another animated character, is a sympathetic punching bag for Combo Panda, who treats him like garbage. And the sad thing is, depending on your view, he's the only likable character that the show has, unlike the follow-up.
    9. Moe the Monster is one of the worst offenders. He looks like a Yo Gabba Gabba! reject and lacks any character development. To add salt to the wound, he speaks in some obnoxious gibberish language.
    10. Dark Titan is a stupid and dumb clichéd bully more than a supposed supervillain, making very harmless threats.[16]
    11. Emma and Kate, Ryan's younger sisters, are sometimes ignored.
  4. Some webisodes have toilet humor or gross-out jokes, which mainly include flatulating.[17]
  5. The original songs made by the family have repetitive lyrics and grating vocals.[18] Their song "Body Parts" is the worst of them all.[19]
    • They also tend to overuse nursery rhymes as music.
  6. They clickbait often:
    1. In the episode "24 Hours in a Swimming Pool Challenge"[20], most of the video is just Ryan and the family being in the house with only 10 minutes of them actually being in the pool, and the video itself was about 35 minutes long. Even worse, it's a compilation video in disguise.
    2. Another one of their worst examples is "No More Ryan's ToysReview"[4], suggesting this is one of those "leaving YouTube" clickbait videos. However, this is just an announcement video about them changing the show name to Ryan's World. They could have just called it "Our Channel Is Changing" and it would have had the same effect.
    3. Another video, posted by the Combo Panda YouTube channel, titled "The Ultimate Sonic Simulator in Roblox!," claims to have such things, but is just a compilation of older Sonic gameplay videos from the Combo Panda channel. The video itself may have been made to promote the sequel to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, despite the video not being sponsored by SEGA and/or Paramount Pictures.[21]
  7. Like how Morgz is on his channel,[22] Ryan's face is lazily pasted on their thumbnails.
  8. They try way too hard to be hip and cool.
    1. The episode "Spinning a Fidget Spinner!" combines the fidget spinner trend and 3:00 AM videos.[23]
    2. They literally have a song titled "2 Much Drip".[24]
    3. They also have uploaded various pancake art and face filter episodes.[25][26]
    4. The series itself has a huge emphasis on gaming, particularly the video game Roblox.
    5. Also, they are supposed to be family-friendly, yet on the VTubers and Combo Panda channels, they upload videos on T-Rated games such as Fortnite[27] and Bendy and the Ink Machine[28].
  9. PocketWatch, the company that operates the show, pretty much abuses its success of it, by outright making it into a dedicated franchise, with merchandise like:
    1. Ryan's Mystery Playdate, a dedicated television show which teaches kids nothing other than puzzle-solving. It even got nominated for an Emmy award![29] Not to mention there are multiple other problems with it, such as copying the three clues formula from Blue's Clues.
    2. They even partnered with Macy's to create a Red Titan giant balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Making the 2020 Macy's Parade being a bad year for new balloon introductions. As along with both Red Titan and The Boss Baby were the only new balloon characters for that year.[citation needed]
    3. Super Spy Ryan, a short film, was released on Amazon Kids+ in 2020.[30]
    4. They made a crappy game known as Race with Ryan, which is actually for consoles and not an app.
    5. He even made a collaboration with Skechers in July of 2021.[31]
  10. They even re-upload episodes that are years old just to get money. For example, the episode "Ryan Play with Trains at the Playground" was released in 2021, featuring a younger Ryan and their older branding. They sometimes do this to hit the 10-minute mark, or make the video 1 hour long.[32]
    • Sometimes they also do the same thing but with the video sped up, that is the only change.[33]
  11. Ryan's mother, Loann Guan was a criminal when she was 19 years old. She shoplifted $93 worth of clothes at a JCPenney store in Houston, Texas back on May 4, 2003.[34]
  12. The grammar in their episode titles is ridiculously bad, such as "Ryan Found Aliens Dog and Monsters in Space!"[35] and "Ryan Learns and Explores Space from Gus!,"[36] most likely to target younger kids.
    • Some of the episodes themselves have spelling mistakes, like in the episode, "Ryan and Fire vs Ice Queen Frozen House Part 2."[37] A graphic shows up at the beginning of the video, saying "Ryan vs. the Evial Ice Queen Part 2" (yes, that's intentional). Also, the graphic looks like it was thrown together in iMovie.
  13. In the challenge webisodes, Ryan wins most of them, giving nobody else the chance to win, which also makes him a Gary Stu. This could encourage poor sportsmanship in younger children.
  14. On the VTubers channel, a lot of the recent webisodes are just Ryan's family playing video games, making the animated characters pointless, even though a few of the characters for the franchise were created just for VTubers.[38]
