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Road to India (Family Guy)

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Road to India (Family Guy)
Not a good way to end the "Road to..." series.
Series: Family Guy
Part of Season: 14
Episode Number: 20
Air Date: May 22, 2016
Writer: Danny Smith
Director: Greg Colton
Previous episode: Run, Chris, Run
Next episode: The Boys in The Band

Road to India is a 20th and final episode of the 14th season of Family Guy.


When Brian falls in love with a tech support worker, he and Stewie travel to India to find her; Lois helps Joe reclaim the spotlight when Peter becomes the center of attention at bingo night.

Why It's a Terrible Road To End a Series of Episodes

  1. It was the weakest episode and easily the worst in the series rather than being another Brian and Stewie adventure episode, it's just the your typical Brian in a relationship episode disguised as a "Road to..." episode, but with nothing new in it at all, making the episode a really boring chore to get over with.
  2. The annoying subplot is Peter getting a new hobby and refusing to give it up, and this time is playing bingo.
  3. Speaking of Peter, Peter is very unlikeable in this episode as he refuses to give Joe his bingo hobby back.
  4. The episode overuses Indian stereotypes, making the episode slightly a bit racist.
  5. The episode was a terribly underwhelming way to end off, not just Season 14, but the "Road to..." series in general, as there hasn't been a single "Road to..." episode after this one.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Lois, Joe and Stewie are the only likeable characters.
  2. The intro and the credits are still decent.


  • The episode has a 7.1/10 rating on IMDb.[1]