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Retarded Animal Babies

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Retarded Animal Babies
A139TPQTcTL. SL1500 .jpg
"Sorry, Cap'n Pants. You're just not cool enough!" -Puppy
Genre: Adult Animation
Dark Humor
Running Time: Various
Country: United States
Release Date: April 6, 2003 - 2011
Network(s): Newgrounds
Created by: David C. Lovelace
Distributed by: Newgrounds
Starring: David C. Lovelace
Laurie Sprague
Lee-Ann Zarella
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 25

Retarded Animal Babies is an adult flash animated series made by Dave (Also known as David C. Lovelace) that first premiered on Newgrounds on April 6, 2003 and ended in 2011.


Five animal babies find themselves in numerous sex-related and violent mishaps.

Why It's Intentionally Retarded

  1. First off all, it is a obvious rip-off of Happy Tree Friends, as many of the elements are stolen from it. Examples of characters:
    • Bunny is this to Cuddles.
    • Puppy is this to Toothy.
    • Cat is this to Handy.
    • Donkey is this to Lumpy.
    • Hamster is this to Cub.
    • Not to mention, this show is also notably similar to South Park since it also stars sailor-mouthed child characters getting into mishaps.
  2. The first episode was horrible way to start the show.
    • In one scene, the hamster in the letter G, when he said "G is for Green", instead of showing green things, he showed 3 red things and a face of his favorite person, which is confusing.
  3. The comedy of this show tries to be funny but ends up being cringeworthy and unsettling, examples include:
    • In The Red Erection, Puppy's Cousin jumps and then lands on Puppy's penis and then blood comes out after landing on his penis which is absolutely gruesome to look at.
    • In Stupor Heroes, there is a scene where Donkey says he has 3 brown penises in his pants, thankfully it was done off-screen.
    • In Shitty Shitsmas, there is a close-up shot of Bunny's mouth after eating lots of candy.
    • In Fucky Fucksgiving, at the very end of this episode, if you look closely at Cat, there is a scene where he eats Puppy's penis; we're not kidding.
  4. Several characters from the show are unlikable, bland or troublesome, such as Puppy, Donkey, Sean Connery, Cat's Stepfather and Black Panther.
    • Puppy is perhaps the worst character from the show due to him being desperate to sexual activities despite him being too young for having sex with plenty of women, he also has a bratty attitude whenever it comes to sex, and the jokes he makes about his private part is very disturbing.
    • Donkey can be considered the worst too, because his entire character consists of toilet humor and his mind being full of stupidity. His one-liners and the jokes he makes are very unoriginal. His rap in Fuxx0rz is cringeworthy and unfunny, which irriates Puppy and them he hurts his head with a chair after he finished rapping.
  5. The Backgrounds in this show looked very horrifying.
  6. Similar to King Star King, The Nutshack, Mr. Pickles and other horrible adult cartoons, the animation looks horrendous.
  7. There are a bunch of terrible episodes the show has, though not all, such as:
    • ABCs (As said before, it wasn't a positive way to start the episode)
    • Stupor Heroes
    • Shitty Shitsmas
    • Cunty Cuntystine Day
    • Pendumbvirate
    • Hey Everyone, Let's Do Some Motherfucking Drugs
    • Dog Complex
    • The Red Erection
    • Wedding Balls
    • Dark Days
  8. The character designs look very bland.
  9. The episodes in this show are way too short. Did they have 2 or 4 minutes or less?
  10. The theme song in this show is also very short, just like the episodes.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite the episodes being short, there are some funny moments into them, such as:
    • "E is for pants."
  2. There are some decent episodes.
  3. Hamster, Cat (sometimes), Satan and Cat's Cousin are all tolerable and decent characters.
  4. It's obvious that this show was made as a joke, so it was intended to be bad from start to finish.
  5. Though it copies a lot of elements from Happy Tree Friends, Dave at least admitted to ripping it off, and claimed the similarities were unintentional.


It has a 7.8/10 on IMDb.[1]


  • The creator swore that he didn't rip off Happy Tree Friends until the similarities were pointed out.[citation needed]


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