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Rude Removal (Dexter's Laboratory)

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Rude Removal
Rude Removal.jpg
There's a perfectly good reason why this episode was left unaired on TV until the 2010's.
Series: Dexter's Laboratory
Part of Season: 2
Air Date: February 21, 1998 (World Animation Celebration) (Censored Version)

January 22, 2013 (YouTube, Dailymotion and (Uncensored Version)

Writer: Chong Lee
Craig McCracken
Director: Rob Renzetti

Rude Removal is the second and last banned episode of Dexter's Laboratory. It was not aired on Cartoon Network due to standards not liking the episode's nature because it contains excessive use of profanity in a kids' show. However, it was screened at the World Animation Celebration on February 21, 1998. After the screening, the episode was rumored to be lost for years until 2013, when Cartoon Network's sister channel and adult-oriented block Adult Swim released it online on January 22, 2013 on YouTube, Dailymotion, and AdultSwim. com. There was also an uncensored version, but the original verison is lost and unknown if it was made.


Dexter invents his latest invention, the Rude Removal system. He planned to remove Dee Dee's rudeness, but both ended up inside the machine, duplicating them as rude, using New York accents while turning into nice, using British or New Yorker accents. When their mother calls them for lunch, the rude counterparts go into the kitchen, engage in a food fight, and swore at their mother. But she had enough that she tells them to clean up their mess and get sent to their rooms forever. But when the nice counterparts enter the living room, they were blamed by their mother and saw the mess. They go back to the laboratory to stop their rude counterparts from existing. Once Dexter and Dee Dee fully return normal and went to Dexter's bedroom, they encounter their mother, having soap on her hands as she prepares to clean their unusual filthy mounts.

Why It's Rude And Never Contributes Nice

  1. The episode has a very mean-spirited concept about swearing, rude counterparts of Dexter and Dee Dee:
    • Rude Dexter spits his food out on his mother's face after swearing, making her faint.
    • Rude Dexter and Dee Dee engage in a food fight, damaging the kitchen.
    • Rude Dexter and Dee Dee then damage Dexter's laboratory.
    • Among the rude counterparts of Dexter and Dee Dee, Rude Dexter seems to be more rude than Rude Dee Dee, since he swears more often than Rude Dee Dee.
  2. It reinforces the stereotypes that New Yorkers are rude while British people are polite by giving Rude Dexter and Dee Dee New York accents and Nice Dexter and Dee Dee British accents.
  3. Hypocrisy: The word "crap", which is a mild word, was censored in this episode. But in “Dexter Dodgeball” from season one, the gym teacher says "What's this crap?", which was edited in reruns on Cartoon Network at times, but not on Boomerang or on home video.
    • Additionally, New Yorker/British accent Dexter's quote: "No! You're too stupid to play with it, you moron!" has the last word (moron) censored, despite being a mild word.
  4. Mom cannot recognize the differences between the rude and nice versions.
  5. Overuse of profanity in a show for kids, even when it is bleep-censored. Because of its excessive use of profanity, the bleep-censoring can get annoying at times.
  6. The title card is very rude and disrespectful. Dee Dee is shown pointing her middle finger, while Dexter is mooning at the viewer, showing his rear.
    • Even worse, they look like they are their normal counterparts, which could be misleading since the normal/nice Dexter and Dee Dee with the same design are nicer.
    • Not to mention, this is a kids' show.
  7. Mom threatens her kids to go to their rooms forever, which is child abuse, unrealistic, and feels more like those mean-spirited grounded videos that you can find on websites, mainly YouTube and Vyond.
  8. Nobody apologizes to the nice, then-real Dexter and Dee Dee for their actions, who were innocent and ruined by their rude counterparts.
  9. There are notable animation errors (ex. Dexter's hair explodes, it looks black and spiky, it turns normal by the next scene).
  10. Horrible ending: Dexter and Dee Dee go back to normal, and as Mom comes in the room to clean their "filthy" mouths, Dexter says "Oh sh*t", hence proving Dexter as the real rude one. Yes, really.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The beginning was decent as it feels like a normal Dexter’s Laboratory episode.
  2. Dexter and Dee Dee's nice counterparts are likable.


  • This episode wasn't meant for airing. Instead, it was made for private conversations, and Adult Swim didn't exist at that time until 2001.
  • This was the only episode of the show to be rated TV-14.



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