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Remember Me? (Dexter's Laboratory)

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Not to be confused with the Shake it Up episode with the same name.

Remember Me?
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Yeah, but we'd prefer not to.
Part of Season: 4
Episode Number: 1b
Air Date: November 22, 2002
Writer: Kate Kaliher
Director: Chris Savino
Previous episode: Beau Tie
Next episode: Overlabbing

Remember Me? is the second part of the first episode in the fourth season of Dexter's Laboratory.


When Dexter gets amnesia, Dee Dee decides to play a trick on him by removing his identity and creating a new image.

Why It Should Be Forgotten

  1. Dee Dee is annoying here as always, as she accidentally gives Dexter amnesia when letting a wrench fall on his head due to her bouncing on Dexter's rubber big brain thing. She then takes advantage of this by:
    • Calling Dexter "Ducky" and herself the "ruler of all things beautiful".
    • Saying that his Laboratory is their "playroom".
    • Filming him having a tea party.
    • Giving him a ballet makeover just like herself.
    • Her and him messing up his underwater machines with some pink paint.
    • And worst of all, making him smash all of his beakers containing dangerous chemical liquids.
    • As if all of those things weren't bad enough, Dee Dee forces one of Dexter's computers to record her and "Ducky" having fun together, and even says that he wants to record him doing some stuff and send her a copy.
  2. It's another Dexter torture episode as mentioned above.
  3. There's one goof where Dee Dee's hair turns a darker shade of blonde for a few seconds when coming over for some tea with "Ducky".
  4. Bad Moral: Ducky: "It is okay to break things?"
    Dee Dee: "Yeah!"
  5. Dee Dee never apologizes to Dexter at all for completely changing Dexter's identity after accidentally giving him amnesia, nor do we see Dexter doing the same thing to Dee Dee at the end as part of her karma.
    • Speaking of which, although Dexter does push her out of his laboratory as always, how did he not question where Dee Dee put his original suit?
  6. This episode feels like a rehash from the first season episode: "Dimwit Dexter" (which wasn't a good episode either), since both episodes involve Dexter act like a idiot and Dee Dee taking advantage of it. But in this time, it was Dee Dee fault.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Dexter (outside of his amnesia) is still a tolerable/great character, as he pushes Dee Dee out the minute he reverts to his original personality and commands his computer to erase the videotape - leading to a half-decent ending.
  2. The title card looks very detailed and cool since the fourth season somewhat fixed a few of the title card problems created in the previous season.


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