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Record report about Death Note

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The Death Note anime literally received a big slap in the face on its 15th anniversary.

On October 17, 2021, Record TV's Domingo Espetacular made a news report "warning" Brazilian parents saying that Japanese anime (in this case, Death Note), is a bad influence for children and teenagers. Claiming that "it can cause several problems to mental health".

The report marks the 15th aniversary of the original series broadcast, ending up delivering a disrespectful message towards fans.

15 Reasons Why Record TV's Name was Written on the Death Note

  1. This is nothing but a hypocritical report to warn irresponsible parents saying that "anime and games are a bad influence". As in matter of fact, Death Note is rated for ages 16 and up in Brazil due to its complexed storylines, and there's no way a television channel can alert the parents like this. Also, they talk more of that horrible Netflix movie rather than the original series.
    • In the other words, Record TV is infamous for making other hypocritical hate on things like this: especially with the Tokyo Ghoul report in 2017 or with Assassin's Creed in 2013. As they even air things that are more violent than the actual Death Note series in programs like Balanço Geral and speaking of Tokyo Ghoul. They talked about the series in one single frame alongside Attack On Titan when they're focusing on Death Note.
    • Not to mention, but it feels like some kind of sketch from a satirical comedy show instead of an actual news report, considering that everything in this matter is nothing that a real journalist would do.
  2. Considering that Record TV is a religious channel, in one of the scenes appears the Força Teen Universal (Universal Teen Force), which is a subsidiary aimed at pre-teens of Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (which owns Record TV), it literally feels like the channel is brainwashing parents to turn your children into religious fanatics.
  3. They mentioned that the Death Note notebook is on sale in various Brazilian toy stores when there's nothing about toy stores, it was just a Google page of some random photos of shopping websites featuring the products.
  4. The figurants' acting is just laughably bad, and they look like they're afraid to tell her life decisions after discovering the Death Note notebook. But the worst offender will be the psychologist Cassiana Tardivo who talks and acts like she was been possessed.
  5. The CGI animation used on the simulation scenes looks horrendous, it looks like something from an incomplete game cutscene with the mental health parts having an uncanny realistic design and the television parts having too many flashing blue and red lights which could give people seizures from watching.
  6. When they later mentioned that the Death Note series unfortunately inspired some real-life incidents. Including about the Death Note notebooks in schools in China, Russia, Japan, and the United States, they literally used random photos that looks like something from Shutterstock, accompanied by a generic thriller music playing in the background as they also used some footage of the Belgian train crash from 2010, which is insulting to the victims of that crash.
  7. It was said that the Death Note anime belongs to Netflix just like the movie, which is not true, the anime is owned by Viz Media. Not to mention but they used some of the original series background music without permission.
  8. The infamous part where the therapist Leo Fraiman bashes someone's opinion on Death Note by saying that it's toxic trash or even a killing hobby that makes people feel that life has no sense.
  9. It was mentioned that the Death Note notebook does not have an age rating, unlike the anime series, Why did they require about a FREAKING notebook having an age rating anyway? and to make matters worse, one of the figurants was Altair Moraes who is São Paulo's state deputy that wanted to create a very strange law over giving age rating in notebooks as he also talked about Death Note and even lying by saying that the series increased suicide cases in Japan.
  10. Talking about Death Note in 2021 was a pretty questionable thing. Since the voice actor for Misa Amane there passed away that year, and this can be considered harmful towards Brazilian Death Note fans.
  11. Also, the Death Note anime debuted in 2006 and ended in 2007. And it should be much better if Record TV talk about other controversial anime that was popular back in 2021, like Tokyo Revengers.
  12. Speaking of time, there's an anachronism on that report, like the mom of a boy named João Lucas saying that he accesses Online School, and seriously... Why did they access Online School in late 2021 if almost all the schools in Brazil returned?
  13. Bad and nauseating camera movements that mostly cut some scenes or either zooms up to some of the figurants' faces.
  14. Laughable, tendentious, nonsensical, and cringe-worthy dialogue, like the psychologist Thiago Cortês spelling "Deti Nouti" instead of "Death Note" or even Carolina Ferraz's (one of the hosts) infamous phrase which is "specialists was point out that many children access materials that contains an inoffensive appareance, but contain scenes of explicit violence capable of even shocking an adult and causes serious damage over mental health".
  15. Surprisingly enough, this report only existed just to cash in into the republishing of the Black edition of Death Note's manga in Brazil, which literally called the attention of the Editora JBC.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. In the beginning, they mentioned that Death Note is for mature audiences, which is obvious.


On the same day the matter was released, thousands of Record TV viewers and anime fans in Brazil criticized the channel for its hypocritical hate of anime, with the video receiving 86 to 91 thousand dislikes, making it one of the most disliked videos on Brazilian YouTube history with several memes being born every time Record TV talks bad about a series made in the East.

This also inspired the animator André Guedes to create a cartoon, based on this matter. Thinking that is Record TV's tactic towards the infamous Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro to ban the series.

Original Video

Videos Criticizing The Report (with even an Youtube Poop, an web cartoon and an Rap Song Making Fun of It)


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