Regular Show (Seasons 5-6)

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Regular Show (Seasons 5-6)
"Do you have a better idea?
No, we don't."
Genre: Animated sitcom
Running Time: 11 minutes, one 33 minute special
Country: United States
Release Date: September 2, 2013-August 14, 2014 (Season 5)
October 9, 2014-June 25, 2015 (Season 6)
Created by: J. G. Quintel
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Starring: J. G. Quintel
William Salyers
Sam Marin
Mark Hamill
Janie Haddad Tompkins
Minty Lewis
Episodes: 40 Episodes (Season 5)
31 Episodes (Season 6)

Regular Show is an American animated urban fantasy buddy comedy series created by J. G. Quintel on Cartoon Network. It ran from 2010 to 2017.

Although the other seasons are considered good, the seasons 5-6 (2013-2015) received a mixed reception.

Bad Qualities

  1. Similar to The Powerpuff Girls (Seasons 5-6) and Ed, Edd n Eddy (Seasons 5-6), these seasons lack the creatively hilarious charm and cleverness of the first four seasons as a bunch of problems in the fourth season return here in these seasons, such as nonsensical scenes, mediocre or generic episodes and writing, graceless, flat jokes, scenes that go on for much longer than they should, the lack of ideas and more. This is due to the fact that J.G Quintel did not do much in these seasons writing and some of the old writers of the first three seasons were unavailable when the seasons were being done,also many of the original writers from the first three seasons were fired or replaced, so Cartoon Network hired new writers who weren't familiar with the show in general, further affecting the quality of the final product.
  2. Arguably some of the biggest shortcomings that ravaged the seasons is Mordecai's love triangle; Mordecai seems to be having a good time with CJ until each time they encounter Margaret, CJ's jealousy would erupt and would cause her to hurt both herself, Mordecai and others. She nearly even killed Margaret over being close to her boyfriend. This puts Mordecai not only in a tight, but a torturous situation as he is stuck with two girls to love. These moments made the show increasingly uncomfortable for audiences and made them feel sorry for Mordecai.
  3. Due to the change of writers, the characterization is quite mediocre compared to the other seasons, as the character development and flanderization is usually a messy disaster.
    • In some episodes, Mordecai is so annoying, being a nervous generic idiot who thinks things over quickly, who has the same Rigby mentality and who also requires Rigby to give him advice. Plus, he can treat Rigby badly (by the way, his best friend), he is also more depressed and clueless compared to other seasons where he has better maturity and intelligence.
    • CJ is also quite annoying. She is a semi-main character in season 6, which is bad because she is a squeamish girl who gets upset when Margaret and Mordecai are together even if they have done nothing together and she can get so upset to the point of almost killing Margaret.
    • Some characters in season 6 have less prominence such as Pops or Benson because the season focuses mainly on Mordecai's love triangle, as well as having less dialogue do little to nothing to support Mordecai's troubles.
      • Benson tends to suffer from on and off flanderization. Though some argue that this began as early as Season 3.
    • While Rigby's becoming more serious and mature, he does less of the things that made him funny.
    • Muscle Man in this season has reduced his role as a prankster.
    • Most of the side characters and and some main characters in these seasons are forgettable in some episodes because they don't have as much development or don't have much screen time, which makes them have less dialogue.
  4. The seasons tend to be mean-spirited, obnoxious, and more biased on the characters, mainly Mordecai.
    • Several episodes of Mordecai's love triangle consist of the same formula but something changed: Mordecai and other characters go somewhere (Or Mordecai goes somewhere), Mordecai is nervous about seeing Margaret, Rigby gives him advice and comforts him, and in the end something happens.
    • These seasons are also very one-sided and one-dimensional, as almost all of the episodes are nothing special with a generic writing that is easy to forget along with mediocre and unfunny comedy. In addition, most episodes in Season 6 are just generic and poorly executed Mordecai love triangle cringe-fests.
  5. Because the seasons tend to focus on Mordecai's love triangle, most of the comedy is overshadowed by cheesy and annoying moments that don't fit in the series, moreover, because the series was trying to make a story, comedy is overshadowed by moments and plots that simply don't fit completely into the series, which makes it feel like "style on substance".
  6. A good number of bad-to-mediocre episodes, such as in the following:
    • 1000th Chopper Flight Party
    • Real Date
    • Eileen Flat Screen (depending on your view)
    • Party Horse (depending on your view)
    • Play Date
    • Merry Christmas Mordecai
    • Laundry Woes (The first episode of this era ironically)
    • Video 101 (depending on your view)
    • Dodge This (depending on your view)
    • Maxin and Relaxin
    • Sad Sax
    • Dumped at the Altar
    • Wall Buddy
  7. Awkward and embarassing moments happen in the love triangle episodes, which again, makes audiences feel sorry for Mordecai.
  8. "Dumped at the Altar" was a rather horrible way of ending the sixth season. CJ still hasn't get over jealousy with Margaret and finally ends their relationship with Mordecai. The Muscle Man wedding served nothing more but filler that wastes time. None of the park workers and their friends supported Mordecai nor they acknowledge his problems, except Rigby. It also has a poor attempt at portraying break ups.
    • Also, this episode affected the ratings, lowering views across the world and disheveling Cartoon Network's faith with the series.
  9. Some of the endings to the episodes range from unsatisfying, cheesy and mean-spirited.
  10. The voice acting, while is still good, feels quite flat in some scenes or in some episodes, which makes the episode or the scene more boring to watch, in addition, the Latin Spanish dubbing decayed considerably, although the side characters have better voices, due to the change of study, since most secondary characters were dubbed by the Urban family , who are known for their mediocre voice acting.
  11. The love triangle episodes apparently, callously make light of the serious topic of jealousy, in the form of CJ's mopey attitude towards Margaret.
  12. The show attempts to portray serious and complicated relationship issues as realistically as possible. While the creator meant well to employ this on Mordecai, by having to trap him in the corner for two love interests, only to eventually break up on both; the result isn't particulary well-paced, poignant or carefully-written, as it feels more like a way to make Mordecai even more miserable than he usually would be.
  13. Speaking of which, the love triangle episodes can be considered Mordecai torture episodes.
  14. These seasons barely have any impact on the Regular Show franchise as a whole, as most of its events are ignored in Regular Show (Season 8); its main contributions to the story are Mordecai's relationship issues and Rigby's graduation, which culminates in the eighth and final season, but even so, Regular Show (Seasons 5-6) can be skipped. You can watch Regular Show (Seasons 1-4, 7-8), skipping Regular Show (Seasons 5-6), and anything too important would not be missed.

