Richard's Mistake (SuperMarioLogan)

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Richard's Mistake (SuperMarioLogan)
"Look what you did to my dad's car! Bad Chives, bad!"
Series: SML
Part of Season: 13
Episode Number: 15
Air Date: February 24, 2021
Previous episode: Pumpken
Next episode: The Class Pet

"Richard's Mistake!" is the 584th episode of SML Movies and the 15th episode of Season 13 of SML.


Richard crashes his dad's car!

Bad Qualities

  1. Just like Joseph the Millionaire, it's a Chives torture episode.
  2. The thumbnail has loads of errors on it. Brooklyn T. Guy is in the thumbnail, but he only appear for a short amount of time in the episode, while Junior and Chives have more screen time, they are not listed on the thumbnail at all, it would've made more sense if Brooklyn T. Guy wasn't on the thumbnail at all and both Junior and Chives will appear on it instead of Brooklyn T. Guy himself.
  3. Richard is extremely unlikable in this episode, as he uses Junior to help him get out of trouble for what he has done, blames his butler Chives for denting the BMW and the worst of all, lying.
  4. Brooklyn T. Guy is also unlikable as well, because he is just nothing but filler, making him not good enough for the thumbnail, yet instead of helping Richard, he hit the BMW with a hammer for no reason, making the dent even more worse.
  5. Speaking of Mr. Goodman, he is also unlikable, because just like in Bowser Junior's AirPods, he treats his massager a donkey-mouth, also, he forces Chives to explain what happened to his car rather than making Chives reject the call.
  6. The beginning isn't really necessary to add in, as Chef Pee Pee and Cody don't have much screen time in the episode.

Good Qualities

  1. Even though the beginning wasn't worth it, it is quite funny because Chef Pee Pee as usual becomes funny and likable and sings the Chicken Quesadilla song.
  2. Chives and Junior were the most likable out of all the characters in the episode.
  3. Good ending: Junior decided to be good and tells the truth to Mr. Goodman, Richard is the one who got the punishment while Chives didn't, and Mr. Goodman believed what Junior said.
  4. Mr. Goodman's Madagascar reference.


  1. This video was panned by some people accusing Logan of being too co-pathetic to GoAnimate users who used to promote Grounded and Punishment Days videos back between 2014 to 2017. Despite this, Logan denies being a GoFag (a slang for a GoAnimate user or a supporter).