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Runaway Johnny (Johnny Test, 2005)

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Runaway Johnny (Johnny Test)
Runaway title card.png
Before 99 Deeds of Johnny Test and Johnny's Royal Flush, here comes this garbage, but at least this one is not that bad.
Series: Johnny Test
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: Overall: 83 (42a)
Season: 3a
Air Date: November 12, 2009 (US)
September 24, 2009 (Canada)
Writer: Scott Fellows
Director: Paul Riley
Previous episode: Johnny B.C.
Next episode: Johnny on the Spot

Runaway Johnny is the fifth episode of Season 4, the first half of episode 42, and the 83rd episode overall of Johnny Test


After Johnny is fed up with his maturity, he has to leave his house and enters the city where his family does not live, until they encounter two policemen who want to chase Johnny and Dukey.

Why It's Not A Day Off

  1. This is a Johnny and Dukey torture episode as they wanted to leave their house and enter a faraway place where his family does not live there, only to get chased by the policemen.
  2. The opening scene is torturous as Johnny attempts to do some chores since he is old enough.
  3. Bad Moral: People leaving without their family is dangerous, even when it is a day off. Mature people like 18-year-old people are okay.
  4. Plot Hole: How did the police car drive on the grass while Johnny and Dukey are eating crickets?
  5. Mr. Black and Mr. White are unlikable characters as they chase Johnny and Dukey for leaving their family.
  6. The squirrels are unlikable and pointless characters as they eat Johnny and Dukey's food.
  7. The Cow movie scenes are filler such as the cow farting (off-screen).
  8. When Johnny asks the bus driver to travel to the end of the line, he instead traveled near Johnny's house, proving that he is stupid.
  9. Johnny and Dukey attempting to eat the crickets is disgusting, at least they did not taste it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Johnny and Dukey are likable characters in this episode.
  2. Mr. Black's line: "I blew up Malaysia."
  3. The scene after Mr. Black and Mr. White put Johnny and Dukey in the police car is decent.
    • The ending scene is not as bad as Johnny can finally watch Cow movie.


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