Good Qualities

  1. The animation is good (despite being more restricted) and it's a good step in the animation of the first few seasons.
  2. Good voice acting as usual.
  3. There are still a handful of good or decent episodes that are still worth watching, for example:
    • Survival Skills
    • Skips' Story
    • Return of Mordecai and the Rigby's
    • Thomas Fights Back
    • Format Wars II
    • Games Never Say Die
    • Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special
    • Death Kwon Do-Livery
    • The Real Thomas
    • Silver Dude
    • White Elephant Gift Exchange
    • The Thanksgiving Special
    • Mordecai and Rigby Down Under
    • Gold Watch
    • Catching the Wave
  4. The characterization of some characters is still decent.
    • Rigby had demonstrated great character development and maturation over the course of the series. In the earliest episodes, he was fairly abrasive, childish, and was once shown to be a high school dropout. In later seasons, he makes a conscious effort to turn his life around, even making it a point to go back to high school and complete his remaining classes.
    • Thomas also demonstrates great character development and had a nice send off in "The Real Thomas".
  5. Some of the humor is fun.
  6. If these seasons didn't exist, there wouldn't have been the movie,which was amazing and has better writing and moments than these seasons.
  7. Seasons 7-8 were a massive improvement and the ending was magnificent.
  8. Depending on your view, these seasons weren't actually as bad, but they have a lot of flaws.
    • Also these seasons would still be enjoyable to some people (especially Regular Show fans).

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