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Reward if Lost (The Tom and Jerry Show)

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Reward if Lost (The Tom and Jerry Show)
The late 2010's equivalent to an episode of the Gene Deitch era or the Filmation era.
Part of Season: 2
Episode Number: 6b
Air Date: December 21, 2017
Writer: Jim Praytor
Robert Zappia
Previous episode: Big Top Tom
Next episode: Build a Beast

Reward If Lost is an episode in the second season of The Tom and Jerry Show (2014).


Jerry mocks-up a Reward if Found poster with Tom's picture and the address of the neighbor with the ferocious Doberman Pinscher dog listed as Tom's home so that the dog would beat up Tom.

Why It Lost A Reward

  1. It's literally an another 6 minute-long malicious Tom torture episode.
  2. Neighbors' Dog Bruno is a horrible character who has absolutely zero personality aside from beating up cats for sport, and he even literally made punching bag out of Tom. He's basically the dog equivalent of Tom's notorious owner from the infamous and notorious Gene Deitch-era, but even worse. Even Spike the Bulldog, despite his infamous flanderization in this show, is nowhere near as brutal and violent as this dreaded dog.
  3. Jerry is extremely unlikable for the first time since both the Gene Deitch-era and The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show in this episode. He is the manipulator because he slapped Tom's photo into the reward poster to trick people into putting Tom into the neighbors garden. Worse still, Jerry tormented Tom without any provocation whatsoever and also shows no remorse for his actions, meaning that his flanderization from the Gene Deitch-era was reused in this episode.
  4. Very unfunny and cruel jokes.
  5. The scenes where Tom is Neighbors' Dog Bruno's punching bag are mean-spirited and drags on for too long.
  6. Like the Gene Deitch-era, Tom's injuries and the dog's design are horrible and scary to look at for a younger audience.
  7. Neighbors' Dog Bruno and Jerry never got punished for their actions.
  8. Abysmal Ending: After getting kicked out of the House, Jerry, in revenge, creates a poster which says that "the Dog should be returned to Tom's House", then the Dog gets into the house, thanks to the help of a guy, and he, assaults. Tom. again, yes, is this even funny?.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Baby Woodpecker finally returns in this episode.
  2. Tom is likable in this episode.
  3. A few genuinely funny moments here and there, such as the scene where Tom unsuccessfully attempts to whack Jerry with the broken paddle ball at the beginning, which is a nice nod to the scene where Tom unsuccessfully attempts to whack Jerry with the shovel from Trap Happy.


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