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Ryan's Mystery Playdate

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Ryan's Mystery Playdate
Ryan's Mystery Playdate.jpg
PocketWatch, Inc., when will you stop milking this poor innocent child just for money?!
Running Time: 22 minutes (full episode)
11 minutes (segments)
Country: United States
Release Date: April 19, 2019 — present
Network(s): Nickelodeon
Created by: Albie Hecht
Distributed by: PocketWatch, Inc.
Seasons: 4
Episodes: 79

Ryan's Mystery Playdate is a Nickelodeon show that premiered on April 19, 2019. It is based on the YouTube channel "Ryan's World".

Why It Can't Solve The Mystery Playdate

Editor's Note and Warning: This page is intended to criticize what is wrong with the show, so please refrain from showing any ill will or any forms of harassment on Ryan or his family. After all Rya is just a kid, and hurting everyone violates Miraheze's content policy. Anyone on this wiki who does will have to be dealt with and have a good talking to.

  1. The show rips off certain elements from other shows, mainly Blue's Clues with the "three clues" formula.
  2. There is almost no educational value to the show. Almost everything the show teaches is problem solving and teamwork. While there's nothing wrong with teaching that, it can get repetitive at times.
  3. Very poor acting, even from various celebrities such as Braun Strowman, in which the acting feels wooden and they are too bored to be on the show.
  4. The dad, Shion Kaji, is treated like a butt monkey. For example, one episode has a challenge where Ryan and his mom had to throw water balloons so he could catch them. However, in turn, this also made him wet.
  5. Even though the majority of the show is unscripted[1], the dialogue is terrible.
  6. It tries way too hard to be hip with modern audiences. For example, Ryan flosses in the theme song (though it was removed after Season 3, fortunately), and he dabbed twice towards the end of "Ryan's Handy Playdate", and one of the guests dabbed in their introduction in "Ryan's Skatin' Playdate". They even added a selfie stick in season 3.
    • Also, various celebrities like Tony Hawk, Butch Hartman, Braun Strowman, even the Blue Man Group, and Captain Man from Henry Danger all make cameos at the end of certain episodes.
    • When Ryan does these dances, it's understandable, given that he's a kid. Unlike every other example where fictional characters do things like flossing and dabbing to be hip with the kids for no reason.
  7. Awful-sounding theme song that repeats lyrics way too much. Also, Ryan sings poorly during it.
  8. In general, the music and sound effects are pretty generic. They sound like they come from an actual Ryan's World episode.
  9. Combo Panda and Gus are very poorly animated. While the software used isn't bad, it isn't suited for television shows.
    • Also, they don't do much in the show, other than make bad jokes.
  10. Quantity over Quality: While it has been going on for three years (as of now), it has 4 seasons and 70 half-hours. Not even Teen Titans Go! crammed this many episodes into three years. And there may have been 104 episodes by the end of the second season but they were quarter-hours. These are half-hours made up of quarter-hours that were stitched together.
  11. The episodes often feel rushed because, as mentioned in WICSTMP#10, most of them are split into two half-length segments, which is very unfitting for a live-action show. And the worst part? This isn't even the first time that happened.
  12. Season 2 premiered on September 30, 2019. That is five months after the show premiered and Season 3 premiered six months later on March 30, 2020.
  13. Overall, it is a shallow show that serves as nothing but a milking device to promote the Ryan's World brand poorly.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The show started to improve a bit in season 3, with the use of updated rigs of Combo Panda and Gus and new secondary characters debuting.
  2. While obviously themed to be an unboxing to carry the "Ryan's World" branding, the "mystery box" part of the show is the only enjoyable part of the show.


The show was universally panned by audiences. It currently has a 1.9 user score on IMDB, being one of the lowest-rated shows on the site.



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