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It's like Monkey Quest, but with generic villains, mediocre animation, bland plot, and 0% depth.

Rocket Monkeys is a Canadian/American animated television series that was created by Dan Abdo and Jason Patterson and premiered on Teletoon in Canada on January 10, 2013. The series also premiered on Nickelodeon in the United States on March 4, 2013. It also aired on Disney XD in Southeast Asia and Poland.


The series revolves around two monkey astronauts named Gus and Wally, who go on wacky and crazy missions and adventures, such as battling Lord Peel and his minions.

Why It Sucks

  1. Mediocre animation.
  2. Boring and plain pathetic plots. For example, in "Welcome To Inky Mart", Gus and Wally run out of ink and must get more, and in "Sidekicked", Gus and Wally rival each other just so they can be a sidekick.
  3. Some episodes are painful, unsettling, or too disturbing to go through.
  4. Overuse of fart jokes and gross-out, especially in the later seasons. The episodes, "Monkey Smell" and "Robo-Gas" are the worst offenders.
  5. Unnecessary fourth-wall breaks. In one episode, the monkeys have to swear (at least censored) to defeat the villian, and when they does, the scene was cut to an rainbow background with the Teletoon logo, and it happens a second time the same episode!
    • Also, at the end of one episode, Yay-OK showed the monkeys a lever that when pulled, the episode ends, so they do.
  6. Despite being a villain, Lord Peel can be considered a Butt-Monkey (no pun intended), who always gets abused at the most unnecessary times, even when he doesn't deserve it. That same happens to Yay-OK.
  7. Terrible voice acting.
  8. Unoriginal names like Yay-OK, Nefarious, Inky, SLO-MO, and Deep Space Dave, the occasional superhero of the show.
  9. Gus and Wally are very annoying and incompetent characters. Even the theme song says it all for their stupidity.
    • In fact, they are so irritinag, that Yay-OK is aware of this.
  10. Some jokes make very little to no sense.
  11. The transitions make no sense at all.
  12. The characters get flanderized very quickly. One moment Gus is as dumb or even dumber than Wally, and then the next moment, He acts like the brains of the two, And then his personality reverts back to being dumb.
  13. The series finale, "The Last Peel", was an awful way to end the series.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The theme song is pretty good.
  2. Passable character designs.
  3. Some occasional likable characters such as YAY-OK, Dr. Chimpsky, and SLO-MO.
  4. The plot sounds good on paper, but was poorly executed.
  5. Some transitions are fun to watch.


The series was met with very negative reviews.


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