Ryan's Friends Turn to Cardboard (Ryan's World)

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Ryan's Friends Turn to Cardboard (Ryan's World)
Carboard Ryan.jpg
Do i even need one this time?
Series: Ryan's World
Air Date: September 19, 2021
Writer: Unknown
Director: Unknown
Next episode: Ryan plays Guess the Logo Challenge Game

Ryan's Friends Turn to Cardboard is an episode of Ryan's World.


Ryan's friends have been turned into cardboard by Robo-Combo! Can Ryan save them?

Why It Can't Turn Into a Good Episode

  1. The episode tries way too hard to be hip and cool, like when Combo Panda says he's going to play Fortnite, a game that isn't as popular anymore compared to other games.
  2. When Ryan's friends play hide and seek as part of a deal with Robo-Combo, they hide in the worst hiding spots possible, like with Combo Panda hiding under a small table, or Alpha Lexa hiding in a ball pit.
  3. When the friends are turned into cardboard, they can still speak, which makes no sense.
  4. Big Gil, another one of Ryan's friends, acts like a total idiot as he chooses to play video games instead of looking for a hiding spot, which makes him an Idiot Houdini.
  5. Moe the Monster chooses to jump on a bed instead of hiding?! This also makes him an idiot.
  6. Gus the Gator wants to eat gummy bears instead of hiding as well?! He is also a F***ING IDIOT!
  7. Combo Panda flirts with Alpha Lexa in one scene. When they meet each other (as cardboard), Combo says "Looking a little stiff there Alpha!"
  8. Do you want to know why Robo-Combo turned everyone except Ryan into cardboard? Well it's because he wasn't invited to a party the other characters were having before! He could have simply asked, but no, he tried to hurt his friends!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. After being turned into cardboard by Ryan's weapons, Robo-Combo does learn his lesson, so he turns everyone back to normal and joins the party.
  2. Ryan, Peck and Alpha Lexa are likable characters in this episode, and do a great job doing so.
  3. The scene where Peck explains his boring science fact to his friends is pretty funny.



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