    • Also, the animation for the VTubers is abysmal, having stiff movement, mediocre lip-syncing, and lack of facial expressions. It was done on Adobe Character Animator, and while the program itself isn't bad, it looks like it was a shortcut instead of using Flash animation. Here are some other examples of bad animation:
  15. While some of their animations are animated in Flash, they are often made poorly. The episode "Astronaut Ryan Found an Alien Puppy in Space" is the worst offender.[39][40]
  16. The animation for Santa in the episode "Santa Called Ryan and Surprise Him with Christmas DIY Science Experiments" is arguably even worse.[41] At first, he's portrayed by a real actor (more specifically, the clip is stock footage from another app), but in 10 seconds, his mouth is very poorly edited. The video is also another reupload, as a Wii Balance Board and Disney Infinity toys can be seen in the background, both of which have since been discontinued.
  17. The creators claim to be "the best in children's entertainment period" on their website, which is false.[42]
  18. The creators make various errors while editing the episodes, like in "Ryan Doing Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years Challenge!!!", where it's stated at the beginning of the video that they have to do 5 challenges, but they only do 4.[43]
  19. Some webisodes have horrendous audio quality, such as "Learn Seven Continents of the World for Kids with Ryan's World," in which the audio sounds like it was recorded on a Nintendo DS.[44]
  20. Their skits are poorly made, such as "Ryan Pretend Plays Sonic 2 with Tails and Knuckles," which features cheap and poorly executed special effects and animation, a poor blend of live-action and animation, improper costumes, and annoying voice acting, especially from Kieu-Loan (Ryan's mother). The script of the skit also steals lines said in the trailers for the film, and clips from the trailer are used in the video. Do not forget, SEGA and Paramount Pictures, paid real money for this skit to be made.[45]
  21. Even though Ryan is the main face of the channel, there are some videos where he doesn't have a major role. Like in this hour-long video where its title claims to have Ryan in it, but said character only appears for 51 seconds. The rest are a compilation of episodes from the EK Doodles channel.[46]
    • Another episode, titled "Ryan and Gus Show Magic Tricks Story!" is another example, with Ryan only appearing for 14 seconds. The rest is a poorly animated cartoon.[47]
  22. They even steal thumbnails from other YouTube videos. For example, a video from the Combo Panda spin-off channel, titled "Battle for Bikini Bottom Part 2!"[48] has a thumbnail that was stolen from another video,[49] that was uploaded by ProsafiaGaming.[50] The only difference is that Combo Panda replaced Squidward in the stolen thumbnail.
  23. They have made way too many spin-off web series, which themselves are shallow and cynical cash grabs aimed at promoting the franchise.
    1. Kaji Family is nothing but a generic vlogging series that was just made for the sake of exploiting Ryan's younger twin sisters (Emma and Kate).[51]
    2. Gus the Gummy Gator is a cartoon series with cringeworthy voice acting and bad animation, which, like Ryan's World, tries to be hip and cool to a modern audience, but fails.[52]
    3. Combo Panda is a cheap gaming series which features the titular character, who cries and whines over the slightest problems.[53]
    4. The Studio Space is the worst offender, featuring random adults in terrible and unoriginal challenges.[54]
    5. EK Doodles is another cartoon channel, with extremely short episodes and lack of any dialogue in it. However, it does have some decent Flash animation for its time.[55]
  24. Some of Ryan's World's videos themselves are just re-uploads from the other channels, just with Ryan appearing for several seconds at the beginning.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It is child-friendly, and that's saying something. The show at least doesn’t rely on inappropriate content, unlike most other web series on YouTube that claim to be child-friendly.
  2. The series' new poster is better since it is of better quality.
  3. The show has somewhat steered away from toy episodes for some time now, but their science experiment and pretend episodes aren't much better.[4]
  4. Some webisodes aren't that bad.
    • In addition, some of them can be nostalgic for some people.
  5. As mentioned above, and depending on your view, Peck the Penguin is the only likable character, and he has a soothing voice.
  6. Some animations are well made, such as the EK Doodles series and the Super Spy Ryan special, the latter was animated by the Japan-based Shin-Ei Animation, the studio behind popular anime series like Doraemon, Ninja Hattori-kun, Crayon Shin-chan, Atashin'chi, Mysterious Joker, Teasing Master Takagi-san, and Pui Pui Molcar.[56][57]
  7. The show was dubbed to Spanish[58] and Japanese speaking audiences.[59]
  8. They do try with different styles for certain videos such as claymation,[60] adding voice filters to older videos,[61] and educational segments.[62]

Episodes with their own pages

  1. "Astronaut Ryan Found an Alien Puppy in Space"
  2. "Ryan Pretend Plays Sonic 2 with Tails and Knuckles"
  3. "Ryan's Friends Turn to Cardboard"
  4. "Who Stole the Cake?"



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