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Return to Prostokvashino

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Return to Prostokvashino
Простоквашино (постер).jpg
"Both of your followers are sitting at the table, HIPSTER-AMBAR!" - Matroskin
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 6-13 minutes
Country: Russia
Release Date: April 3, 2018 – present day
Network(s): Soyuzmultfilm
Created by: Soyuzmultfilm
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 53

Return to Prostokvashino (or just Prostokvashino) is a 2018 Russian reboot of the Soviet cartoon "The Trio from Prostokvashino" based on the E.Uspensky's book of the same name.


Uncle Fyodor finds out that something is wrong at his friends', Sharik and Matroskin, and returns to Prostokvashino to fix the problem.

Why It Sucks

  1. It cannot catch the spirit of the classic "The Trio from Prostokvashino" cartoon.
  2. The animation is mediocre and is not as smooth as original cartoons.
    • Making the situation worse, the animation in the later episodes became even worse, using flash animation, due to budget cuts.
  3. Fyodor's sister is an useless and unneeded character.
  4. Most of the episodes have an unnecessary product placement of Russian Post.
  5. The show tries too hard to be modern, a good example is the first episode where the characters talk too much about the Internet.
    • Speaking about the first episode, when it just came out, at the moment when Uncle Fyodor's parents call Sharik, M.O.O.N. - 'Crystals' from Hotline Miami was playing. Later, the music was replaced.
  6. The voice acting is bad.
  7. The storyline is lame beyond expectations.
  8. Uncle Fyodor's redesign is very bad. It tries to look like a modern-day teen, complete with the fauxhawk hairstyle, but fails.


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