Rede Tupi Shutdown

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Até breve, telespectadores amigos. Rede Tupi. English: See you soon, friendly viewers. Rede Tupi.

On July 18, 1980, Rede Tupi ceased its operations, due to bad management from Diários Associados, wage arrears, and strikes of employees who worked for the channel, with the last strike started in 1979 and lasting until early February 1980. The strike reached Brasília, the then president of the republic, João Figueiredo, was willing to receive a commission from the leaders of the unions involved.

After the last strike ended on early February 1980, Tupi shutdown their dramaturgy sector causing 250 employees losing their jobs and soap operas like Drácula, Uma História de Amor, Como Salvar Meu Casamento and Maria Nazaré were interrupted or canceled and were not concluded or never aired on Rede Tupi as a result. However Drácula, Uma História de Amor was continued by Band as Um Homem muito Especial, three days after the shutdown of Rede Tupi on July 21, 1980.

On July 16, 1980, Tupi had seven of their ten concessions declared not renovable by the federal government. The decision was published by official diary in the following day; still, on July 17, the Tupi's employees from Rio de Janeiro started a vigil that lasted 18 hours, commanded by host Jorge Perlingeiro, with the objective to prevent the channel to be closed. Various personalities, like singer Agnaldo Timóteo and humorist Costinha, gave support to the employees.

Just before noon of July 18, three engineers of the National Department of Telecommunications (DENTEL), accompanied by a delegate from Federal Police and four more agents, they went up to the tenth floor of the headquarters of TV Tupi in São Paulo, at Avenida Professor Alfonso Bovero, no. 52, in the Sumaré neighborhood, to seal the transmitters, which was done promptly at 12:36 pm. Minutes earlier, a mass by Pope John Paul II had been held earlier that month at Aterro do Flamengo, simultaneously with the voiceover by actor Cévio Cordeiro, of a message addressed to president Figueiredo asking that the station not be closed. During the aforementioned video and message, employees put the words "See you soon, friendly viewers" on the screen. The last image broadcasted by Rede Tupi was their logo, designed by Cyro Del Nero with the colors of Brazil's national flag with Richard Rodgers' song, Victory at Sea and finally, was taken off the air.

The network did not return as many people wished for and considering the last and former military Brazilian president João Figueiredo died on December 24, 1999, TV Tupi will unfortunately never return to this very day.



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