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This block is nothing but a repetitive boring rerun farm of Woody Woodpecker and Everybody Hates Chris nowadays.

Record Kids is a children's program from RecordTV initially dedicated to cartoons. It started in 2003, occasionally shown on weekend mornings, but only between 2007 and 2008 had its peak audience in the afternoons of programming with classics like Woody Woodpecker, Popeye the Sailor, in addition to the series Everybody Hates Chris. However, it downhill since 2009, due to the forced reruns of its two only current series Woody Woodpecker and Everybody Hates Chris, in addition to the lack of new cartoons and series.

Why It Sucks Now

  1. Various of the series that block aired (Garfield and Friends, Johnny Test, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987), Popeye the Sailor, Peanuts) unfortunately left the block to focus only in the excessive reruns of Woody Woodpecker and Everybody Hates Chris.
  2. The excessive reruns of Woody Woodpecker and Everybody Hates Chris in the block are very tiresome and also are predictable, since they air the same episodes that everybody already watched before, which is the main problem why the block didn't not improve for better. To add salt to the wound, RecordTV renews the rights of both two shows every year, to just only keep Record Kids on the air, worsening its downfall each year, instead of ending and permanently cancel the block.
    • They air both series in the block with censorship, with the worst censorship being the removal of the title cards and some scenes being removed in Woody Woodpecker and various scenes being censored in Everybody Hates Chris.
  3. The block don't air new shows (only in Brazil), but its Portugal counterpart does air new shows, which shows RecordTV's neglect of the block in Brazil in the matter of new shows.
  4. Speaking of negligence, the series Everybody Hates Chris which is still airing in the block, is not a kid-friendly series to be aired in a block like Record Kids, since the series' content is not appropriated to the block's young kid audience and the block itself is called Record Kids. Adding that RecordTV banned the episode "Everybody Hates Lasagna" from their channel, due of marijuana.
  5. The block used to air the animated series of Curious George, but unfortunately they aired the cartoon rarely on the block, with its last airing on the block in 2017, for more repetitive reruns of Woody Woodpecker and Everybody Hates Chris in the block. Let's talk about a waste of opportunity here.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The 2012-2018 and the current 2018 intros looks very nice and good.


Since 2009, the block was criticized by some RecordTV viewers, due to the block it became a repetitive rerun farm of Woody Woodpecker and Everybody Hates Chris with no new shows. Not helping that the block does not give good ratings to RecordTV, reaching third and fourth place on Sunday mornings.




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